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  1. I don't know if this is hard for everyone but I have yet to manage the hidden achievement in the final fight of PoF. It's a mechanical issue for me, not skill. I can beat the boss without the widget. The problem is I have to use my special action key to do a necessary mechanic, and the same key re-equips the widget, which then gets used in auto attack and voids the achieve. (Deliberately vague to avoid spoilers, it's old news to many but there are new players among us). It can only be done by the instance owner, too, so I can't cheese it by having someone else do it while I just dps.
  2. Search the forums for details but it's not the "easy to identify the professions by silhouette" that blocks it. It's fundamental technical design, in that the three weights don't work together and very bad things happen if one tries. Not just clipping, actual bugging out. I would also like a wider variety of armor styles, especially I would like more realistically wearable in a fight stuff and more town clothes. But personal opinions are subjective and the game designers get to make it look how they want it to.
  3. I am excited. I love the idea of several expansive new maps, new story, new elites (some of the new elites more than others, heh). But not on tenterhooks can't wait need it now excited like I was before for HoT (first expansion! Huge changes!) and PoF (oh wow they did a second expansion with more elites and an awesome desert setting!). I chalk that up to changes in myself, however. RP is my driving force behind investment in the game and I've been pulling back from MMO RP -- still get *plenty* of tabletop RP, plus weekly GW2 RP that I don't have to create, I just show up -- and facing
  4. I haven't even tried for a long time now, but I had a free moment tonight so I once again did the ne Metrica rift for Ruler of the Skies. And once again I did not get credit for it. I checked via API key on the wiki and that is definitely the one not counting for me. I have done it many times on many alts. I just repeated it with a new just over 2 months old alt who'd never even been in Metrica before. Is this at least something someone is *looking* at fixing?
  5. Oh, I forgot about the Basenji and Skyscale whistles, good catch. Maybe I should ping the wiki pages to have those added to the "see also" section. edit: Or not, looking at them the difference is that the boxes actually get you a separate item via the chain quest whereas the whistles just let you upgrade the purchased item via ingame activities. Similar, but not totally the same.
  6. There are at least two existing gem store items that unlock something to do in game. They do give you what you bought right away, plus you can get a second item by doing the chain. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mini_Angry_Wintersday_Gift https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mini_Angry_Chest I don't know that this has been repeated since, so maybe the concept didn't sell, but I've enjoyed my glider (my icly impoverished mesmer uses it) and bonus mini. And the angry chest is my reaper's constant companion even now so I definitely got my money's worth from it even without the red
  7. This is why I have that sound toggled off in Options 🙂 PSA to all who don't know, there is a check box to mute other player sounds of that nature. It won't mute it for you wielding the bow yourself, though, afaik.
  8. Like enough to wish I had: Bifrost, Astralaria, Exordium, Shining Blade, Predator (and some more, but those are the top five wish list) Like enough to have already made: HOPE, Pharus Dislike: Quip, HMS Divinity, Shooshadoo, Flames of War, Gen 1 GS's (and some more I would never use the skins of, but these are the pure nopes) Basically I like more functional looking weapons and dislike giant joke weapons. The subtlety of Pharus is sublime for me. It just wipes me out to gather that much wood and metal, including via buy orders, so I have gone years between making legendarie
  9. I play in windowed full screen, with browser and Discord etc over on the second monitor. I drag the toolbar over to the second monitor and lock it there. It lasts until something graphically affects my desktop (some games or driver updates like to temporarily change my resolution and shove everything to the main monitor). My mouse cursor moves freely between monitors, which indeed is an issue during frantic combat, but I need to be able to interact with both monitors so I put up with the problems therein. Win 11 reportedly doesn't let you move task bars so it may cause some issues with
  10. Huh, I didn't realize there was one in Four Winds. I got the Halloween one and just today picked up Wintersday. Last minute for sure! Reminder, all, Wintersday ends tomorrow, and then it's almost a year before you can get this book again.
  11. I love the idea of a small commander tag matching your tag's color in Map chat. I don't know how hard it would be to implement, though. I mean, the grey emote text has been an eyesore one has to squint to read since the first open beta and they haven't yet managed to let us choose text colors, so adaptable icon colors that can be altered on the fly seems like a big ask.
  12. The thing is, making it shared across characters would just be shared inventory slots (unless you mean you make it once and then every character can have a 40 slot bag to put anything they individually want in it, which has its own issues). Per dev comments around material storage, and their keeping shared slots capped for very long stretches at a time, it's not a trivial thing to implement. Adding 40 shared slots seems unlikely. I understand the appeal. I'm a major pack rat. I just think there are a number of reasons why ANet would never do this. (I don't say they for sure won't, I
  13. I'm sorry some of the responses were unkind. I also could not do that puzzle for years. It was only last year that I learned the right hand platform as you enter, the one with a big stuffed quaggan on it, has non-disappearing flakes that would let me take occasional moments to recenter my mouse on my pad. I set to working on that path. And it wasn't easy. I got sweaty hands, shaky muscles, a sore neck from craning at the screen. I fell constantly (mostly on the candy cane parts, I suck at jumping onto narrow bars due to how I need my camera set vs motion sickness). A few times I'd make
  14. First, double check each of these https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/List_of_hero_challenges_in_Sparkfly_Fen by physically going to them. Second, and this takes some patience, wave your cursor over the HP icon in the map legend while viewing the map. Any incomplete ones will flash. The patience comes in because it is a big map so you will have to move it around from quadrant to quadrant to test for the flash. Third, just in case it matters -- it shouldn't -- make sure you've gone into the cave on the east side of the map. It is an area that has no map-legend-locations in it, but you
  15. Odds were I wouldn't get a skin I deeply wanted, because I tend to get those when they come out. But it was still a sadness to get Pirate Bloodletter. If I wanted that rusty thing I'd have headed to the pirate ghost for it years ago! (This is not an actual complaint. Free is free).
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