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  1. IDK... i am just thinking right now so please poke holes. I dont actually think the damage is the issue (the real issue would be the 100%superspeeduptime and arguably the stealth while being lightningfast)... other builds can do similar damage if they go full offensive aswell... The problem is that you can just spam the grenades without any drawbacks. Maybe give it a counter like Ranger has on its Dagger 4 skill. You have 3-5 barrages of nades that you can spam out at the regular speed. It would keep Engi very close to where it is right now, but would also reduce that mindless "Superspeed
  2. I 100% did not open all of this interface layers all at once on accident.... it opened 4 different windows... and i dont just randomly open interfaces while fighting... some weird stuff going on (noo i dont use macros) video is up btw. When you are interested you can hit me up via private message here or ingame.
  3. Strike #1 ...this is hilarious... To my understandings i didnt even break any rules.... but i guess i deserve to be striked. I am sorry... breaking any rules was not my goal... i thought i am helping the community... I seriously thought that some moderator would reach out to me to get the video and help to ban this player.... BUT..... i got striked cuz i am violating the rules (which i didnt, atleast i thought so... rules are very unclear apparently) Accusing any player, guild, or game world/server of cheating, griefing, hacking, or exploiting is not allowed on the forums. If y
  4. I always thought people are just mad when they called someone out to be a cheater. me myself got accused of using Damagehacks alot... so i thought people are just mad/bad and blame it on cheats. But yesterday i experienced it myself! it was a powernecro, obviously VERY BAD at the game cuz even with blatant cheats he could not do anything against me and decided to teleport away. The story: I was just riding around on my warclaw minding my business when all of a sudden this necro appears right infront of me. i thought... hmm maybe lag nothing new kinda. i continued running... SUDD
  5. oh sorry then i must be mistaking this with another game... The rotation shortly after is normal i think... but i rarely let go of R mousebutton. And if i let go off the button i make sure that i dont rotate while doing it... cuz the game thinks you try to throw the camera around with it... make sure you DONT MOVE the mouse when releasing the Button... should help a ton! But for real normally you very rarely actually let go of the mousebutton.. maybe you have to rethink on how you are controlling your character as a whole... In general incresing the mousespeed IN Guildwars will m
  6. if its pulled slightly after it is 100% inputlag! 99% of the time its some SynC setting causing this... just switch some settings... should be an easy fix have you checked the ingame settings? i think there is mousemoothing in the settings...
  7. sometimes you can change settings on the monitor itself! for example i can alter mine between 50 and 75hz.... maybe yours is turned to 30!?
  8. you might be experiencing inputlag. this can be a result of having V-Sync enabled... disable it and it should work! although you should feel the same sluggishness on your keyboard if its really inputlag. Maybe try and change some settings.. i think there is even a setting for mousesmoothing (aka. making it feel sluggish) hope this helped. Edit: to make it clear... does it feel like your camera is getting pulled shortly after you move the mouse? or does it feel like your fps drop to 30 when moving the mouse?
  9. my brother (has the same problem) already nuked his Computer and obviously reinstalled GW2 afterwards. problem was still the same. Problem first occured some time before christmas and is very consistent since... it seems to be a clientside problem... maybe they kitten something up with a patch... i dont know im not a techfreak. I have no problems at all but i know some people that do... maybe it is a problem with some... videocard drivers??? i have no clue 😄 i am not updating mine cuz AMD drivers succ and im happy i found one that does not overheat your Graphicscard ❤️
  10. I am roaming with my brother and some friends (usualy 2-4 man group). we spend our time on the Borderlands and it works pretty well(when working well means us having cool fights). we usually do a big circle around the map taking the camps or even keeps when there is noone that spotted us. usually this will pull some people that actually care to defend (and the occasional Zerg, but that is fine cuz they bring 35 people to stop 3 so in total we are winning even when we have to retreat). i Suggest not changing the map to often cuz after an hour or so you are called out and there will be people th
  11. my brother has a similar problem since a few weeks/months... he used to load alot faster then me because he has the better system. But now sometimes he loads almost a minute longer then i do... really weird. He used some addons and deleted all of them but problem is still there. It seems to happen after a few loadings. the first few loadingscreens are normal and then all of a sudden one is slow and it will stay like this for the rest of the day. (restarting game does not fix it)
  12. Something completely diffrent! its not really a pvp mode but i loved it back in ESO and i can see it here too. Take a big map like a wvw map for example(maybe desert map). 3 Teams on it (its not a team as a whole... you can just leave and join at any time and lets say 100 players per team/map total) (could be linked to your server and current WvW matchup for example) you fight over PVE events and minibosses, but there is some small mobs to be killed aswell. They drop a currency (it was called Telvar in ESO). you have to get that currency back to the spawn to bank it(you cant W
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