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  1. i use trinkets, but still random trinkets, i havent get the stats i want, so i didnt mention it.
  2. wow... this is really long, but i already read it all. Will try some of your build. I though i already had good builds, but when i read about your explanation, maybe i need to rethink again, a lot mechanics i use only because it seems good. Thank you for all reply guys.
  3. Maybe the story its not for me then, mostly i get very angry in every story boss fight, i didnt have any problem during map explorations. Im thief D/D P/P, sorry cant share my build, i cant create metabattle account, for some reason my ip got blocked to create an account there. I've been trying to change and adjust the build, currently i feel comfortable with this : Critical Strikes - Twinfangs, Practice Tolerance, Invi Precision Acrobatic - Pain Response, Guarded Initiation, Assassins Reward Daredevil - Escapist Fort, Pulmo Impact, Impaling Lotus Armor - 4 set As
  4. I think its already mention in the past by other players too, and i just want to express that i feel exhausted, annoyed and angry everytime i play story mode. Specially when its time to kill the boss. The boss skill is stupidly overpowered + unlimited minion + sometimes imposible to dodge + stupid NPC looking through the wall. Its been years since the first time gw2 released, been 2 years off from this game, and the story mode still stupidly hard, no other game has the boss difficulty like this, i need to die hundreds times to kill the boss, and i dont care if my characters die.
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