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  1. Thank you for your encouragement and advice. I did finish it on a build that I just took from a YouTube video but I'm determined to get into build-craft myself and use my own creativity to find a playstyle I love that can be just as or if not more effective. From what I have read because of the horizontal progression you can end up having many builds on one character - I'd like to get to that stage where - depending on what kind of fight I'm going in to - I've enough knowledge and resources (and skill) to swap between builds and get even better. I'm sure this game does get rage qui
  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I've finished HoT now with a power Spellbreaker build. It helped a lot to sort the build out 🙂 PLUS - developing the skill necessary to do it - it's both/and.
  3. Thanks everyone that's a lot of food for thought! Sounds like Silverwastes is the place to go to earn money - 20g per day sounds insane I'm still only just managing 3-4 per day from the dailies. Gonna need to look up how to make that much gold! Really appreciate all the help that's given me a way forward 🙂
  4. Hey all, Either I'm being blind OR the Guild Wars 2 Website is extremely unintuitive and is hiding this OR my eyes are not deceiving me and there is no way of buying ALL living world chapters as one bundle and you have to pay 200 gems per chapter. I bought Path of Fire which seems to include some chapters from Icebrood Saga but there are also some of those which I appear to have to purchase separately and it all comes to a grand total of 5000 gems which is £60 ($81) which is a LOT of money! Am I being dense and missing something here? Cheers, Ste
  5. Yeah that's right and for my dad (who is very elderly) learning all the stuff that comes with an MMORPG has proven a little too much which is a shame. But I think that's a one-off for the vast majority of players I feel GW2 definitely offers a great amount of fun regardless of skill level. I envy you though as I don't have any friends or family that are into this game (yet) - would love to team up with more people I know but am happy enough at the minute getting to know people in-game 🙂
  6. My dad basically struggles with the very basics of WASD movement! So I usually find for people who are used to it it's difficult to convey jsut how much he struggles. If you take someone who has never gamed before and put them into an MMORPG - you'd be amazed how things we take forgranted they find extremely difficult. Just jumping over a fence - the concept of hitting spacebar THEN "W" whilst in the air to move forward is difficult for him to grasp (movement 'whilst airborne' makes no sense to him lol) So it's next level - reading enemy movements is a long way in the future for hi
  7. For me, personally, my skill level was fine. It was my build that was terrible. With the right build - I found the remainder of the content of HoT much easier. It just takes practice to get the right skill level - but without the right build, you'll be doomed. I'm sure there's a debate as to whether skill or gear is more important in surviving in open world. In my opinion, my skill was fine - the build wasn't - so I'd say it's the build that's more important. Skill probably matters more in the end-game stuff (I guess?). But for run-of-the-mill open-world survival and working throug
  8. I have the same problem with a raptor. Keybind key 5 isn't working - I have to click on it for it to work. Did you find a solution?
  9. Huge thanks for all the advice you've given! This is incredible and I hope it'll be of help to others as well as myself. I just wanted to let EVERYONE know - for the record - that since changing my build to one I found online (power spellbreaker) I have now FINISHED the HoT expansion and I'll go ahead and say it; once I used a tried and tested build I actually found the content MUCH easier. A lot of what was advised above was equally true - summed up in what someone else in this thread said, "Know your enemy". As soon as I figured out who I needed to stun and who I need
  10. Ah okay - gosh well that's good to know. Gotta be careful watching out for dates lol thank you.
  11. Thank you for the wiki link. What it says is "In general, the two sigils will both provide their effects independently as long as the base sigil is different. The exception to this are the attribute increasing stacking sigils: only one stack effect can be active at a time" So I'm right in saying, then, that it's pretty pointless to have two of the same base type of sigils on a weapon - because they also share cooldowns. Given what's on the wiki and in the game - I just want to confirm - the advice given by this YouTuber is inefficient, right? I j
  12. Hey everyone, I just wanted to check because I'm questioning advice given on a YouTube video about a power spellbreaker build where the weapon sigils on the greatsword are 1) Major sigil of strength 2) Superior sigil of strength The warning on the TP is that different tiers of the same sigil type won't stack. So is it not a waste trying two tiers of the same type here for strength? Shouldn't it be a sigil of strength plus an entirely different type of sigil? I'm just surprised because none of the comments mention any problem on the YouTube video -
  13. Dodging and buildcraft - already been loving the dodge mechanic it's saved me more than I can say! But you're 100% right - someone else said this game is about 'knowing your enemy' - not knowing when to dodge is a huge hurdle because not everything is that needs dodging is conveniently exposed by a red circle on the ground! Buildcraft - I *love* the flexibility of builds in this game! That again relates to 'knowing your enemy' - so much to learn to tweak the build to make it appropriate for different situations which again will come with time - and I love the horizontal progression
  14. SORRY - I should have followed 101 IT advice - I exited and re-entered and the content guide is working now as it should. I had just accepted two-way authentication the moment it stopped working. Perhaps that somehow interfered? Anyway - all working now - thank you.
  15. Evening, Struggling a bit on this part - I chose in the previous chapter to aid Tizlak in assaulting the Mordrem and once that was done a simple green star appeared on the content guide with the directive 'Return to Verdant Brink' and I'm to speak to the allies to find out what happened with missing comrades... but there's no direction anywhere! Verdant Brink is the entire zone!! Right?? What am I missing? So I looked it up and the Wiki - with equally fervent lack of clarity - guides me to do exactly the same. Return to the zone I'm already in - and speak to
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