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  1. Let me tell you the story of how I chased Ryland from the cave to the bridge, and being a Daredevil, I was going too fast and zoom-zoomed out of the instance. Yeah it really shouldn't be kicking people out.
  2. Uggggghhhhh, now I have to remember to separate them from my inventory before using Salvage All everywhere in Tyria. I hope you're at least fixing Salvage All to not salvage unidentified gears first.
  3. Just got that crash while I was afking in Divinity's Reach for an hour. But it's only happened once so far.
  4. It doesn't. However if the game teleports you, then it works, like in Winter Wonderland where if you keep autorunning off the edge, it teleports you back to spawn. I can't think of a place outside Winter Wonderland where you can do this though.
  5. Why was Unload even nerfed in WvW/PvP? Pistol/Pistol Thief was already weak. Other than poorly geared opponents, it could only beat Necros consistently. Now with the initiative nerf, you can only fire 2-3 Unloads at most before you run out of Initiative. Before, it was situational. Now it's completely useless.
  6. The chat window just needs a massive overhaul. Aion, which was released 4 years earlier, has a vastly superior chat window that allows locking of the chat window, custom colors for each channel, and ability to drag out individual chat channels anywhere on the screen so you can see two or more tabs at once.
  7. Sigh, that's not the point. The point is to get more people interested in buying HoT, because the personal story just doesn't show what the true game is like now.
  8. I've always thought that the original Personal Story doesn't really do justice to all the content locked behind expansions as it's rather boring.LS2 is a trailer to HoT, so why is the trailer locked behind a paywall? I think making all of LS2 free would be a pretty good idea as that's where the story starts to pick up. It would convince more new players to buy HoT and eventually other Living World Seasons and Expansions.It will also help populate maps such as Dry Top as people will need to farm for Geodes for Mawdrey.
  9. The "Use All" function when mass opening bags should stop when you have 5 or less empty inventory slots, not when your inventory is full. This is mainly directed at Bags of Gear / Bags of Masterwork Gear, because if you use Use All on them, they will make your inventory full every time so you can't salvage anything. And you can't use deposit materials because they are all gears. So you're stuck with a full inventory and have to find a bank to deposit some of them to free up some slots, before you can start salvaging them. This can easily be solved by stopping auto bag opening at 5 empty invent
  10. As title. If this is intended, I suggest to make it like Mistlock Sanctuary where you can glide upwards.
  11. I might be getting a new PC so I'm considering the parts, and I'm wondering what affects object loading speed? When my computer is on heavy load (eg. copying files) stuff like ground texture and map props load really slowly. What PC component affects the loading speed of these? CPU/Graphics Card/Hard Disk/RAM?
  12. Not like anyone ever uses LFG in WvW anyway.
  13. Pls add intelligent henchmen/heroes for raids too, who know how to do green circles etc., then I will stop complaining about raid elitism.
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