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  1. Could you guys clarify wha'ts going to happen to mantra animation/voice lines? it is just gone? Are they in somehow?
  2. I'm on the group that completely abhor these mantra changes, not only you removed a deep playstyle from said classes, you also dumbed down the game in favor of simpler play. Has anyone ever even complained about the things you guys mentioned? The animations for the mantras and all the lines too, just gone, removing a huge flavor from firebrand. Please, revert these changes, there are lot of other ways to achieve what you guys said without just turning mantras in shouts with different names. Someone posted a thread about charging the mantras to make them more powerful by holding a button, it i
  3. You might want to explicitly say that there won't be ANY gemstore add ons/upgrades like how build templates have with equip slots.. All these things are free to use after all as said here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7nEC7vgY2g&t=3928s If there is something like: "Pay to use more legendaries across your characters with 2 being free to begin with, etc" then it is just "free" with a quote after all. Seriously, after you having said that, you best prepare for the shitstorm that will come otherwise lol
  4. Before you bend over to the people whining about WvW scourge, please consider doing the nerf only in WvW. Reduce the number of people the self shade and the shade can hit to 2 each which should please those people. But for the love of god, keep the way it is in PvE
  5. Loot is much more than just raw gold or mats, the map offer a ton of skins, going from armor to weapons to fun trinkets. There is a big amount of loot gold chests at end too which is i would say as good as dragonfall. As for the difficulty, ye it is PvE...and i feel a lot of these events were designed with being barren later on, but like i said, they can definitely improve. Enemies are very dangerous and if you try to take a bunch alone, you will quickly die even in meta gear. Try to go solo the north bridge for instance.
  6. POSITIVE 1. The new map is amazingly beautiful.It is no surprise that Anet once again nailed a good looking map, every new LS keeps getting better and better. The current map is full of details, vivid in color and it is a fun way to explore.Both the sound and graphic design team all need to get a huge raise because they carry this game A LOT. 2.WvW mechanic was a refreshing change of pace. 3.The rewards are increasingly getting better than the rng fiesta or almost non existent from past content. I love skins. 4.Even without voice the story and characters still all deliver the best they can, it
  7. I would love to see some strike mission to defeat a boss with 10 people, or a time trial to see who gather the most baubles. Or maybe a race on foot inside the worlds to see who get to the end first.
  8. I think these are just power classes finally having that feel that they have to sacrifice something on their greedy 1 shot build to survive. There is so much condi cleanse in the game and those were barely touched either even though condi still had quite a bunch of nerfs to burning and condi duration across the patch. The only condi class that was completely oppressive lost most of the boon corrupts(scourge) and mirage was reduced to one dodge. Condi venom thief also took a pretty big hit on their condi traits.
  9. I assumed from the rewards i got, which was like 10g and 1 coin/dye, then again that could have been an UI error and lower tiers have more rewards, hard to say. Just hope the UI will be more informative on the release
  10. Same here, my friend crashed when he tried to look at standing thingy Also i'm confused about the swiss, how did me and friend only winning one set of match gave us 5th~8th place. Do individual wins in the match count towards placement? We were close in many matches but we lost 3 and won once(though individual wins were much higher, like 6 or so). Another thing i'm confused about, will these replace automated tournaments? Does that mean we will have tournaments on demand now?
  11. I'm wondering about something now, all these testing made seem that swiss was still in a very beta phase, and wouldn't be fully released anytime soon, but that recent news post made it seem it will be finished next week? Here hoping we will ever be able to have a permanent 2v2 online somehow, it is the best fun i ever had on this game :c
  12. I'm happy to see more groups spinning up and able to coordinate their efforts to take down the boss. Since we released the changes 2 weeks after the fight went live initially, I'm not surprised to hear the feeling that it was easier - players have had some time to learn the mechanics and grow more comfortable with the fight. Nothing is ever as difficult as the first time through. Looking at our internal data, the participation rate, success rate, and time to complete for this event are pretty much exactly where we expected and wanted them to be. We're keeping a close eye on how these numbers
  13. I'm extremely confused about this change. How does reverting the load out put us back to anything when to make any changes to equipment, we need to change the load out in the first place? or will the revert tab be its own thing where we can always revert to it?
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