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  1. Mixing the weapon pools would probably work best. People can have their builds work on both land and underwater without having to worry about different weapons. Personally I'd roll tridents and spears into a single weapon type, and then roll speargun skins in with rifles. Make the new "Spear" weapon usable on land, and then make the land weapons usable underwater. Fix up some of the unusable underwater skills - ground target skills become enemy or player targets as a quick fix I'd think? Probably just get rid of the breather slot too. Make it, and underwater stuff in general, a
  2. There is definitely water. It'll be hard to fish without it. So assume that there will be areas you can go underwater I guess. We don't know what will be there though...
  3. I wasn't even thinking about the armour numbers or anything like that, but your points make sense. I was just thinking that having to redeploy the turrets in each combat scenario was a pain unlike as a Necro and the minions just being there following you. I suppose it would make Turret Engi quite similar to a Minion Master Necro, so it would require something to make it different though. Now that I think about it, didn't Gyros used to be mobile summons? hmm...
  4. Ok, hear me out... LEGS. Robot spider legs trait for turrets. Make them mobile to counter their paper thin-ness!
  5. Back when I played at launch this was my go to Hotbar full of turret skills, lob them all at a group of mobs, maybe even the Elite turret drop too. Didn't care if it wasn't a meta build or my DPS (probably) sucked. It was fun as hell! Whatever happened to the turret throwing ability anyway?
  6. Maybe yeah. Personally I don't mind the combat, and don't think it should be removed entirely from future underwater content. But perhaps less is better. I was recently thinking about how the exploration side of underwater could be expanded. Maybe through mastery tracks. We already have the skimmer submerge mastery but that's a PoF unlock, so kind of avoiding it for the purpose of this. What about if there was a new underwater swimming aid, kind of like Subnautica's Seaglide, that could help people get around a bit faster and could be augmented with mastery
  7. It is ever so slightly concerning that the main feature of a class isn't available underwater. Which is odd because when I played my Engineer years ago (pre Elite specs) I remember it being pretty decent under the sea, although that may have been just new player things. What do you call a Mechanist that goes underwater if they can't use their mech in that case? Just Anist?
  8. This could be quite interesting. Speaking from my Engineer and Necromancer experience I think all of the weapons I've used would mechanically function on land/in water. Even a ranger's bow, if you suspend disbelief... Then take the spear/trident weapon types and making them into a land weapon too? I'd argue you could combine them in to one weapon type and wouldn't miss too much. Maybe even roll in spear/harpoon guns with rifles. Tweak some of the ground target abilities to be enemy target... I don't know, it's more than likely a huge undertaking to balance all the weapon types to work underwat
  9. I'm maining a Necromancer/Reaper and I'm finding the underwater stuff fairly good to be honest. I've got all of my utilities from my land build, and spend most of my time in Reaper form so I guess I'm lucky in that I'm not particularly hindered... Could definitely see it being a challenge for other classes though. A shame. Sure it might be a little rough around the edges but giving up on it seems quite disappointing. It felt quite a standout compared to the other MMOs I've played - FFXIV's underwater areas had no combat at all, and ESO I think was just surface swimming.
  10. Returning player here, just curious as to what happened with underwater content over the game's life? Apologies if this is a duplicate or redundant thread... Searching over a few older threads in the forums here it seems pretty divisive. Some players love it, some players hate it. Seems that the devs may have shifted focus away from underwater in the expansions - I just finished Heart of Thorns, while it was a big jungle so I wasn't expecting an ocean, the underwater chasms in that one zone felt particularly empty. Path of Fire being set in the desert I can only assume this to be t
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