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  1. Thank you! I tried Marauder. I think that Marauder is such a slightly more robust Assassin in Tempest's crit build. Trailblazer, on the other hand, is a slightly less survivable but with more conditional damage for Weaver than Jatoro's. It turns out quite well to have 4 builds for mastering a couple of class elite specs. I also have a build for power, but I have not yet found a use for it. Thank you! 🙂 I haven't found a use for the staff yet. It's very slow. So I combine sword, daggers, focus, horn and scepter. The staff is very good in a group, at big events. 🙂
  2. Hmmm.. When I changed from my "Tempest" Assassin's + Eagle build on to "Weaver" Jatorro's + Balthazar one, life's got better! 🙂 It's much easier to play Weaver (I did some modification in your build for my personal case). I'm curious why everyone told me that Weaver is much harder to play than Tempest. I think Dagger/Dagger | Scepter/Horn Tempest is much harder. You have no chance of making a double (sometimes single) mistake. Of cause Weaver requires more buttons to press per short time, but this is not a problem for me. However, thank you for sharing your build template. I've completed all
  3. I read that elementalist is a real “nightmare” for beginners and that people do not understand why elementalist sacrifices so much without having almost nothing back. I'm not sure that I fully understand the whole problem. There is a set of available skills, so I have to cook them properly and build my gameplay on what I have, and not on what I could have. IMO, the most important thing for new elementalists who are taking their first steps in the open world solo is to put their staffs away asap, although at first glance it seems that it is traditionally a mage's main weapon. But it seems this
  4. I played GW2 at very beginning for about a month or less and then abandoned it for many many many years. I returned not so long ago, so I consider myself an absolute clumsy. Despite all guides, I took an elementalist and boost myself to 80 level with the help of money. This allowed me to experiment more with my build. I went through Tyria not to say that it was easy, but I learned a lot and die a lot. But Heart of Thorns was a real shock for me. Beautiful locations, great music, interesting story, but constant never ending pressure and a huge number of deaths. I had to learn how to go around.
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