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  1. Still outnumbered. Still hacks around. Still unbalanced. We lost our Server Identities (that is now our alliance affiliation oO) but everything else is the same? *shrug*
  2. I sure could use a rare boost in Skirmish Tickets for sure but that is just "want". 🤣
  3. You are DEFINITLY NOT alone in this BUT ... persevering is rewarding & realizing players are on different goals in WvW is key. There are amazing players that sacrifice personal goals for server goals so ... stick around against all odds. Anet is on the brink of changing WvW as is. They just might surprise us with all the changes coming in 2022.
  4. The map is just Blue. Keeps & Camps have Red (And I suspect Green) owners but Rewards/Gfx show it belonging to Blue. I am standing in our own Keep that shows Blue on the map. It belongs to the Red Alliance. Points are rewarded to the Blue Alliance. I can gather, Guards do not attack us & can resupply. oO ?? https://postimg.cc/xNYVy3Cw
  5. In the middle of a pandemic it would be a show of kindness from a Game Developer to it's player base. (Gaile would have advocated for this I guess.)
  6. A generous amount of polarization is generated with this Beta. Players are lost. Fighting the lack of content. Scattered across servers due to "Assigned Teams". Guild-/Server members feed fellow players to Guild-/Server members. Map information is a mess. Queue is abysmal. etc etc... https://imgur.com/a/HuwTLZ4
  7. Amazing fail: My bf (same house, same IP, representing same guild) and I are teamed up when we enter the Beta and are split across different servers. He on "Grenths Door" Me on "Titan Staircase" Still in the same party. --- My server has a language problem in French, Spanish, English & one language I do not recognize. Team work is going awesome. ./Start Sarcasm *thumbs up* ./End Sarcasm
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