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  1. Dear My-Favorite-Gaming-Studio-In-The-Whole-Wide-World, I've recently seen a suggestion I absolutely need to back up - a Gem Store Lounge Pass for the old version of Lion's Arch. I love how beautiful the new Lion's Arch is, but myself and I'm sure hundreds of other players would adore the chance to go back there. I miss the charm it had, and the new version doesn't really fill the void. I would spend probably 80% of my time in-game there (I afk a lot, sue me). I miss hearing "By Ogden's hammer, what savings!". I loved exploring it for the creative ways you'd managed to create a city ou
  2. Get this - my friend had this issue and it was solved by choosing to sign up to recieve emails. Anet do you even want people playing your game? lol
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