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  1. Don't know why they cannot set a time and a precise date, it is their freaking job and it's so unprofessional to always leave people hanging like this. I mean it's a game, ok, but they get money from us, it's a job for them and it's a product for us. But no, they act always like we are just $ and nothing more, bad balance patches with zero feedback. I mean we knew about herald and tempest changes before they posted it because a dev posted YES. on a reddit post, come on, what is this? Elementary school behaviour?
  2. Yeah, but in mmos it all about meta rotations, maybe people forgot the times of chronobunker or condi mirage when still had 2 dodges, they were completely broken ape tier builds that were able to carry a mediocre silver gold player to high ranks. I bet mesmer mains back then were saying how skill it needed to be played right? So much bias from mains in this game. It is also true that guard necro combo and right now guard has even 2 meta specs it's something that got out of hand in terms of profession privileges over other ones and also of boredom. I would be okay
  3. Why people say the CMC guy should change job or be fired? He probably gave anet a +50% in sells of all EoD for his decision to balance/powercreep those two professions. He did his job. Bringing anet lots of money more than anyone else, even more than the story creators 🤣.
  4. The only issues with harbi are: -Shroud5, it's a stronger Gravity Well on 25 seconds cooldown without animation, even on the ground you barely see it no matter the graphic settings; It's needs to be at least 1 minute CD. Elite Elixir: You can survive even 2vs1 focus at 5% health because of this stupid elixir, they nerfed plasma because too strong, and they released this rotten balanced skill. Needs the CD at least doubled, if you look at things like Fiery Greatsword conjure of ele, come on... Change death magic that when using Harbinger is 50% less toughness and all, so you don'
  5. I am still playing herald and doing very decently, because I know even if it's the blue child, that cr4p will get nerfed eventually, if it will, herald will take his spot back again on par of willy if not better even without buffs, so yeah. I played willy, sometimes I still play it, it's fun for 1 match or 2, then you get kills you shouldn't have, you escape from things, you shouldn't, it's not fun being carried like that, so yeah.
  6. Are you 100% sure? Might be placebo effect, but it feels they tank so much damage while in shroud than in normal. Also considering not having weakness of course.
  7. While willbender and harbinger are broken in every single possible way for a spec, dude complain of the only reason why eles are somewhat and remotely "viable" in the current meta. It's normal they trash balance the game when they hear those complains. (Also don't get me wrong, even grimjack agrees that earth shield is so strong, it is a fact, but there are lots of other priority things to focus on right now in terms of nerfs and balance).
  8. Matchmaking right now is the most lackluster thing ever. I couldn't pass gold2 from gold1 this season because I had terrible placement games with 5 matches of afks that put me in silver3 because I only soloQ. Those past days just decided to go meta playing willy and harbinger and now I am almost plat1 with an insane winning streak. Maybe next days I will lose that many again because you get matched with pve doing dailies or low rated players because of low population. Best thing is stop caring of rank, just play for the gold or for fun even if lo
  9. I mean, yes and no. Having the possibility to pvp with a level 2 character and without any gear whatsoever is the less p2w thing in any mmo. Good players can do amazing with any spec any build in ranked, but beginners if don't have the expansions will always be handicapped. If they jump into willbender, in less than a week they can do better than any other spec just by going around the map and going for kills, so in that sense it's p2w. The shop doesn't give you any boost that makes you have an advantage over others in pvp, it's all fashion. So as usual gw2 is
  10. They are people too, so they can be toxic even if they are not kids, they act like ones. Not to create flames, I don't know much about naru which plays na, so I don't knoe exactly happens during matches, I only see streams of it. But for eu I got called out trash garbage by angeels. When I am matched against him, I have insane lag ping spikes I really dunno why, my character just stop moving and skills are flashing in the skillbar without casting and then after 3 seconds connection return normal, so maybe he saw that weird desync lag and called me trash for some reason. He does it often w
  11. That's exactly what's change from being a good or bad/average player. A good player is able to fast switch eyes between the player model to see the animations, but also take a quick look at the boonbar and tries to cc when stab just run out, or at the of a double dodge, when people usually don't have other skills to protect themselves from incoming ccs, that's why you see pretty much any vindicator dodging and immediately go into gs block or staff block/evade right after the dodge if there are player ready to attack him, because everyone can time burst at the end of vindi dodge.
  12. In spvp you find very few decent deadeyes, and also right now there is a lot of projectile mitigation that almost everyclass can reflect or block projectiles. It all depends who is in your team, yesterday happened to have a deadeye against, a pretty decent one using no port spots to snipe in safety, I was on shiro herald and asked a willbender teammate to group with me to chase down the deadeye everytime he appeared. No port spots are insane, but also can get you killed pretty easily, he wasn't able to port either and we could oneshot him in stealth sever times and move on, he was pr
  13. Core necro and guardian signet nerfs happened after 2 years, they are still meta especially sup guard, but also now they have harbinger and willy which are meta as well and powercreeps of older nerfed specs (shiro herald) Next expansion the spvp conquest team what will be? 1 sup guard 2 willy 1 new guard spec and 1 necro. They can ban the other specs and it's faster and easier. Hypothetically right now you could run 1 sup guard, 3 willbenders and 1 harbinger and rekt any othet comp. So much fun and balanced.
  14. 50% true, every build and spec can do decently and probably reach plat if the player has skill and time to invest, maybe except core rev, engi and ele. This being said it's not fine having specs that reward worst players than you, and things like willbender are stupidly hard carrying bad players to the top when they don't deserve it, and even if you play perfectly and outplay them, 1 mistake cost you everything, they can afford 10 mistakes and get away with it because how busted some specs are. I'm not a fun of nerfs, I'd rather have buffs to profession that directly co
  15. Anyone knows if harbis get the damage 50% damage reduction when using shroud like core necro or reaper?
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