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  1. Don't like the OP idea. For example, your team had no support (and enemy team has one) and in a result you decide to change to it. Then next game you want to play as duelist, but now MMR will sign you up as support? Its just way simpler to lock the class you start queue with.
  2. I've played WoW pvp for over a decade and completely don't agree with OP. First of all, in the current state every WoW class has multiple surv CDs and access to heal, in pvp resulting in exactly what the OP is accusing gw2. Secondly, WoW requires much less skill because: - it's tab target combat - it has GCD This result in much slower gameplay and more of planning ahead and saving CDs for when enemies use their CDs, it's more like a chess game. Everytime I came back to gw2 from wow i got rekt in pvp, being surprised how quick and punishing it is, and th
  3. I'm not hyped too, but still gonna buy EoD - I just want to RE-explore Cantha, just the way i did with PoF, some elite specs seems funs, turtle too, but rest is like you said - this expansion is lacking major feature, just more of the same.
  4. I like the adrenaline mechanic the way it is, this makes warrior feel like one. There are other aspects that should be changed though, so the warrior could become at least mid tier class.
  5. EoD is in some way similar to PoF, except the latter felt more refreshing and had more interesting major feature. EoD feels like a cheaper version, I have a feeling that they just want to finally launch the expansion and forget about it right away. Fishing and skiffs as major feature? I'm sorry, it's at best the side feature. Elite specializations? Could be fun, we will see how they feel and what's the balance. Maps and story? Similarly to PoF it's gonna be gw1 nostalgia driven, but so far i don't feel the aesthetic presented to us in trailers and screenshots. I really loved asi
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