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  1. Clearly, they need both. HoT and PoF both suffered from not having enough variety in the type of content that was delivered. HoT wanted to have a bit more exploration or casual friendly content while PoF wanted to have a bit more meta-driven content that draws more repeat play.
  2. Maybe in the 90s it was. It's really not anymore. Language is fluid, you know?
  3. This is the objectively correct perspective. 🙂 It reminds of back in the day when Blizzard used to constantly justify how plural shaman was still "shaman" in their world even though it's just incorrect.
  4. Earth really does need an overhaul. Water arguably does too. They are a little bit too support-minded. Other sets/classes do not give up so much damage to provide support. The only effect this has is "Forcing" solo eles to run Air or Fire. I don't see the point.
  5. This seems like it suddenly got way worse. Was wondering if there was chatter about it - definitely needs fixing.
  6. I'll take it a step further and suggest that it's actually time to introduce alternate weapon skills that can be moved around on a given weapon. Even just 1 or 2 extra skills per weapon to allow some customization would be huge IMO. I've long thought that having fixed weapon skills was a bad design choice - over-sacrificing player choice for the sake of balance when it does very little to ensure good balance is usually a bad move in an MMO.
  7. That's pretty much what giants are unless you want them to look like the Jotun or something in which case all that will accomplish is much fewer people rolling a Norn character Anet could make them more "bestial" or w/e but that just sort of feels like it's stepping on the Charr's toes and something more appropriate to a game where the "Orc Race" is actual orcs and not buffalo cat people I think it's a stretch to say that any redesign of the norn would result in fewer people rolling them. It's not like they are immensely popular in their current state, and how popular they would be after a red
  8. Agreed. I've always felt the norn design in GW2 was pretty off the mark & they need a bit of a redesign. They should look and feel more like a proper giant race and less like huge but disproportionately weird humans with oddly pretty faces.
  9. I think the big miss here is not doing a better job with Dragon's Stand - i.e. giving you a handful of people to recruit in addition to the story NPCs, giving you some control over their looks, abilities, including a hud for them when they are in an instance with you, and letting you choose one of the recruitable ones to join you in any instance (in addition to any that are part of the story.)
  10. No. Because when you got more weapons later on you have to "Grind" again to unlock their skills. With the current system once you unlock the skills, they are unlocked on every weapon you try ever after. There is nothing more annoying than getting a brand new weapon and having no skills to use. They made unlocking the skills of your first weapon slower, but they did speed up the unlock process for multiple weapons considerably. Hard disagree. Unlocking the skills on a per weapon basis was actually more fun. It didn't take very long, and it taught you how to use them properly.
  11. I do. And it was both more fun AND more engaging in terms of teaching weapons to players. The only problem is that there were so few of them that you could easily have it done by level 5. The truth is I agree with the OP - the original system was honestly a lot better than the NPE they moved to later on. To this day the skill/trait menus are a hot, confounding mess, it makes no sense to combine skills & traits into the same resource pool, etc.
  12. Rytlock is really bad. I find his "gruffness" to be so forced and exaggerated that it's distracting.
  13. The only thing that bothers me is the line "oh that had to hurt" that you hear constantly and that's mostly because your avatar says it when you take damage. Super weird and 4th wall breaking.
  14. This is a good point. I hate to say it, but there's a lot of groupthink influencing hype around different sets. For example, the conventional wisdom that offensive stats always beat defensive stats in PvE is a bit of a flawed oversimplification. Power/condi damage is king, but Precision/Ferocity/Expertise vs Toughness/Vitality is a lot more nuanced. Swapping Soldier's in place of Berserkers to some extent can can assist your ability to control fights, become more strategic with dodging, etc. People tend to look at it in theory rather than in practice, which doesn't tell the full picture. Furt
  15. The justificiation is that it makes the maps livelier and more fun. Any map where enemies placidly stand around until you tag them is a dull map. Except all evidence available is that it does the opposite because there's nothing drawing large crowds to those maps.All evidence you mean this thread where 90% of the posts disagree with you? It's self-evident that this is not accurate. If you're finished with your hyperbole, maybe you can participate in an actual discussion.This actual discussion is one big hyperbole. OP literally says that mobs are "bullying" him.Except that isn't actually what
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