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  1. I feel the same as well. I used to play power SB and I'm having a lot of fun with Untamed atm but I prefere the condi variant as it gives more stat benefits than say berserker or marauder. Also, I feel like I'm constantly doing something with condi vs power which can be more punishing if people know how to dodge your skills. any builds with condi & fervent force? Thank you so much for the feedback 😀
  2. Thanks a lot for the input once again! In your opinion, is Druid better than Untamed or even SB for roaming (condi, preferably Axe) and sidenoding in sPvP? How do they differ in your experience?
  3. Personally, I just like the Untamed's pet control(teleport mainly) and combo-ing Winter's bite with the Axe ambush attack. Talking from a roaming 1v1, 2v2 perspective. Please do share a druid build, preferably duelist with condi and traps 🙇‍♂️
  4. Thanks for the tip. Pretty valid points there. Will give Quick Draw a go! 😀 Matches my experience so far.
  5. I initially picked it by elimination, but after your comment I think it might be a mistake. I don't really weapon swap to GS to do damage but rather to defend myself and I find the Axe/Wh CDs pretty low anw, so Quick Draw is a bit meh for me atm. Could be viable, but haven't tried it yet. Upon further inspection, I think Vicious Quarry might be the best option here, as I don't use a shortbow and condi duration is not something I care about atm which is essentially what I'm getting with Light on your Feet without shortbow. Unfortunately, I've only been playing with t
  6. Thank you so much for sharing! Your build is quite similar to mine. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?POwAEdjlVUwCTbeZtpo2ZoWeP1x/SE/eA-zZoOkGVAZKF6YEowB I opted for GS for some defense and evasion, maybe some cleave at points and use Protect Me to give me some more defensive capabilities! I mainly use mine for sPVP and started trying it a bit at some roaming. I'm enjoying it quite a lot atm!
  7. Interesting build OP keen on trying it in 1v1 and small scale fights!
  8. If the timestamp doesn't work, check the video out at 1:22:53 for a full overview. He explicitly mentions WvW around 1:24:00 👍
  9. What about the other traits of the same line? Restorative Strikes only works with strike damage, and I'm not sure about Ferocious Symbiosis. Also based on the Hammer's cc and the fact that Fervent Force reduces CDs base on CC one could make the same argument for Hammer no? Agreed but given how much more control of the pet we get with untamed (especially with Venomous Outburst) which I really appreciate, it feels especially bad on untamed. I like your damage voiding suggestion. I think this is personal preference and correlates to point no 3. Fluidity breaks whe
  10. I've been checking out the forums of the Untamed spec and since the first beta, the VAST majority of people have been unhappy with it... I'm just curious on how Anet is receiving / perceiving this feedback and any possible future plans for the spec.... Summary of some feedback I personally agree with: Very low damage not much condi synergy meant to be a WvW spec but relies on pet which instantly dies in large scale groups Pets often bug out / AI unreliable Often clunky / non-rewarding to play Hammer unleashed seems like a must vs other weapons Som
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