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  1. From what I can tell, the Badge of the Willbender from the Purifier collection seems to be unobtainable. The achievement says 'Hint: As a guardian, defeat one of the Purist lieutenants in New Kaineng'. There is no Purist lieutenant mob in the game. Me and a bunch of different players have attempted to hunt down all other types of Purist mobs, without finding the badge. Purists in the story, in open world, in events, in strike missions, in the new guild hall, none of them drops the badge. We have even attempted to kill lieutenants of the other factions in the expansion. I have encou
  2. Has someone tried doing the strike mission that also has the named purists (not mentioning which one because spoilers, but you know the one)?
  3. Nope, still no luck. I've found some events with higher leveled purists spawning, but they didn't count.
  4. Not the first one, but I ended up getting the trinket after 5 min in Old Kaineng. Perhaps you can find the badge in a different map from what's listed as well.
  5. I'm struggling with the last two steps for unlocking the Purifier (willbender's sword). Badge of the Willbender It says I need to kill Purist lieutenants in Kaineng. Where do I find those? Willbender's Trinket I've killed a ton of Swashbucklers, but no luck so far. Is it just really rare? I've only found that one small room where they occasionally spawn, is there any other places where I can find them?
  6. I had seen the hole and attempted to get through it to no avail. Twice. Tried again just now and got through no problem. Jeez. Thanks!
  7. Can't figure out how to progress.. I've done the following: Room with 3 levers with some guards spawning Pressure plate to grab hidden light panel Grabbed the light panel from the room with a mech in the middle shooting shockwaves Opened the door back to the main hall, defeated the guard that spawned There's bedrooms on the upper floor I can access with my Jade Bot using the charges from the previous room, there's a lever that opens the door to the inner bedroom. Inside is a pressure plate, but I need to get up there myself to activate it. Interac
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