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  1. It must be easy to say for someone who earns euro or dollar. But here in my country 15 million people earn less than 300 dollars per month and 25m people earn around 600 dollars per month. I am not trying to dramatise the situation only wanted to learn if there is a cheaper option for me to buy the game. Thank you everyone for your comments. I will continue playing the base game for now and will wait for a better deal. Have a good new year and stay safe.
  2. Thank you very much linken but theres not much diffirence. Thank you Inculpatus, I took a look in that list and coulnt find a better deal than Arena.net offers. Since ı can't get the dlcs for now, do you recommend me to start playing without them?
  3. Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great christmas. I bought gw2 back in 2012 and played for a while. I liked the game and the community but had to quit because of real life issues. Now, after 7 years I wanted to start again and saw there are 2 expansion packs plus one is on its way. I really want to play the game but the recent crisis in Turkey makes it almost impossible for me to buy all 3 expacs (50euros=800 Turkish liras). I was wondering if there is a regional pricing policy or local sellers in Turkey. My best wishes to all. Stay safe and secure.
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