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  1. I originally appreciated the direction of Shadow Arts, but this makes me feel a bit worse, honestly. You added exactly what I wanted most in thief support (ally condi cleanse), but cleansing only damaging conditions on ally stealthing just doesnt make enough sense. There's only 2 barely reliable ways to do this in combat - shadow refuge and blinding powder... honestly, because of the changes, only blinding powder. Shadow refuge - what is the point of this ability anymore anyway? We're not wanting to stack stealth anymore. It's way too much of a niche ability to be one o
  2. I was mostly excited to try Specter support in PvP because I was playing a lot of it before the patch, but I'm having trouble adjusting to the changes. I feel like this was much more of a buff to D/P Daredevil than to support. Losing the stealth on both steal and heal hit my support build pretty hard and there just aren't enough options for stealth on scepter to really take advantage of how the new SA traits work. Setting up combo fields to cleanse allies or grant prot (and then lose the ini trait - not worth imo), just doesn't feel feasible considering how small the fields are and
  3. Dude, I literally JUST made a build with Seal Area for the first time and was going to try it out and play around this weekend. Saw the notes... nvm I guess lol.
  4. I'm somewhat excited for the changes and I actually think they made some changes that are constructive in creating the kind of thief gameplay that both thief players and people who hate fighting them can appreciate. I like that you are rewarded for quick in and out stealth gameplay and I think they actually did a solid job with reworking Shadow Arts - 8/10. That said, I think they still didn't quite hit the mark for Specter support, but they did alright I guess. Thaaaankfully they did add some ally condi-cleanse via: Shadow's Embrace: This trait now removes a damaging conditi
  5. My Specter healbot build, I personally enjoy it a lot more than Core Guard. Press 3, the second part, Endless Night, gives a really solid Regen with Dwayna Rune as well. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PagAsqlFwEZpsNWLeOXnxeA-z5YXG9mAVXAiMA
  6. I've been playing other classes for Ascension and I dropped down to G1 and then had Naru in my game the other day - luckily on my team, so I just sat back and watched him win for us. Matchmaking 👌
  7. Hey guys, what are your favorite and most effective bruiser team fighter classes and builds? Looking to try another role and interested in this - answers doesnt have to be 'meta'.
  8. When using Scepter/Pistol 3 with Skill Retargeting enabled and changing target during Endless Night, the beam visually stays on the original target while affecting the new target. https://imgur.com/a/loubkJ1 edit: Hey, @Asur.9178! I just went through some of this thread and found you had brought this up. I think they may have fixed the target swapping, but it's just not visual. Or is that what you meant? In your video it looked to me as sometimes it was doing damage to the new targets after swapping. I've been using this mostly as support and it seems to swap allies fin
  9. I'm just kidding, man. I agree with you 10000%. Engi's weren't really significant in MATs, no one is complaining about them on the forums, and I personally feel like they were in a fine place, and lastly, the way they nerfed it just digs a deeper hole for Core. It's bonkers. On the other hand, every team in the MAT had at LEAST one guardian, every game I'm in there's usually 1 or 2 per team as well, everyone complains about Guardian being over-tuned on the forums... and they didn't touch it or even mention it. Again, bonkers.
  10. Engi is not Guardian, so it has to be nerfed, dude. Sorry.
  11. Hey OP, here is the main D/P build: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PawAgqVlFwEZbsLGJeWXntUA-z5IeKZKE6VEEvCogJgGGA Some notes/tips: For beginner thieves, I recommend using Marauder Amulet and Rune of Divinity. Once your more comfortable, swap Rune of Divinity for Scholar. Then when you're even more comfortable, swap Marauder for Berserker and swap the rune back to Divinity. - Your role is roaming around the map and decapping the nodes and +1 fights. If you see your teammate is 1v1ing on a node somewhere, get over there quick, get the kill, and move along. -
  12. I can understanding liking conquest more, even as a new player. However, I would argue that a strong player is still going to destroy newcomers there as well (I got dunked on hard last night by a Weaver for 3 games in a row lol), new players just might not understand it because there's so much else going on (map rotations, node responsibility, map objectives). I think that also depends on your role as well. If I'm playing a Core Ranger Valk and dueling, and the enemy team has a duelist who is better than I am (the Fire Weaver last night) and I can't beat them - I have to adapt my playstyle and
  13. It would also make it sooo much easier and more fun to get a friend to try out PvP if you can just go and 2v2 with them whenever, and consequently bringing more players into the fold.
  14. I understand these concerns, which is why I feel like I've accounted for them. Just adding one new queue of smaller teams would be the best solution to keep queues in check, and adding pips to unranked will keep the people who don't care about their rank out of ranked. However, ranked will still offer rewards based on your rank (maybe make it a chest of +X pips, so you get a huge bump at the end of the season for pip rewards, idc - just not ranked exclusive), but it will also promote a desire to actually care about what your rank is and potentially create better and more competitive matches.
  15. I think 90% the stuff people request is way too much, there's a thread every week (2 or 3 this week with mine included now, sorry). But we all know that Conquest is not newbie friendly, rotations and roles are complicated to grasp as a new player, understanding how the kitten you died is still complicated to me after almost a year in PvP (I suck, whatever), and honestly fighting other players is a different rhythm than PvE, it takes more (very unforgiving) time to learn your class and role in PvP than in PvE. The thing is, we have new players coming to GW2 lately. We're also getting WoW p
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