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  1. Yes or maybe just kill Any Champ Purist and any other map because they are Purist the same
  2. They still posting becuase the problem still occur yes they know how to search most players do as the info on the forum said
  3. I'm playing more than 10+ hr. EU server we create squad for varies instance Yes we unlocked willbender yes we knew the rules doing as the hint told us but the problem that we found is none of them spawn !!!! some said they did spawn but show only few minute and gone !!!!!! keep waitin for next hour but still no show !!!!! YES THERE ARE PROBLEMS FOR THIS ACHIEVEMENT FROM THE START Ref. Bugs: Willbender's Trinket drops from Aetherblades in New Kaineng City, instead of in Echovald Wilds Willbender's Feat is also awarded from any heart vendor in New Kaineng City
  4. Do you pay for my electric bills Anet Dev? No ? Please fix the quest or else change it lots of player waitin for it to spawn don't waste players time please.... EU Server by the way
  5. What do you mean despawn i just disappear or go back to 100% HP?
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