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  1. That Ash Legion heart keeps coming up as a hated thing. Mike two posts above posted the solution. No quickness needed though except to relieve the feeling of wading through tar. Here's my post from the previous thread:
  2. I think the reason the white ones were selling so steeply despite being so simple to make is that they don't have a tool tip telling you how to make them and on day one there was no Wiki info. I compared the recipes for previous multi-color BLC minis to realize it was going to be the two easiest hues going into the white cub. Those who didn't do that would not know, so the players that did figure it out posted at ludicrously high levels for profit.
  3. They put the cap in because some more competitive minded players were exhausting themselves trying to stay atop the leaderboards and because a cap made it possible for newer players to eventually catch up rather than give up in disgust. I agree that hitting the cap can sap your interest in dailies. It did for me for a while, because I enjoy accumulating AP and it's nice to have some low hanging fruit as I am also mostly open world PvE (though I can do fractals and strikes and have successfully killed one whole raid boss). But then they added in the 2 gold for doing three dailies and I g
  4. Several here have suggested you actually try the other professions. This is easier than it appears. All you need is one empty character slot. Make a character of the profession you want to test. Go to the sPvP lobby -- just click on the appropriate icon in your UI upper left. You will be on some floating islands and will be 80 with freely customizable gear. A couple of these islands have non-player targets. Some of each profession so you can test in a fight, plus clumps of golems you can just unload on. The numbers won't be the same as in PvE as there is some balancing, and the ava
  5. Agreed. I worked to get the ones I particularly like -- default orange, grey, white, and black -- and am content with those. Pro tip, don't pay 25 gold for a white one on the TP (if it still costs that much, I haven't checked today), as it can be made with two dyes and the grey and orange ones (I forget if it's two greys or two oranges, I think the latter, in which case you can make it for well under 10 gold).
  6. Thank you! I will work on that soonish (a bit late at night for me to concentrate). It's a reasonably nice Samsung, 4K, bought in 2020, so it should be able to handle stuff.
  7. I have tried the Vertical Sync. Definitely stopped the screen tearing, many thanks. However, it both caps me around 30 fps and makes things feel sludgy -- I can't get as rapid camera pans and almost feel like I'm running more slowly too, which obviously is not the case. So I have to choose, spinny sensitive camera with screen ripples, or mired in tar but smooth views.
  8. The annoying part about it is that it sets up certain locations you have to stand in order to fight the champ. These locations are not always in a good spot (eg none appearing in melee range, or the champ also having other "must stand here" or "must stand still" abilities that don't let you hit it from one of the ley safe spots, or dropping poison or fire on those spots). And in a game where mobility in combat is key, they pin you in place plus make it hard to help downed people. So for me it is the least fun ability that can show up, and it's a little frustrating that it shows up so mu
  9. I haven't had stutter but I do get a sort of clear ripple across my screen when panning the camera now. Also a few times while playing GW2 -- and not while doing anything else -- my computer's fan has gone into jet engine mode, which I don't recall it doing until this past week or two. I would like my computer to last another year at least, so I'm slightly (very slightly) concerned.
  10. I spent a good while dyeing it on any alt that would use it. I love how it feels like one of those incredibly long-hooded 1930's automobiles. Here's an example in blacks, silvers, and pale blues: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/962856109524258907/976210198098219078/JadeTechSolveig.JPG?width=887&height=588 (Discord image, not embeddable here) Dyeing does take a little work because there is an odd gradient from keel to gunwale, and two dye channels combine to give you the engine glow. The deck inlay will always show fairly brightly, even Shadow Abyss is grey. For some
  11. Time and again I see people shuddering about the Ash Legion heart. Shudder no more! Enjoy thinking outside the box! Accept the transform that makes you stealthy but slow. Look into the Ash area. Don't go in. Go left outside the wall, past the one mob, and turn right up the little hill into the short passage into the Ash area. A little ways in, you will get credit. I think you need to do this about three times to complete the heart. The patrollers will never see you. As soon as someone tipped me off to this back in vanilla, that heart ceased to bother me at all and is one of t
  12. I also have been thinking of it as a feather boa. Not out of any particular dislike of fictional fur (won't wear the stuff RL, other than costume pieces found in thrift stores in the 80's and 90's that did not benefit the fur industry, but Tyria has different sensibilities), but because feathers made more sense to me for something that long and thin.
  13. Y'know, a thought -- Awakened! Could just be optional slider/texture choices in character creation for all races, maybe just in makeover kits so characters start "alive." No need to actually design a new race, but people can play any extant race and become an Awakened at any point in their story they like. Bonus points if some voice/text lines are sparsely added in the story to indicate others notice you are not quite actually alive but find that less important than dealing with the immediate crisis.
  14. Wellll ... in Horizons (now Istaria) you could play an actual dragon. Start at hatchling, go through long quests to grow up to ancient. And you got to buy lairs instead of housing plots. In GW2, yeah, been discussed to death (along with the many technical and game design reasons why ANet probably won't/can't implement it). But in this extremely hypothetical case, I like Tengu and Skritt the most for the RP potential.
