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  1. Please notice that leveling is not part of that list. This is the core difference between endgame and 'game' activities. Endgame activities are done once you've completed the main game activities involved in leveling. In older MMOs leveling was a much more time intensive task then in GW2 so there was a much more clear difference between the two of them.
  2. There's a lot of things I want from GW2. But the primary thing I want is the story content to be vastly improves. But from a plotting, writing, and especially gameplay point of view. GW is now a fantasy world I've enjoyed for almost half my life yet I still feel like most of the fun parts of it haven't been explored. But that isn't the real problem. The real problem is that I'm afraid of the devs exploring many of these interesting areas because I'm afraid they won't do a very good job with it. Want I want from ANET is confidence. I want to think they have things under control and if the do it it will be good because ANET always does things right.
  3. I actually think GW2:ARR or GW2.5 is really important for the steam release of the game. The branding you get for that of "clean slate" and "new game" makes a massive difference in attracting new players. There's a huge boatload of people who tried GW2 near launch or near HoT, was interested but overall didn't enjoy the awful core content. A new xpac doesn't mean anything to them but a full revamp will. I believe it has the opportunity to bring as massive player base back to the game. Of course I'd never dream something as radical as that Is in the works when ANET already has so many projects in the works and they are so interested in moving forwards content wise. But I think ultimately it's the only way to fix some of the major issues I think GW2 has.
  4. It looks really silly. The old animation was fine.
  5. 2 reasons and you already said one yourself. 1. Anet has tried offering safe very granulating difficult content in the form of both strikes and fractals. Strikes especially are great at teaching players the fun of getting better at a combat system and overcoming tough fights. I've run alot of groups of whisper of jormag with newbies who at the end of it had a great time progressing on a fight and finally beating it. BUT, strikes have largely failed at getting the wider community interested in harder content. But like you said all of ANET's attempts to do so with fractals or raids or whatever have also failed. So like... Try it again but closer to home. I think the primary issue people have with these types of content are not the content itself but both the barrier to entry and more importantly the perception of what that content is like. It doesn't matter that there are easier raids and strikes because many players have an different idea in their head of what that experience is going to be like. And because of the perception they don't even try it. So if it was well designed for them it doesn't matter. If the open world was more challenging than these players have the opportunity to solo (the vast majority's preferred play style) at their own pace. Then, and this next part is important: actually make well designed open world mobs. Now there is 0 barriers in the way of players experiencing what the game has to offer, once they understand that they will feel more confident to tackle the other models of gameplay. 2. I don't believe that players will A. Learn the expensive rules and mechanics of GW2 out of the game by reading things like the wiki, and B. Also that's bad game design. So like, give players the opportunities to actually learn the game, in the game. And this comes down to have players ate funneled into content as well as mon design. Critically, mobs that do nothing don't give you an opportunity to learn, and mobs that are explicitly annoying to fight don't either. Imagine this scenario: Expac for introduces leveling up utility skills. These are more powerful and more fun versions of the skills you already have. But require a currency to unlock. You can only gain this currency but beating hero challenge esque missions. Each mission is designed to stress a players understanding of the game in unique and fun ways. Or sometimes being super blunt. For example, imagine a mission where you fight an enemy that doesn't take any damage until their breakbar had been Broken. And the bar recovers fast if it hasn't been broken. This encounter has a resource every player wants and any player that completes it are forced to understand in some level of depth how burst CC works, as well as breakbars. Or maybe a mission where you have to get to an area in a strict time limit. Players who do this challenge are forced to understand their movement options in some level of depth. Now everyone knows how this stuff works without a shadow of a doubt, and they can make mobs that reinforce that mindset. Setting players up with the information IN GAME to become better.
