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  1. Currently in Heart of Thornes and about to give up. Everything instakills you. I have hundreds of screenshots of dead bodies oneshot from bosses. This is just trash game design, utter garbage. It is not challanging it is cheap cheap design and plain impossible but hey, just keep throwing bodies at the boss he'll eventually go down. Mindless zergfest. Story is gated behind massive grindfests. Go here watch cutscene now grind for five hours to unlock next cutscene. Every zone has a new currency to grind, every way is blocked, every quest obstructed, every path obscured, oneshot ambus
  2. I'm level 80 now and things haven't gotten better, in fact new annoyances have surfaced. I am still working on the main quest right now and the zones seem to have only one purpose: waste my time. Waypoints are constantly under siege and they are obstructed and hidden in the first place. The whole design philosophy behind those zones is wasting time. Example: There is this quest where you have to gather with your crew before a battle and after a brief cutscene you start inside a village. Your crew is on a rock just in sight of the camp so one would assume there is a straight path from the camp
  3. So the only class that was able to beat Ketsurak was the Guardian with a Sword/Torch build since i went full fire damage and melted his face. Other classes i can't seem to do it. Power builds in general seem useless against champions. The other mob Lenner is plain and simply impossible. I kited him a bit with ranged abilities and could propably do it solo but it just takes too long and one mistake is certain death. Another thing is dungeons aka wipefests. I went into this dungeon with what seem to be expierienced players and we must have died at least 50 times to plain oneshot mech
  4. Small update, i beat Ketsurak solo on my lvl 35 Guardian without getting hit once !
  5. So i tried to get into the game again and so far i am having a great time except when i'm not. Here are several issues: World Bosses While leveling they are very frustrating. Everything oneshots you and since there is no trinity i don't know how this is supposed to work. Every World Boss i.e. Golden/Purple mob gets defeated the same way: Someone stays in combat so the mob doesn't reset and the other players just ressurect and rush back. If there are mechanics to avoid they are obscured by visual clutter wich brings me to my next point: Visual Clutter So there
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