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  1. The cruelty level of making Chalice of Tears required for the achieves would be over 9000. Though at least there are many helpful mesmers. I still have one on my friends list who was very patiently getting people through the Chalice a few years ago, for a very long period of time. Just make sure to work on it soon after the episode goes live, if it's indeed required, since a week or two later there may not be as many offers of aid.
  2. I've bought accounts and expansions for others several times through the years. It really is just giving them the unused code to apply to their own account. No registering needed, no personal info, just the code. I always hover nervously and make sure the person is using the code immediately after I give it to them, then have them verify it worked, so it's not floating around out there. It's been fine every time.
  3. I am with you on that -- but. BUT. Not only must there be auto-decline, there must also be a way to render duelists and their effects invisible to non-duelists who don't wish to see them. Because in every game I've played with open world dueling, the duelists have descended on crafting stations, npc quest turn in locations, banks, anywhere people like to hang out not fighting stuff, in order to spam their duel pixel explosions all over the place. And if, say, rp'ers head off to a quiet area in an open map somewhere, griefers will come fight duels on top of the rp. Not speculation, long ex
  4. Yep. I got mine, but after launch instead of a few weeks before as promised. Many others did not get theirs, and their requests for refunds were ignored. It was at a level worthy of reporting as fraud. Subsequent composers have done much better music for the game to boot, so count me out of offering *any* praise to the first one.
  5. Since they say they'll be announcing a lot of stuff in July, it seems unwise to declare with certainty that they won't tell us the launch date and that said date can't possibly be in 2021. If they use that July announce event to underwhelm like that time they booked a whole auditorium to tell us things that could have been in a short news blog, then it might be time to rabblerabblerabble. For now, they've given us a road map, they've told us when we'll know more, and we can guess what might be coming but it's best not to assume we actually know anything about it.
  6. That bothered me too. I let it settle in my mind as not a description of the user but of the category they are in.
  7. I wouldn't have thought the laugh was negative, I'd use it to say someone had been very amusing in a good way. The "sad" one is more iffy to me, I can see it genuinely used when someone posts about losing a loved one that played the game, but someone used it on my straightforward post about getting the stickies back up and this confused me. I like ESO's options, actually. Someone can say what you posted was Insightful, or Awesome, or they Agree with you. Various forms of positive reactions. "You helped me," "You posted something amazingly good," or "What you said!" are handy re
  8. It'll take some getting used to and some learning curve, for sure, but my first impression is "this is neat." Though I think we're getting less text visible at once now due to the big footers in each post, so there's going to be a lot of scrolling. On your to-do list I suggest re-stickying some threads such as Gemstore Requests if that's not already in the works. Otherwise people are going to just load up the Gemstore News thread with requests because they won't see the dedicated thread for it. (One sticky should probably be a basic guide to the new forum features).
  9. Seconded! My daredevil is plenty happy with his metal clad bo stick but variations would be nice. They can be fancy, have interesting end pieces, they just need to be symmetric (ie both ends the same or maybe a bashing end and a slashing end) and have end pieces that look like something you'd use to bash or cut without worrying about breaking your pretty arcane focus.
  10. Sadness, usually if I gamble on getting 10 of the 15 skins I get the ones I really like. Nope, the three I wanted waited for the last batch. So I guess I have all of them now, sigh. Though only a couple will just never be used, so in the long run s'all good. It really is a nice batch of mounts with a number of standout unique ones.
  11. Tangled Depths. You haven't started to get lost until you try to roam around there.
  12. The design is lovely and crisp, with many clearly defined details. I really like the book on the back, and the scroll cases, and a monocle. Not to mention a lack of WoW-sized shoulders, just that one glowing loop thing. I have only viewed it on humans due to time constraints today, but it has a nice amount of intricacy, particularly the female version, without getting cluttered. Dyeing it, however, ouch. All the dyes I tried go on glossy, giving the fabric a somewhat plastic look. And this is yet another outfit that has the top and bottom share a dye channel so you end up in one big color
  13. Oh, I have a couple more. One, there was a time when your character could get duplicated, maybe just in the dungeon in Mount Maelstrom. I can't seem to quickly find the screenshots but I know my Sylvari guardian was running around as twins for a bit. Two, I had a guildie who happened to submit a name change on an alt in Lion's Arch at exactly the moment something big happened with ANet's servers (one of the super rare possibly singular times when there was a massive rollback). When things came back up, he couldn't log in on that alt, his main, though the rest were fine. He tried numerous ti
  14. I think my favorite has been when my glider didn't show up so I was just superhero soaring. Hasn't happened in a very long time though.
  15. Thank you! I missed my annual PSA on this due to Valheim >.> -- and in fact it nearly snuck up on me too. What even is time ...
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