  6. Players won't understand the fun of a system until you show it to them. To me, the biggest failing of GW2 has been crafting a beautiful combat system then throwing it away but not giving people anything to stress it against. I wouldn't say ANET made good open world mobs until PoF. Those parties of Balthazar minions where fairly well designed and how mobs should have been designed from the start. Before then. Open world mobs either did nothing (core) or were annoying to fight (HoT) So many people arent interested in that kind of content because so many of them don't understand how fun and engaging it can be because GW2 has never onced asked that of them. That's why difficult content needs to be put in the open world. I'm not asking for the whole thing to become a murderfest, I just want parts of the map let players experience the joys of the combat system, solo. That way they don't have to find a party for fractals or dungeons, they don't have to find a guild for raids, and they don't have to find strike missions. I think the core issue is that many players are content to just leave out major parts of the game because they don't have to do them. If ANET could both teach these players how to succeed in those formats and have fun with them, then we could see a huge rate of player attention being brought throughout many different game types again. Edit: forgot to explain about the DPS meter lol. People that play this game aren't going to enjoy a feature they see no value in. In fact as you can see from this thread many people would be in fact be upset by this addition. Until ANET manages to make these player enjoy the kinds of content that a DPS meter would benefit, then it would be purely a net-loss for the community at large. But after Anet does that then it will be a gain for the community.
  7. I was convinced that Joon was the main villain for most of the story. When she turned into a good guy and Minister Li was evil it just felt like something was missing. Like I had missed a key character moment or something. while I really enjoyed EoD the story was only really enjoyable for act 1. Anet does their usual anet, make amazing open world maps with beautiful art and music and not really much else.
  8. I would enjoy the game significantly more if something like this was around, but the community in general is so aggressively against towards any ideas like this and the amount of people that would get a lot of enjoyment out of the system these days are fairly small. So it would probably be a net-loss since most of the player-base will dislike the addition, which will bring down the enjoyment of the game as a whole. Sad to say that tools for understanding the game better would have a negative reception but it is what it is. Anet should focus on making slower, more difficult open world content that players will want to improve in the first place before they do something like this.
  9. Looks like bait but I'll bite. So basically what your saying is you want the combat system simplified with more focus on a couple of key mechanics rather then alot of smaller different ones? So basically what your asking is remove all of the power from traits and place them into weapon and utility skills and then make more of both to increase the variety rather then through augmenting a smaller set of weapon and utility skills. I don't think your proposal would actually fix anything. That wouldn't change how rock-paper-scissors the game can be at times. It would lock People into roles harder then before which would making the rock-paper-scissors aspect stronger. Without traits weapon skills would become less multi use and have more direct purpose, meaning your build would have a stronger defined role, when for example you pick hammer warrior. I wouldn't make the game much less confusing, there would be less smaller things to learn I suppose but it wouldn't fix the game's visual clarity issue. There would still be a large amounts of builds to learn from every class and presumably classes would have a large amount more skills to learn. It wouldn't fix the game's "P2W" critisms at all. Even if those weapon skills and utilities are available to the base class as long they are locked behind the expansion then the same critisms remains. In fact it would be even worse. A customer that purchases only 1 expac would be at a severe disadvantage compared to someone to purchased 3 expac s. It wouldn't fix circlewars. That's a problem with conquest's ruleset, and I think we should switch to 2v2 death match. You're not only asking for a major restructuring of the game but also asking for the game to designed in a fundamentally different way. The same skills and attacks wouldn't fly without traits. This design would require a large amount of increase time and resources from anet for animations. While I do full heartedly agree that GW2 combat needs a full overhaul, I think that's the problem of the game being designed for PvE first, PvP last.
  10. Is this what you really think? Core is what's keeping the game off the radar.
  11. It's so much more fun and actually leans on GW2's biggest strengths. Instead of conquest which actively detracts from combat. Would massively improve que times too.
  12. Remove 5v5 conquest replace it with 2v2 deathwatch
  13. Pretty sure this game has a profanity filter and iirc it already works on NPCs.
  14. OG mortar also sucked in all ways, so it doesn't really warrant comparison
  15. Holosmith as strong as if is baseline had been the problem since it was released.
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