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  1. Guild wars 2 does have things you can do if you only have like an hour ya know. I'd recommend trying out fractals or strikes. Skyscale is very cool yes but it isn't necessary and if it's frustrating I'd recommend just not doing it :L
  2. IBS was pretty bad imo. The story really upset me but the maps were up thr standard. IBS:Champions was just rawdog awful. Wasting any potential IBS had and even had the gaul to waste story points with full intention of not paying them off in the slightest. (Dwarves, tengu.) But its all for a good cause, hopefully cantha will save us.
  3. Huh. Well rip me. The one time I stop playing updates this happens. Why is that significantly better written then most of the main story? It's insane how different it is when the devs get to write something not 100% plot focused and can actually devolope characters. I wonder why they don't play to their strengths. Same thing happened in forged steel, all of a sudden character writting quality went up 10 fold, then went right back down as soon as we were on the main story again. It's sad really. Well I guess that does what I asked but I'll say reading on a forum and not hearing it in
  4. We've already done that in the cliffside fractal lol. All they need to do to make to make it okay is formally acknowledged it and discuss it. That's it. There should have been a scene back in grothmar where Bangar gets mad at him for becoming too "human like" or something. Or maybe Crecia could have done that somewhere else. Even if i disagree with the direction they are taking the character in I think the main problem is that they just aren't giving their characters screen time, or even a chance to breath and talk about something that's not directly plot related when they do g
  5. This is actually one of the reasons I've felt his character has gone down hill in the past year-or-so. It really bothers me that Rytlock cares about this son that he never knew, was separated from, and is encouraged by everyone in his society to not care about. He's a Blood legion Charr for God's sake. This is what they do! No, his and Crecia's opinions should have been swapped, but at least one of them got to actually feel like a Charr. I can see this being a point people will disagree upon, but I can completely suspend my disbelief for this plot point. Even with with the knowl
  6. Yes because it takes virtually no dev time compared to other systems. Its not like unique armor skins are tied to these, just a couple of item icons. And they have a chance of provided alot of content, whole new builds and types of builds were introduced when because they added new prefixes. And if you don't think there are more stat combos that would be viable there are PvP exclusive prefixes, so they haven't even gotten through all of the ones they like yet. Plus maybe they could introduce 2 stat combos, or more weird stuff like that! Maybe its not your cup-of-tea but I love c
  7. Memes are a great way to combine complicated emotions and a web of thoughts into something thats easily digest-able. For example. Here I can pull out that people are upset enough to put out the effort to make memes about guild wars 2. It's been a while since I've seen that!
  8. Its a PvE patch without anything for PvP engineer to play with. So its kinda blah. But honestly its kinda small even for a PvE only patch. I was expecting a lot more fun toys to play with. But oh well.
  9. Icebergs, what you see above the water are often only 30% of the complete mass of the structure despite it's massive size. I'm sure most of you are aware of the current iceberg memes, the ones popularized by the Mario 64 Iceberg video. If you don't know what they are they are memes that float around the internet depicting an iceberg sectioned off into tiers. Each tier contains a list of words or phrases that represent increasing obscure trivia about the subject of the iceberg. The bottom of the iceberg is of course the most obscure knowledge while the top is the most commonly known. Addi
  10. The explanation is simple: They don't want to have to deal with primordus or jormag in EoD, and they didn't have any money for champions, so all they had the budget for was a 8 second cutscene for the 2 killing each other. Is it an affront on the story of the game, good taste, and even IBS? Yes of course it is, the finale was awful. At least for me I take solace in knowing that EoD has a greater chance of being great now.
  11. I actually completely disagree with you here. One of the biggest complaints about the LW is that they don't have a good chunk of content in them. People complain about this even when nre fractals are added, simply because open world and fractals are so discounted. The gameplay loop of open world maps needs a satisfying endpoint that they just don't have. When I said, "dungeons take an hour or 2" i was referring to vanilla, when dungeons were actually balanced. I played a lot in vanilla and my dungeon runs could easily go towards the hour mark. Especially for an un-experinced group. I did a ru
  12. I cant see zero benefit from ur list only limitations and messy code Like I said, the gameplay is more-or-less the same, just easier to work on and make. But as far as gameplay goes there isn't anything that a dungeon can do that fractal can't. That being said I still think dungeons coming back would be awesome. Gameplay wise dungeons can't do anything different, except for include a lot more mechanics and interesting encounters in 1 dungeon.We have examples of dungeons becoming fractals, aetherblade. They had to turn that into 2 different fractals, whereas the original dungeon was all in one
  13. In direct you could call GW2 pay2win, gems -> gold -> buys a full exotic set. Which is what you need to raid, which could be considered 'winning'. which if you take two fresh accounts one with gems one without, yea 1's probably going to be going at it faster.In practice though the 'p2w' items you get are so easy to get through normal means I don't really think it matters. Besides that you can't buy ascended gear with money.And what's beyond that? The rune salvager? There's really nothing.This is like when people complain that league of legends is P2W, right by definition but no one cares
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