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  1. They needed new blood to get the ball rolling again.He was not quite cutting it on any level.Wish him the best though.
  2. Yeah, I agree. The forums are noticeably reflecting the progression of the game. Both have moved to a slow, boring, crawl.There is just nothing to talk about. LW continues...... while people hibernate and wait for something expansion-like to come out.
  3. even blackgate opens from time to time. rare, but happensYou can join a link while you wait and watch
  4. You could literally erase everything they added with the saga and nobody would notice a thing...that says somethingI think they are either stringing ppl along with the few resources they have OR they have something major planned but lack optimal teams to complete it in any reasonable way. Either way, its a long time before things improve...they already mentioned nothing else was coming this year other than the saga setting up 'exciting things that they cannot talk about' .....sound pretty promising /rollseyes
  5. Bet I can outrun it tho You will be able to after Anet gimps it. ... in fact, I reckon you can out WALK it...like going from a Ferrari to a Prius
  6. I wouldn't say I still play...But, I do still hope :)
  7. So, is there anything actually exciting to look forward to for 2020? Nothing reads as such. You can't just take a whole year to set up something when there was so little last year.Don't hold back....your audience is shrinking and there are gonna be fewer and fewer around waiting for that exciting surprise.
  8. i played this game for six years up until the end of last august (we all know what happened then). Up until that point I had no idea what the story was about. I jumped right into WvW so the story to me was more of a unnecessary annoyance more than a book I wanted to read.Also, when I did play PVE i would just open maps to get to necessary waypoints and eventually I was able to waypoint to squads and commanders in areas (with the teleport to a friend) that I had never even explored. If it helps you can just do what I did and completely ignore the story. I have no idea why I am killing a dragon...but, if it drops loot I am gonna do it. Otherwise, just bounce around and play what attracts you and you can just skip everything else.
  9. Welcome to the game! Try sticking around the major cities (i.e. Divinity's Reach and Lion's Arch) and you will likely see quite a few guilds advertising for membership. I know The Grove is your capital city for Sylvari but I don't know how many ppl hang out there spamming guilds. The other two you should find plenty. Also, we run on a megaserver system for PVE which I assume you will be doing first. Dragonbrand Server really only still exists for WvW purposes. Good luck and don't worry you will find lots of people to play with soon.
  10. that is 29 more days of happiness than a spoon fed saga :)But, yeah, I know what you are saying
  11. I'd say go a step further and make it a zone where no one can attack you, that would be fair for all classes. I'm only serious if you are. they already have that...pve, duhhhhyeah I am serious
  12. perhaps they can make roads or areas of frequent travel perma revealed...then stealth can be used in the areas in between.I.E. if you are on the path someone cannot stay in stealth however if someone is off the path it is at the travelers own risk. If a person is being constantly harassed by a thief/mesmer they can move to the nearest path and the thief/mesmer must calculate whether they want to continue to pursue or not.
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