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  1. Not telling customers about a survey and insisting that those surveyed don’t tell other people are very different things. Given the content of the survey, insisting that players don’t share the survey questions just comes off as comedic. There’s nothing in the survey worth hiding. Hence my confusion. And, again, players may not frequently check the email associated with their account. A simple mail to any players selected informing them to check their email requires little effort and improves awareness of the survey. You’re not certain why I’m annoyed because you seem to
  2. I don’t particularly care about the sample size or that I was not selected, but I do have two issues with this survey: 1. Why the sense of secrecy? I have heard what some of the survey content entails and, come on, it’s not NDA territory here! It’s just silly to demand secrecy over these questions. 2. Why was this survey exclusively sent to account emails? Why did it not include an in-game mail, notifying the player that they should check their account email. Surely Anet only sent this to active players, so mail wouldn’t be an issue. Only sending this to account emails (which could h
  3. There are three separate opinions going on in the podcast but to the best I can summarize: IBS and the ending: The ending was lackluster on a story level but the GW2 story in general has not been that engaging IBS was likely messed up by a shifted dev schedule having to suddenly work on an expansion Dragonstorm is a decent piece of content and the early IBS maps show a polish that the later parts of the saga, and especially Champions, did not receive Class Balance (I believe this was discussed prior to the latest hotfix): The May 11 patch has some questionable
  4. My opinion is that the game is making good improvements in terms of establishing different tiers of content and the roadmap looks promising, but that the game still does a terrible job of encouraging more players to try instanced content and that the social aspect of the game is awful. The entire point of this post is to stimulate discussion among this community. If you don’t want to watch any of the points they make to discuss then sure but then why are you even posting on this? We can discuss the state of the game regardless of whether podcasts are made on this but to go at them fo
  5. I agree, keeping perspective on your own opinion is important. I’m not try to parrot their opinions, I am reaching out to the broader forum to ask for your opinions on the topics discussed in the podcast. These three are players who play a lot more than the average player. Their views come from places of lots of experience with the game and it’s content. My point in discussing it here is because I see the value in a broader discussion on the state of the game. The game can’t be carried by just three players. We need everyone to be thinking about the game and what we want to push it to be.
  6. Recently three well known community members, Guild MM, Mukluk, and Teapot chatted about the state of the game. They discussed IBS, class balance, EoD, and community events, among other things. I don’t want to link any of their YouTube videos on it here as I’m not certain if that’s allowed on this sub-forum (I’ll post one in Community Creations) but for those of you who listened to the discussion or will do so: what do you think of the conversation? I think it’s good to see deeper discussion on how the game is right now. I didn’t agree with everything discussed, like pessimistic vie
  7. Specific materials are hard to guess outside the usual (obby shards, ectos, clovers, T6 mats, Gift of Battle, etc.) What legendary weapons always have is: 1. A gift associated with exploring the relevant region and doing content involving that region. 2. The expensive money sink gift 3. A weapon-specific gift 4. A precursor weapon Of those 4, I would say 3 and 4 offer the most flexibility on what we will have to do to obtain them. Gift 1 might be interesting or it could be standard. Gift 2 will just cost tons of mats as it always does, although I wou
  8. Very exciting and fun. Masteries felt like I just flew through them which could be concerning. Time will tell how enjoyable PoF continues to be. Map rewards should definitely have a key/charge attached and event rewards in general could use a small helpful boost. I'm still waiting on challenging content designed for solo play, disappointed we still don't have any of that. Something like Liandri but permanent with good rewards.
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