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  1. Appreciate the response 😄 I do need to highlight some points however. -Might be my personal problem but i am loyal to my guild and I dont want to focus having 5 (honeslty where does one belong haha). -It is a strong argument that guild wars is very unique in that all roles arn't really set in stone (tanks, healer, dps). Nonetheless, my guild and i were able to run up to fractal 20 (not saying thats high) having no concern of who had what build/gear. In my opinion, i would rather fail and find a new group within a few minutes than seek another manually for hours.
  2. Honestly, the only thing turning me off from this game is that there is no automation system to group you with people for fractals. Everything else in this game is great, however, using the current manual "group finder" is a chore. Most of it is spammed with gold sellers or "selling runs for real money". Why do i have to go through hells half acres to find a group. Now some might say having a guild is a huge boon for finding people, but the main issue at hand is that my guild is small and ive met too many great people to leave it. It is only because i had a guild willing to make a
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