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  1. Do you have all the expacs? If so, and you want to play easy mode, you can do guardians, necromancers, or a combination of the two. May not be the ultra giga try hard combo, but you also wouldn't struggle with any content. Honestly, you can really pic what you want and just put in the effort to learn what you are playing well. With all the especs, most professions can be built to fit different roles. You wouldn't use them in CM Fractals or Raids, but for 95% of the game's content you'll be fine. E.g. my partner and I took a core ranger and core thief to EoD to get HPs, and we had n
  2. I voted no because I enjoy ranked in it's current form. I know it has it's problems, but I think these (and the number of complaints about them) sometimes get so much focus that it makes it appear like the game mode is completely broken - and I don't think it is.
  3. Have you considered fractals? At T1, they are very quick and provide a little bit of gold daily. With mostly orange gear, you can keep doing T1s daily. Further, they reward ascended rings, and with that and a few asc trinkets, you could get enoufh AR to start working into T2 fractals. I would recommend starting with Fractals daily (even T1 only), and then doing silverwastes if you want something simple.
  4. Just to help answer, could you five an idea of how experienced you are in PvP, what you are playing (e.g. ranked, unranked or at), and if ranked, at what level?
  5. I die because I have for some silly reason travelled to a Heart of Thorns map. Especially tangled depths. Nowhere else, just there. Since it's such a timless explanation of the feels, I will link this again here:
  6. TL,DR: For me, guardian is stronger and more versatile, can go pretty much anywhere and work in every game mode. Warrior is more niche, but I find it more fun to play. Long version: I have about 150 hrs on Guard and Rev, and recently started playing War with about 40 hours now. Guard was my second character, and I will say is probably the one of the my characters that I find the least "fun" to play. I found playing core fairly dull, and while DH and FB are definitely better, I still don't find myself actively "wanting" to play this profession. However, having said that, this i
  7. If you have a guard or necro, I would recommend starting there as they tend to be quite survivable and forgiving to play. Ranger can work as well. Further, after a long layoff from a character, I find that the Silverwastes is a great place to sharpen up skills again. Enemies there aren't too punishing, but generally tougher than in core Tyria content. There's also almost always a lot of people about to help out if you get in trouble on account of the amount of farming that goes on there.
  8. Depends on profession and role a bit. Quickness firebrand and scrapper should be fine, potentially some alac builds such as mirage and renegade as well. I haven't played it at all but I suspect support mech as well. You may struggle a bit in a dps role though. That said, unless you are doing challenge mode, most strikes should be manageable in a decent group comp assuming you know how to play your spec.
  9. Indeed, and if you want to get the pvp legendary you need to play ranked in any case. I would just recommend having a look at Mukluk's and Vallun's youtube guides on pvp basics and rotations respectively before going to ranked. Might help you get flamed less. Have a thick skin though, and don't tale things too seriously - flaming is inevitable.
  10. Warrior is fine for endgame, banners still work so they are quite uniquely in demand. This is expected to change in the next balance patch however. I don't think they will become unviable in endgame content after that, but just less unique. In PvP, there are a couple of decent builds for warrior, but usually in a duelling role. It's not top tier, but unless you are playing at platinum level it should be perfectly serviceable.
  11. I tend to disagree. While I agree you need to go through the My Story content and to level to 80 with your first character at least, repeating it after that with any others has no reward and can feel like a schlepp. Further, having alts in different professions can add a lot of life, flavour and variety to the game, and you tend to learn a lot by playing with different playstyles. You probably need to manage it though so that you don't get overwhelmed and burn out.
  12. I don't really main anything, but I playe my ele as a catalyst now in pve. Working on using it in pvp as well. Have also started learning willbender in pvp. See the value, just need some practice.
  13. I tend to agree with the people that said scrapper. I have been trying Catalyst hammer the past few days. Great in PvE, feels very sensible and flows well, but struggling ro make it work in PvP. Guardian felt a little slow and clunky to me when I tried it, but that was ages ago so I may need to try again. But hammer tends to be difficult to use in pvp because some hits are hard to land against decent players.
  14. I would suggest looking at a couple of guilds advertising here in the Looking for Guild forum, and joining one or two. Depending on the type of content you like, you should be able to find a guild that has that kind of membership. Edit: Too late, check the reply above
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