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  1. Just delete ele from the game or make them PvP only. Save players time and money by investing in a class that is doomed forever
  2. Will provide more details/ref and stuff if i find someone,. just wanted to give a general gist. Before anyone also be scared or doubt that this is okay by anet, a dev has commented that is totally fine to do it it just happens that if you trade a very large amount of gold too many times, they have no way to know what you doing so they have to check first. Nothing against any ToS
  3. https://tenor.com/view/sweating-nervous-paranoid-gif-4974019
  4. Amazing work Bobby, this is one of the key things that new players needed to get in the game and not be completely lost, so this is awesome to hear even coming from a veteran player who is looking forward replaying all that old temporary content. I just hope that one day, you guys take a good look at dungeons too because a good chunk of story is gated behind that content that is now kinda dead. One of the things that should be easy for you guys to to do is scale the story mode into single player like you did with Arah. I know you guys hate touching dungeons but this is also somethi
  5. So basically, you can do it, but you might trigger a RMT investigation that at best might inconvenience artists with temporary bans? And do it at your own risk.
  6. Current implementation is so bad, you better off just buying a character slot and getting 2 equip and 3 traits for free, plus the character slot with 100 bag space now. Hell Anet doesn't even care enough to expand the pathetic amount of build templates we have right now to a good number. Anything short of 20+ wouldn't satisfy me, as i play every game mode Build templates were only implemented for the most casual player who would only play 1 character and nothing else. I really hope anet sees the light someday and try to rectify this huge mistake from when they were struggling with
  7. Anet is trying to ask a granny to climb 20 story building after having taught her to use the elevator in the past 10y, now she has degenerative bone and muscle issues. This isn't going to work, it is too late
  8. This part of the post is very strange...i don't think i seen anyone complaining that mystic coins will be more accessible. People are mad that the only challenging content is getting tuned down for casual one, which is completely different reason. We would be happy if both gave. If mystic coins is such a rare source in CM fractals, why in the world would you remove it from CM and not the highest one instead? They should have added them to dailies so people have to work for it rather than get a millio login in accounts. But this move felt like a complete kick in the kitten of hardco
  9. You guys could have at very least added some sink for the CM currency as trade back for no coins anymore. Literally anything would be nice, as for now, there is very little reason to do them other than the one time purchases. I guarantee that if something was given back, there wouldn't be so much of blow up from your community.
  10. Seriously, can we have the decoration limit trippled or something? Or an option to cull decorations for people with low PC, i feel like we been throttling a lot of the fun we can have on this place with such a limiting feature I managed to find some old post explaining why
  11. Playing harbinger right now feels like i'm playing core necro with scepter and all the boring signets. Same ranged weapon, same boring utility, except my HP is cut in half and i don't get a 2nd bar while I'm in shroud. Is the shroud skills really worth all this? Maybe in pvp, but i really don't see the appeal of this class at all. When i saw the potion spec i thought we were going to get some self inflict condis/transfer style similar to mallyx. Or maybe we drink our shroud to make us powerful somehow, but turns out to be the most uninspired spec i ever played, and i can't even think of a
  12. Isn't a simple but albeit dirty solution simply add another trio of slumbering versions of these legendary to the armory and let us have a ballless trinket without toggles? I suppose this would mean we would have 6 copies but this could be a downgraded recipe where it turned them into awakened and slumbering like previous choices.
  13. Could you guys clarify wha'ts going to happen to mantra animation/voice lines? it is just gone? Are they in somehow?
  14. I'm on the group that completely abhor these mantra changes, not only you removed a deep playstyle from said classes, you also dumbed down the game in favor of simpler play. Has anyone ever even complained about the things you guys mentioned? The animations for the mantras and all the lines too, just gone, removing a huge flavor from firebrand. Please, revert these changes, there are lot of other ways to achieve what you guys said without just turning mantras in shouts with different names. Someone posted a thread about charging the mantras to make them more powerful by holding a button, it i
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