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  1. Arg, I completely forgot about that addon. After 3 years, the re-learning curve of GW2 is pretty steep. Thanks for the info.
  2. Thanks Inculpatus, I tried the flags -repair -verify -log to no avail. Then I noticed that in my install folder, every file had a "last modified" date of today, except for the d3d9_arcdps_buildtemplates.dll and d3d9.dll files which dated from 2019. So I tried the -dx11 flag to bypass dx9 and that got rid of the nagging window ! Also, deleting the 2 dll above also worked without needing the -dx11. TLDR : Got a bug? Delete old files not refreshed by an update, problem solved (YMMV).
  3. I've launched the game after a few years break, gone through the updates, and on the character screen I get a System log console with ~20 lines like this : 2.13: error: couldn't find the attach point: 85 2.13: error: couldn't find the attach point: 82 ... Full window here I relauched the game with the -repair flag but this window is still present. So far, I can log into my character and it didn't crash yet. Is there a "deep repair" option available to check all the 50GB files integrity ?
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