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  1. great, thanks a lot for the insight I got to try the mirage, holosmith engineer and the new thief meta, a lot of fun is waiting for me :).
  2. I got pistol and sword, I also got celestial ascended accessories, pistol and scepter. I just read about the Mesmer, Now phantasms automatically turn to clones, that sux, I guess I'll just plat the meta berserker deadeye thief with rifle.
  3. I've decided to hop back in GW2 bus after a long time (may be 5 years or even more) I have all characters @lvl80 all geared with at least exotic sets of all kinds and stats some have legendary gears. I was surprised that my gear was actually still viable, still the same, which got me more exited as I'm not really falling behind to that extent. I am mainly interested in WvW roaming and sometimes arenas, back in the days condition builds were the gods of roaming 1v1 or 1vX but after trying them, I just found that the new meta is power builds, were condition builds nerfed? I prefer to
  4. It shouldn't be sandbox, it should just be the same game with graphics enhancement. Why change things when it works.
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