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  1. Ok, GOOD idea! I remember this being very challenging with Tarkov lol, but maybe GW2 will be easier! Thanks! (These business practices are still a bummer though.)
  2. Good luck getting tax laws changed in any country as a lone private citizen. So in Europe I'm being charged 79.99 Euro +14.99Euro in tax which comes out to $107ish in USD. So $79.99 (what I would pay if I were in Alaska) or $107. I WAS seriously considering paying the fair taxed price, but now that I realize the extend to which they're actually overcharging, I'm leaning against buying now, or even buying at all. They're overcharging because of incorrect currency conversion AND charging tax on top.
  3. So I almost followed through, again. But when I got to check out it was not only charging me $92 dollars or so because it's charging 79.99 euro... but also 14 something tax in euros... So apparently they're not including tax at all in the blanket 79.99 euro price, they're just flat out extorting by refusing to use a fair conversion of the currency. I'm torn, I really want the ultimate edition for the characters slot, gems, etc, and I really want to pre-order... But I will be in Europe until after launch. SO I guess I will wait and buy the cheap
  4. So, to be specific, my government is the US government, and in the state I live in, Alaska, there is no tax and I would be charged the flat price, 79.99 USD. However, I am not in Alaska, I am not in the US, and I cannot purchase it via "my government". SO it costs $92+tax. I thought I made this clear in my post. Besides, I think you're misunderstanding the point. As several other people have said, this is just greed plain and simple. I can and will insult whoever and whatever company I want for being greedy. No offense to you perso
  5. I agree. And i didn't mean that the devs could fix it. I meant that they could acknowledge it, and acknowledge the public pressure on their publisher to treat people fairly and be mathematically correct in their transactions. But that would perhaps put their funding at risk I suppose... So i guess i understand why they don't.. That's how greed wins.
  6. Haha, obviously NC soft disagrees with you or they would do it differently. And I disagree with you. No offense of course 🙂
  7. Oh yes, most definitely. If I had that much money I like to believe I would definitely do the morally correct thing and treat people fairly! Then again, I'm not NC soft. Maybe if I was I would already be corrupted
  8. Thanks for your honesty! That makes sense, it's what my intuition was telling me. No chance the devs will ever acknowledge this then I suppose 😒😕
  9. Alaska does not add sales tax to purchases, online or otherwise. Seems like I should just go home already... I think they should consider being more clear about that, instead of advertising one price in USD and then charging another in Euro.
  10. *update* So I tried again. Turns out I can't even seem to log in to the GW2 website while a VPN is active. I can browse while not logged in, but as soon as I try to check out it just says "log in to continue". If I don't use a VPN it works fine, but the advertised price is originally $79.99, and then changes to €79.99 (over $90) when I check out.
  11. Hey Everyone! Happy Holidays, hope you're all having a wonderful wintersday! I want to buy EoD, but I noticed some pricing discrepancy. I have been in Europe for some time now and will likely not be back in the US any time soon, and unfortunately the actual value of what I'm purchasing seems to be different here. So I have one simple question, for the devs really: Why do you not adjust for currency value between USD and Euro? Why financially discriminate against customers in Europe? I'm considering buying EoD Ultimate edition. I was gonna get it fo
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