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  1. No, because consumable brings up both foods and utilities, as well as almost everything else you can double click to consume and food doesn't bring up anything.
  2. Most of the issues i've had with TacO not starting was:1) TacO starts before you are ingame, then it shuts down because it does not find a mumblelink (you have to be in a loaded map, then start TacO)2) When doing manual starts, the wine prefix is incorrect. it cant find its own resources and crashes (check taco logs)3) same as above, but finds it's resources, starts but cant see gw2 (mumblelink)4) because I was doing too many tests, there were some wine instances open (of taco or something else) and had to kill everything before taco would start5) some missing libs I apologise, this taco thing
  3. It is suppose to include some other stuff like your DE etc. Which should explain why it fails to disable cinnamon. This is again probably because the cd command failed during install so it did not export the other settings. run ./install_taco.sh -> reset -> reinstall, but first edit install_taco.sh and change DIR= like you did for ./run_taco.sh (edit: or download v0.3a) Yip, looks like cd was failing because of the unescaped space in your path. I will patch this in the next version. Thanks for testing, let us know if it works after the fixes. :)I tried the new version. Still doesn't work
  4. If you want a temporary work around open run_taco.sh and edit DIR="$( cd "$( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )" >/dev/null 2>&1 && pwd )" to an absolute path of the gw2taco app something like DIR="/home/user/gw2/gw2taco" I tried that, but I kept having the cd too many arguments message so I changed it to: That solved the too many arguments message (cuz now CD is escaped due to the space in my gw2 folder name), but not the 'error' after "Taco started with pid".Edit:Reading over the code, it seems like the script is erroing when it enters the function to disable cinnamon. It never
  5. The time has come lol... Tried it out. First I get: It doesn't show TaCo, but doesn't exit out either.
  6. Hello! Some specializations, like Druid and Necro, have alternative states they can go into, with a different skillset to their weapons. What I would like is some way for us to see what the skills in these states do without going into said state, mostly because it doesn't last long and makes it difficult to read tooltips. It could be either in a small bar in the build panel, or on the skill list to the left.I know I can go to wiki to read it, but it would be better to have this information available ingame.
  7. No. Resources should be allocated according to the percentage of players that play the mode. Yes, this does mean some modes won't have as much attention. What I don't think is that any mode should be left without resources allocated to it. That helps no one.
  8. Yes, they should add player housing and tie it to Scribing.
  9. Hello again @ArmoredVehicle.2849 hope you had a good holiday season! I was wondering if now you might have the time to look into TaCo? I have tried stuff myself, but I honestly can't get it to show up over the game and I'm very much out of my depth with it. Sorry to keep bothering you but it's the ONLY thing that makes me miss Windows.
  10. With Wintersday here and orphan routes to follow, any news on getting TaCo to work on Linux, @ArmoredVehicle.2849?
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