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  1. I'd like to point out that this was on full ascended / legendary gear, with some berserkers on a build that's designed around a significant amount of auto attacking. So it's 8k on a fairly optimized trait setup with a better than suggested build under perfect combat conditions. I also did showcase and explain where my translation 5k target DPS -> ~15k DPS single target DPS output comes from. There's some assumptions in there, sure. But I must have overlooked where you explained your assumption of ~8k single target DPS (under perfect condition) = 5.5k Soo Won target DPS.
  2. The attack Soo Won chooses is random. The secondary mechanics are not random. Which is why, for example, you can rely on tail not appearing if your map DPS is high enough. Same with CC. You can rely on it not being the first few moves Soo Won does during a burn phase. Exactly right. That's the point I am making and the point Boz responded to. Not that you must skip mechanics. Not that it's valid to complain when you fail due to ignoring mechanics. But that, with high DPS, you get to skip or ignore several mechanics. We are still talking target DPS, right? I jus
  3. You claimed it is possible to reach 5.5k average DPS to Soo Won's HP bar with only auto attacks and soldiers gear. On most builds you'll hardly hit 5k training golem DPS under those conditions. And will likely not reach 2k target DPS throughout the Soo Won boss battle. And then you asked Claiming When some mechanics never show up at all. Some mechanics that are supposed to help you provide little to no benefit and some mechanics that are supposed to make things harder have no chance to pose an obstacle. In other words, they can be ignored as they have no impa
  4. With high DPS, you don't "speed through" tail. It never shows up at all. Obviously you are intended to do breakbar. But it's not necessary. For example, in Kaineng Blackout or the Junkyard strike it is literally impossible to be successful without CC. In DE it just gives you a DPS boost. Which can be ignored if you don't need it. It won't be in reality because teams with such high DPS will have good breakbar damage too. But it's not important for success and the impact might not be significant at all. Since CC is on a timer as well it's possible to never happen either and the likelihood i
  5. That's only a response to bites. Tail doesn't ever appear at high enough DPS. Not just rarely, it straight up never shows up. CC can be ignored on a high DPS map as the exposed buff is irrelevant to such a map. And while you do need to split up to kill mini bosses as quickly as possible, the timer is also completely irrelevant on a high DPS map. Just killing them as quickly as possible is more than enough.
  6. During Soo Won. Tail (never even appears with high enough damage), CC (may also not show up and doesn't block DPS) and significantly reduce the amount and likelihood of bites. Simultaneous killing of mini bosses is also made irrelevant since you can kill all of them from 100-0 within the time frame given once the first one dies. All of which only works at very high average map DPS. But is possible. In the rest of the game plenty of mechanics in every other piece of content. For example, Gorseval walls.
  7. Adding time is not a solution. The fight is built around dealing DPS. If you extend the duration by too much the fight is impossible to fail. I criticize the design philosophy of ANet for this encounter. Not the balance. Thank you for the kind words. But to be honest. That's a needlessly negative way of putting it. People are on forums primarily when they have a specific topic to talk about. It's not necessarily giving up if people stay away. It can just be "not caring as much anymore". Similarly, people who post here a lot will have heard similar things often and will have
  8. This can be solved by ANet for certain situations like boss fights where the server can decide far in advance when it should happen, send your client the information early and then verify according to ping whether you jumped. Also, I'm not talking about literally every encounter being desigend to test the same skill. Yes, different things will be easier or harder depending on lots of factors. Variety is good. So long as it's not mandatory to grind that's good enough. The existence of variable ping should not necessitate that everything must always be designed in such a way that ping is i
  9. You do not understand the difference between target DPS (aka DPS to the boss throughout the entire fight) and the DPS necessary during burn phases. Reaching 5.5k target DPS will require you to hit somewhere around 12k DPS during Soo Won burn phases. So, please. Do show me some logs of you managing that with such a build. Or admit you are just confusing numbers because it makes it so convenient and easy to ridicule others. Edit: Just to clarify. With showing logs I mean a Soo Won log of you only auto attacking and ending up with 5.5k target DPS at the end of the encounter.
  10. You can see it perfectly in the video I sent: Here, for example. Soo Won burn phase ended. Greens started. They attack minions. Cleave DPS = usual. Target DPS = slowly decreasing. But even after 90 seconds of attacking adds it never reached 0. It just decreases by a few DPS each second. Because target DPS is counted from the moment the boss starts loosing health and only ends when you leave combat. This, different to Target DPS, is measured at the moment. It's not perfect because, yes. It does include any DPS output at all. Including adds running around. But you can use moments
  11. I'm seriously confused. Are we talking about the same thing? The 7k or 5k or whatever are total target DPS. Not cleave DPS, not current target DPS. Which means you only reached about 45% of the required DPS. And that is already considering the 25% buff. It's barely 35% without them. I wouldn't call that "almost" the required DPS. Again, no one in your strike squad reached the required damage if we go by these numbers. I did say I was arbitrarily adding 25% on top to make it comparable. And yes. It is indeed not high for experienced raiders or otherwise quite hardcore pl
  12. That's true but it comes out as effectively the same in the video. Either it's target DPS and total target DPS. Or it's cleave DPS and total target DPS. Depending on how the commander set it up. But in either way you can get a pretty good idea of how much DPS they are capable off and how low that DPS becomes over time. I mean. Isn't that just proving my point? People talk about 7k or 5k or whatever average target DPS throughout the entire boss fight. I'm saying, due to downtime, that's about 1/3rd of the raw DPS one can deal as far as I can tell. Various factors play a rol
  13. Yes, at the start they are roughly equal. Reaching over 650k average squad DPS. Then before it resets the first time after burning around 60%, they are at ~5k DPS total and still 15k-20k current. You claimed it was only due to adds. But clearly they manage to reach these numbers before the first adds spawned as well. The commander also said they ended up with about 5k average at the end. 5k total. Not current. Not sure what exactly you are trying to explain with your Kaineng example.
  14. You can see in the first seconds of the video that they reach these DPS numbers without any adds nearby. Just like you can see the average squad cleave DPS during that time reaching over 650k. While being called a 5k DPS run.
  15. What are you even comparing here? Kaineng basically doesn't have DPS downtimes. Which is why current DPS and encounter DPS is basically the same. 5.1k / 5.1k. Compared to the video I just linked. You talk about how easy it is to reach the second number. When the benchmark you and others keep bringing up is the first number. Which seems to be somewhere around 1/3rd as high on average during Soo Won. 4.6k / 20k 4.3k / 17.9k 5.4k / 16.5k 4.9k / 15.2k You and so many others keep talking about how low encounter DPS is and proclaim how incredibly easy it is to ha
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