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  1. Answer this guy's question first: There's no community in this game because it's stagnant and stale from the game design all the way to the actual game updates. No YouTuber is relevant from your scene, no Twitch person is relevant from your scene, to top it all off your own game dev doesn't even support or sponsor any of the community members either. The reason why PvP in general is dead is because the gameplay is designed so that every class can do everything, seriously just take a look at the "meta", it's literally 2 core classes that can strip bo
  2. I think you misunderstood the statistics. That's 500 - 600 viewers across ALL GW2 Content INCLDUING Fractals/Raids/PvE. The Fractals scene is barebones, it has no support and it doesn't get any updates unlike M+ in WoW which gets routinely 100k+ Twitch viewers and endorsements from Blizzard where people can make a career out of it. Raids are abandoned for Strikes, Strikes are just boring content to run through for mats to get armor that you only have to get one time and due to the way progression works you have nothing else to strive for as you hit "end gam
  3. Lost Ark will kill any remaining GW2 PvP population lol, you can PvP as early as lv 26 which is 1 - 2 hours of gameplay and on top of that PvP is equalized just like GW2 with way better class selections/balance/updates with more than just a single game mode.
  4. I tried Weaver and it's def not ape tier, it's too many buttons to be ape unlike Necro with like 3 button rotations.
  5. This is incredibly real, I witness it live on these forums and just reading all the dismissive replies from these people. It's so out of touch with reality, yet they cling onto it like there's nothing else. Well said ๐Ÿ‘
  6. New World Devs also "clarified" that they banned 80% of dupers and cheaters and since that statement more than 6 new dupes popped up, two of which went viral on Reddit so everyone got in on it and no one got banned. The same way I don't trust AGS, I don't trust ArenaNet. I don't care for their corporate metrics for this game, as far as most gamers are concerned they use view counts on Twitch and YouTube to see the hype for a game or the community behind it and GW2 has been dead for the better part of a decade on every social media platform. You even admitte
  7. Literally every class has means of tank, CC and heal. People who are dimwitted take it literally and run with it, no i'm not talking about only tank rogue and no i'm not talkin about a only heal rogue lmao that's just missing my point completely for the sake of proving your own argument. The idea that the game is balanced around everyone having everything failed, it not only failed hard it serves as an example for what happens when you try to reinvent something that doesn't need to be touched. In actual games with paid $$$ competition and viewership you don't have class
  8. I can only ever speak my truth, this is stuff i've seen and witnessed first hand as well as the same account told by others who have seen similar things. I see people getting confused saying that nothing is dead and what i'm saying is wrong then go onto say they play EU. I play NA, I assume all those likes and people agreeing with me that you see are also NA because this is our experience here. I can't speak for EU, I can't go verify if that guy is telling the truth or not or just saying that i'm wrong because he's some kind of white knight. Who
  9. Sorry but people need to understand we exist in 2022 and not in 2002. Twitch and YouTube are the biggest metrics to determine user interest because Arenanet/Big studios do not reveal player statistics anymore, so for the most part when we see a genuine interest that isn't forced by a corporation then it would appear to a majority of other people that this might be worth something to check out. Does this mean games like GW2 that fall below a certain view count is dead? Yes. It does, it means no one is actively streaming or creating content which means the community is st
  10. The point I was making was seemingly missed on you. Each class in this game has access to every type of spell, the balancing is garbage because everyone can do everything. It's some kind of MMO fantasy turned reality but the problem is that it's delusional to have a game work this way and still be something people want to play. And there is ZERO Role Identity in this game. I played GW1 and that game actually made every class feel respected, it felt like everything had it's own niche and it made for way more skill based combat. GW2 is literally the opposite,
  11. Actually not a bad idea, I just wish the Devs with power to change things were asking these questions instead of the players trying to figure it out haha
  12. Plenty of people agree with me, matter in fact more people support me and the ideas I brought then give it criticism. The guy who I responded to literally gave his one dimensional take on the situation and it wasn't worth more than the response I gave him, and quite frankly I think you and everyone else who doesn't take my post seriously is on some serious Copium. There's flaws, there's issues and one guy closing his eyes and pretending like it's not real doesn't magically make the problems go away.
  13. Not sure how you're gonna ๐Ÿงข like that so blatantly A mid-tier low end WoW streamer gets more viewers than the entire GW2 game put together, there's zero tournaments, no ANet support, the people playing it don't even support it and would rather abuse it. Who cares if a game combat is smooth when the player base is dead?
  14. Can't blame them. Being a Top GW2 PvP player is like being the world's tallest midget. You might be considered tall in GW2's community because you're top 10 but you're an absolute speck of dust in the greater scheme of MMOs which results in people just not caring and wanting to milk as many rewards as they can while they can.
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