  15. A couple of MUDs (I recall that Discworld was one of them). Then friends coaxed me into Dark Age of Camelot. Around the time that Trials of Atlantis made the game unplayable for me (also didn't help that one missed in-game payment and my decorated house near my guildies was gone) I found Horizons. Played that a few years until a month or two after vanilla WoW launch. Stuck with WoW until the day GW2 launched, at which point I found WoW deeply unfun, with forays into CoH, LotRO, Rift, Aion, etc. GW2 has been proven to be my forever MMO, though I have also done a lot of ESO and tested the w
  16. HOPE was my first legendary weapon. (My only other one is Pharus). Because I have HOPE, my thief types mostly use dual pistols plus whatever their elite weapon is. The 3 skill is very strong, and has good synergy with 5 (lays down a field so you can spam Blind) and 4 (an ok cc bar breaker). I'd have to go back in game to remind myself how Engi p/p goes because once I have a Scrapper, Holosmith, or Mechanist I'm no longer dual pistols on them. The skin is amazing. The footfalls are pretty short-lived compared to Gen 1, but all the electricity up your arm looks pretty nifty, the gun it
  17. Go north of blue fort and up to the spot where you escape on the chopper in the Canach bomb story instance. Look towards the Vinewrath. Griffon or skyscale (or maybe even glide) towards the nearest gate area. You'll get over the wall near the hp and down to the hp corpse. I've done it many times over the years. I first found it via a YouTube video, so there are visual guides to doing it. As to the maze poi, hmm, I think that one has also not been too hard to get in open world as the vines are withdrawn a heck of a lot of the time when I arrive. It could be that a lot of people leave
  18. The skyscale is also faster to get off the ground, which can matter if you're rapidly evading mobs, for example in Echovald's tunnels I can flap up in a hurry to go over mobs where the springer comes down pretty close to where it jumped. Plus you can mount it mid-air to halt a plummet or to chain together moves between updrafts when you combine in the dismount skill. I still use springer for short hops but if I'm doing a lot of ascending, skyscale really helps. I'm not going to try to sell you on it, though. I'm listing things that make it very useful for me which may not matter to you
  19. I can't take credit, I've seen others asking for it and could think of nothing better for a new skyscale skin that would suit the Canthan theme. It could be a little odd given that saltsprays are intelligent beings. But it would be beautiful.
  20. We have a definite pattern going now on the Canthan mounts. Three in a box, plain/extra markings/full glow, at a reasonable price for the set. They also are some of the nicest looking mounts in terms of detail, anatomy, dye channels, and animation/personality. So far we have springers (birds), jackals (foxes), and griffons (tigers). So I wonder, what's next? I have some silly ideas. Not expectations, just musing on what could be fun if it matches the quality thus far. Raptor: Moa. Skimmer: Dolphin. Beetle: Octopus (very very silly idea, but it is a creature that can reshape
  21. There is no timer. The restriction is that you lose all your stacks immediately if you are off a skiff for too long (ie 10 seconds or so, maybe less). I have been able to rush from one body of water to another to respawn my skiff before my stacks wore off, and even waypointed inside one map yesterday without losing stacks thanks to my fast load times. I haven't tried popping to a new fast loading map to see if they'd stick through that. I would prefer that the stacks stuck around a lot longer. Ten minutes as suggested above seems fair. That's long enough to go help someone if they ask fo
  22. If the OP's code is used up (probably is by now) and you need the discount just ask around your friends. The codes come from Prime Loot so any player with Amazon Prime has access to a code, and most probably have no use for it due to already owning all the expansions. I gave my code away already because I didn't want to just be sitting on it once everyone who wanted the discount had gotten one from other people so I aggressively offered it to my guild and PM'd it to the first person who seemed vaguely interested, lol.
  23. You want to look for passive effect ones in that case. Signets, I think for Ranger? They have an active effect when you choose to use it (which stops the passive effect until the cooldown is over), but you only situationally use them. However, it's going to be hard to be effective if you don't use all your resources. I understand the urge to have fewer, slower button presses -- it's one reason I love Reaper on Necromancer, as I am low-reflexes middle aged with tendonitis -- but unless it's a physical limitation on your part you may want to start folding in more skill use. Just one new
  24. I'm not against the existence of such servers -- ok, I am against it, I'm just not against people wanting it and in a post-scarcity gaming world getting it. But in RL I think they'd be far too resource intensive for far too little benefit. It would basically mean running more servers in parallel (and that hardware is expensive), troubleshooting two entirely separate software sets, and maintaining a separate economy that might not have enough players to keep it rolling. It would also pull apart the player base, assuming anyone preferred playing cut off from the robust global economy and comm
  25. Ok, I enabled it. I'm looking around in the Cantha lounge. Good: Things look crisper. I didn't have my usual one-time camera hang on first pan on load in. Bad: I'm seeing some ... hard to describe, I fear I'm not fluent in the terms. A bit of a subtle distortion when I pan up and down, like a very subtle ripple. On fast side to side pans, a long horizontal glitch, again very subtle. Just a thin bit of static across the screen for a moment. And some odd big red blobs flaring now and then but those could just be falling petals that happened to be close to my camera. On that side t
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