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  1. Since the last couple of days I have been afflicted with many crashes during random times, be they when I try to open the trading post, when I enter a teamfight in WvW, and even when I try for Pinata. I have repaired the game cilent, deleted the cache when i switched from windows 8 to 10, and even uninstalled and reinstalled the game. It still crashes. Now, your game is hurting my computer. This recent crash hit so hard my computer locked up and reset. This is unacceptable. Fix your game. I want to be excited for End of Dragons but just so you know scalping
  2. I don't know what is causing it. It started when I was farming in WvW, suddenly the game crashed and I would get the 'send an error message to arenanet' message, then it happened while I was waiting for pinata I decided to minimize to check something, and now today when I was waiting for another pinata it crashed while I was looking at the world map. So yeah, no idea why its happening all the sudden, nor do I even know the cause of it.
  3. Gotta make raids "harder" somehow Now, I'm not one to defend arenanet, and I hate trying to revive old memes but... "Have you ever made a game bro?" New content is bond to have issues. No matter how ironed it is, a bug or two always slips through.
  4. Figured 'lore' would be the best place to ask this. I was just wondering why the rata sum cities are designed as they are: giant cubes and all.
  5. My Maguuma Explorer is stuck at 166/167 despite it saying I have 100% map completion and it is triggering my OCD. Can someone help me? The only real hint I can take from this is that this particular last thing was added DURING LS1 since I had done map completion before LS ever started.
  6. I was doing the story on another character because i want to complete the other two raise the banner collections, and once I got into the spider cave in the prologue sparking the flame the network just gave up and kicked me out so i have to do the whole thing over. Its bad enough that you decided to pad out the dialogue and make it so we can't even skip it.
  7. The story to this expansion is just one, big, pathetic detour? This was something that should have concluded in living story, and it would have helped immensely since season 3's LS was all over the place and lacked focus. At least HoT had a decent LS build up and a conclusion that didn't feel like nothing was gained or lost. If not for the better content PoF has provided PvE wise, I would have said this expansion was a waste of time.
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