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  1. I agree with a lot of what you said but a few things. I don't think competition is toxic and I don't think humans are toxic by nature. Toxicity or the lack there of is nurtured into someone. Just like some people are emotionally unstable while others aren't. That isn't their nature, its a cause of their upbringing. You live in a toxic household/environment, you will most likely become a toxic person. Likewise with a positive household/environment. Even IQ itself is nurtured to a certain extent. Of course you can't obtain genius lvl IQ without nature but you can increase a child's
  2. Its funny how people mention that meta builds are more power but dont realize why thats the case. Most of these meta builds are built off team synergy which is highly unlikely to take place in a game like gw2 where you can hypothetically get 5 supports on one team or 5 duelist builds. There is nothing in place stopping that from happening. Of course its highly unlikely but there is nothing in place on the technical side to stop it from happening. When you have a synergized comp, conditions because less potent in team fights. Thats not the case with the game. When your team is unorganized, with
  3. If by silver you mean plat then sure. No good competitive pvp game does condition dmg for a reason. PvP and PvE work completely differently. It takes no skill to play condi or to vs condi. How to counter condi- bring cleanse. How to play as condi- spam skills. No skill required on both sides. Condi builds are usually more tanky than power and still keep up with dmg. The dmg being only countered by cleanse. Worst mechanic for a pvp game. Go look at any power build and the condi build counter part and youll see how much more tanky the condi dmg build is in most cases. Of course ther
  4. Where did I say that? I asked a question, and like a normal human being Hannelore answered the question sweet and simply. You on the other hand are just putting words in my mouth...
  5. I'm actually curious to the numbers now. It must be really bad if thats the case for you in gold. I knew pvp wasn't that populated but I didn't think it was to this extent. Seems like I just need to start playing ranked during prime hours.
  6. I couldn't agree more. I really want to play ranked but getting blown out because of horrible matchmaking is rage inducing. I can't get myself to touched ranked lately. I really want to but every time I'm about to I remember how bad the matchmaking is and I lose all interest. At this point it just sucks that either I have to suck it up or miss out on the rewards. I want to eventually make the legendary armor set but at this rate it doesn't seem like I ever will.
  7. How does the matchmaking work in this game? Why, as a plat 1 players, am I being put with g2 players on my team? This happened 4 games in a row now. I had a game where I went home as a sic em ranger. A ele came to contest home and I couldn't fight him 1v1 so I left to help my team. All I see is 3 of my teammates dying mid while one dies far....Next game I go to help mid this time, literally 10 seconds in the fight 2 teammates are already down. I get better games in unranked than ranked. The matchmaking system is horrible from my experience. Is this common or did I just have the worst luck?
  8. For mount skins yes, you're completely right. You grind gold exchange them for gems and get your skins or you can pull out your credit card. Outside of that, theres a ton of weapon and armor skins you get from in-game activities. Majority of my armor and weapons I obtained from playing the game. I probably use 1 or 2 pieces from the gem shop. I think my characters look good. If you want to fully optimize your toon with ascended or legendary gear, nothing is tied to the gem shop.
  9. I'm specifically talking about the gen 2 precursors gold sink. I don't think those are conflicting sides. The mf gamblers deal with gen 1. Both sides are unaffected by the other. Gen 1 works fine the way it is imo. Nonetheless, it is what it is. It won't stop me from enjoying the game. Cheers!
  10. I said venting bc I know nothing will be done about it. I wouldn't have asked what others thought if I didn't want to know. I reply to people based on how they reply to me. If you look, everyone who has been respectful and just gave their thoughts or clarified what the point of gen 2 precursors collections are then I was only respectful back. I reply in kind. I see you truly want to have a discussion then I'm all for it. But when you come at me with "Did you think it would change how the game worked if the discussion was had?" clearly you didn't read what I said and don't deserve any respect f
  11. I really don't feel like replying to you but.....Read the whole post next time. I asked if other felt that way and also stated that I know nothing will be done and this is mainly a vent post..
  12. I get that you can't just keep changing recipes. Thats not what I'm saying either. The whole post was mainly a vent post bc of my expectations vs the reality of it, which is my fault not the game. The precursor barley costed kitten in the grand scheme of things. It was a fraction of the price of the legendary. I just felt blind sided by it which is my fault. Like I said, expectations vs reality is what bothered me here mostly. I still believe that the precursor should not have a gold sink but that doesn't change the reality of things. If I'm being real here, if the gold sink of th
  13. I don't disagree that it was more expensive to make a legendary back in the day compared to now. But like I said earlier, I think thats a unfair comparison. I'm comparing them to what they are now, not what they were.
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