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  1. Looks like bait but I'll bite. So basically what your saying is you want the combat system simplified with more focus on a couple of key mechanics rather then alot of smaller different ones? So basically what your asking is remove all of the power from traits and place them into weapon and utility skills and then make more of both to increase the variety rather then through augmenting a smaller set of weapon and utility skills. I don't think your proposal would actually fix anything. That wouldn't change how rock-paper-scissors the game can be at times. It would lock Peopl
  2. Is this what you really think? Core is what's keeping the game off the radar.
  3. It's so much more fun and actually leans on GW2's biggest strengths. Instead of conquest which actively detracts from combat. Would massively improve que times too.
  4. Remove 5v5 conquest replace it with 2v2 deathwatch
  5. Pretty sure this game has a profanity filter and iirc it already works on NPCs.
  6. OG mortar also sucked in all ways, so it doesn't really warrant comparison
  7. Holosmith as strong as if is baseline had been the problem since it was released.
  8. Random idea off the top of my head. 1. Turrets no longer auto fire 2. Now turrets can be mounted and the controlling playing can fire them with controls and have a simple rotation. 3. These turrets offer surprisingly good dps and has some protection from projectiles but are stationary and have fairly limited range. 3a. Turrets specialize in burst damage over sustained damage. 4. Turrets themselves can be upgraded by the engineer by using the toolkit auto attack. These ad things like increased stats range and new attacks. However the hp of a turret slowly decays and wi
  9. Key farming is still a thing you can do. Those skins always end up in the black lion statue coin shop. That's the guaranteed but slow way to get them
  10. Like Guild wars 2 as a whole? Like we just had our epic conclusion and its time for something else? I kinda felt this way at the end of Season 4, but now I really feel it. I know there are still alot of loose ends in the story but with the ending I kinda feel like this would be a good time to call it. At least for the story. I don't really want a LWS6. How do you guys feel about the ending? How would you feel if the story took a break for a while. In favor of anet either just doing gameplay updates or working on something else, like another xpac, or a GW3 or a new game?
  11. Theres an old way to do it, its not through the api though. Theres some software that can capture 3D models in games. When i get home ill see uf i cant dig it up
  12. What you see as an iceberg may only be a tiny portion of it's full mass, if you look underneath the surface there's no telling how big it truly is. I wanted to do this in honor of the End of Dragons reveal stream, and I've been working on it on-and-off ever since: Below consists of the Guildwars 2 Iceberg, it contains 8 tiers of increasingly obscure trivia. The Iceberg See how far down you can get!
  13. It's just execution. If well written and executed upon, anything can be entertaining.
  14. Want: PvP to have a staffed, dedicated team applied to it for updates. Don't want: PvP continuing to being ignored.
  15. yea? I usually do 3Easy strikes daily and I used to do daily T2 fractals. But I can see how what I said might have been confusing. A single fractal is like 5-10 minutes. A single strike is like 5-10 minutes. A single raid can run several hours+. I like the idea of there being a middle ground of content time-wise for players who have a good chunk of time but can't do raids. Besides that there are all kinds of great reasons to bring dungeons back.
  16. These are things that I want so of course they none of them will ever happen but whatever I guess. 1)PvP Getting actual focus, and a fully staffed team to handle updates 2)Hair technology advancing so that we can get some hat + hair combos that don't make your character go bald. 3)Dungeons coming back as a regular form of content. Currently there isn't a good PvE activity for that half-to-a-full-hour timeslot for GW2.
  17. What needs to be skipped exactly? If you want to get to the maps for season 3,4, or 5 make sure you pick up the portal tomes, they are there for thag exact purpose. For HoT theres no way to skip Sadly. But the first story instance isn't long just do it lol. For PoF you can get the digital deluxe and get the lily of Elon pass.
  18. Map chat has been dead in most maps during any period of the for a long time. Even in LA its just silence. If you ask a question maybe you'll get a wisp but the point is people just aren't talking. They talk in WvW map chat, PvP map chat. But I never see conversations going on in LA. This is the easiest example of gw2's non-interactive player base.
  19. Give me your favorite, or the ones you want to believe.
  20. I'm gonna necro this thread so more people can see this because this is insane and super interesting
  21. Give me the most absurd and ridiculous theories you've ever heard about GW2!
  22. Is the all just a fancy way of saying the eternal alchemy?
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