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  1. A team of hardworking gamers have revealed today the fruits of their labors: A brand new website dedicated to helping GW2 players with buildcraft, content guides, and creating a greater community within the game. In celebration of their efforts, a new scavenger hunt has been announced for a Gen 3 legendary and Zhaitan variant: https://hardstuck.gg/hardstuck-launch-legendary-weapon-contest/ As the site continues to grow, it is the hope of the Hardstuck community that this becomes a key resource for players!
  2. A brain dead 2 hour long meta with no rewards isn’t going to get anyone there because there are no rewards! Rather let’s give people a reason to do it than further nerf the meta and expect people to do it.
  3. I really liked the region in GW1. It was fantastical and diverse in its settings. The Jade Wind was a wonderful world building element and it was my favorite game setting. Now I don’t really care as much about Cantha. The devs are pushing the brand name of Cantha hard, but the region has lost a lot of its charm. They’ve used the passage of time to homogenize the region and make it meh. The interesting cultural differences and story threads of the region are all gone. Tossing the ministry of purity and “integrating” the Kurzicks and Luxons removed a lot of the story potential I saw in Cantha.
  4. Here I am, remembering all the people saying the livestreams were fine because Anet was going to do a big advertising burst in the 11th Hour. Every piece of media is an important point to push and advertise the expansion. I hope the Kaineng stream actually shows off things.
  5. Reasons for housing I could see: - The obvious monetization - something to do and pursue in the game - a gold sink Reasons against housing: - Player housing is often used for extra storage which we have covered fine by the bank. - Player housing is often used to showcase achievements, but being able to buy pretty much anything in GW2 makes this meaningless. Nothing is impressive. - Anet wants to sell you special area passes, a house that provides a lot of utility would cut into that - People seem to believe home instances are enough despite them b
  6. I understand your point. Consistency would be nice, but I’d like them to at least work more on adding more rewards that are not directly connected to gold and therefore to credit cards.
  7. I leapt right into both expansions on launch day. I didn’t worry so much about exploring or spoilers. I just worked my way through the story as fast I could. As I went, I had to pause at times for unlocking an elite spec or doing events to farm for masteries. I took in the scenery and sights as I went. Guild Halls didn’t really spoil anything. Anet doesn’t treat them like serious zones, they are unfortunately very ignored content. If you want to avoid spoilers outside the game, stay off social media and YouTube of course. I plan on doing the story strikes as I hit them in the story and the Str
  8. If they just made it more muted to look like the concept art and had the glowing jade be the “powered” version when you run a current through it I don’t think anyone would be unhappy here. You could still retain all the work they’ve done on items and NPC models since those are powered jade.
  9. We’ll have to see how it actually looks in-game, but I see this as the best looking use of the Jade so far. It actually has contrast with the darker city. Compare it to the Jade Sea where the jade parts of the map are garish and dominating or Shing Jea that looks irradiated.
  10. You’re right that the deed itself is prestigious, but isn’t this a meaningless distinction? Like you can’t really separate the two. Unless you record literally everything you do, how do you prove you did the deed? The reward confers proof. Trying to splice the two is just pointless semantics.
  11. I’d say it’s actually three perspectives: 1. Wants rewards with prestige and external value (players care that you have it and recognize your effort) 2. Specifically doesn’t want rewards with prestige/exclusivity 3. Doesn’t really care and only internally values rewards. This thread, and general debate, often attracts those in group 3, such as yourself. It’s not really a debate on caring or not caring though. The presence of rewards that are exclusive and prestigious are irrelevant to your gameplay. It’s about should we appeal to group 1 or 2, and 3 gets what they want
  12. Well, no, that is false. You are clearly projecting your own lack of interest in items as the non-existence of prestige. “Prestige” has value for items because they are adverts. Billboards directing players to do X content if they want Y reward. That is useful for a video game. It is useful for players who might need the extra push to see if they’d like content. This has been proven in plenty of other games. People see prestigious items in games like WoW or FFXIV and it is communicated to them that they need to do something different to get it.
  13. If you really want rewards with extrinsic value (prestige) you will have a bad time in GW2. The game does not cater to that population at all. It can’t actually. The payment model for the game is based upon selling you shiny things in the cash shop. The end game progression revolves around gathering shiny things. They can’t sell you things if in-game items are equally as shiny and have more prestige. It’s a contradiction that can only exist if you don’t really care about the extrinsic. I do care, but not solely and I also get other things out of the game. If rewards mean nothing to
  14. Gotcha yeah for T1 you can basically beat your head against it with any build and probably get through. My suggestion would be just reconsider the hours you’re looking since one unfortunate part of the game is a lot of activity seems to be populated around daily resets. I also noticed you mentioned looking for a group rather than making one. Try posting your own group and you might be surprised.
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