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  1. yes lets give pets skill that does what 3 other merge skills do combined, not a power creep at all.
  2. dunno, last time I ran dragonstorm I was top 5 dps as healbrand 😄
  3. Personally I just hate the fact flamethrower hits through walls with such high range, my only beef. Sure the build is dumb but that takes the cake for me.
  4. they also said that average player deals 10% the damage that hardcore " benchmark people " do. 10% from 37k is 3,7k dps. 30% from 3,7k is about 1k so that kinda fits. The fact that I see CM pugs struggle to do 20k dps, and CM people are top % of this game it makes sense for an average ranger to be this bad.
  5. I wouldnt be surprised if it was still ~30% for an average ranger player. esp in low ranking where jarakanda with immob can land some sic 10k+ combos. I know when I first started ranger in pvp my top damage was jarakanda lightning, and the better and higher I went the more and more worthless the damage was
  6. guy doesnt understand how damage is calculated, feel bad for him really
  7. Why would I be mad, if anything your posts are funny, the fact that you think ranger needs 60% damage buffs is hilarious. I am not a ranger " main ". I main play 90% guardian in pve, 10% ranger, and 100% ranger in pvp in the last year. Take what you will from it, if you want more damage slot more damage, and dont ask for buffs. Even more so when the buffs are so stupid as 60% buff to high hitting skill.
  8. you act as if your evasive stunbreak/cleanse yeets you in random directions, if you throw yourself back into a fear ring then I am sorry but you suck. I can get out of dragons maw with ranger LR, and fear ring is infinitely easier to do, if you cant do even that then you need to go practice and not ask for nerfs mate. Necro fears are FINE, if anything their durations are low, its the rest of the necro that is overperforming. Unless 1s fear is just kittening too much to handle for people
  9. what is wrong with you? are you seriously so far gone to ask for 60% damage buff for WI? What the actual kitten, I hit people for 10k with this skill, with 60% buff this skill will 1shot people. And this entire thing about WORSE modifiers is kittening delusional. The reason why WI and maul has small coofs like 1,36 is precisely BECAUSE RANGER IS STACKED WITH MODIFIERS
  10. you implied you are stuck inside of the ring, walk into it, cleanse now you are not feared and are outside of it. GJ you just delt with 40s cd skill. I do it, I see others do it, practice and you too will be able to do it. Entire point of walking into it is so you can time it with cleanse/weapon swap in a way nobody can interrupt with cover-condis. Say what you want about necro but their skills have cast times so that shouldnt be difficult.
  11. I found it weird that we didnt even get to test any of the new pets. Hopefully they will be fairly unique instead off same kitten we have but with 1 different skill. The other pets from expansions were all decent so there is a good chance they will be cool.
  12. being smart like waiting for weapon swap cooldown, walking into the ring and swapping weapon, instantly removing the fear with cleansing sigil, or standing at the very edge, letting him fear you into it so you instantly get double feared and cleansing both fears at once. or pressuring them from range while you stand inside fear ring, safely with hard CC, straight teleporting out, thief, mesmer, rev, guard, ele, necro can do it Also I dont play necro and I think necro is OP, I just dislike people nerfing wrong things. complain > git gud tho
  13. What? herald has insane sustain for a dps, its so good to the point that when you are good at it you can 1v1 a lot of people with it. It has so many sources of sustain it just keeps trickling in. Also its a very good soloQ carry class, one of the best out there in fact, somewhere in line with things like holo or d/p
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