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  1. Nerfing sustain on a vindicator with one dodge hmmm .....so every thief-like spec farms the hell out of them? The only suitable GS buff to compensate that would be some oneshot powercreep stuff but then you'd start complaining about that 🙂
  2. Use it for zerging, anywhere else it's dоgshit because of repetitive nerfs.
  3. They don't do kitten unless your offenders drop a banned word on you lmao I witnessed literal harrassments in chat without any reason and yet those guys never stopped playing.
  4. For the record I didn't say bunker wasn't busted the way it was played but leaving Harbringer the way it is doesn't look like reasonable balancing to me. On side note, I don't think a condi spammer has any say in determining who can play their class and who can not. (condi is confirmed to have an advantage btw lmao)
  5. is this a kittening joke UPD aye, this is. They nerfed a kittenING hammer again that I forgot even existed after all these endless nerfs. At this point it reached Necro's axe lvl of meme except for it's actually backwards. Speaking of Necros, they nerfed the sustain and condi cleanse but left Harbringer itself untouched lmfao What a kittening joke. But yeah, Scavenger's burst damage increase, that's gonna show em Harbringer's their place ,if only weakness uptime of necros would not be almost 24/7. I think we have an alt of Anet employee in charge of balancing decisions here boys:
  6. Condi spammer tears. Opinion discarded.
  7. Well guadian was certainly believed to be Colin's baby class.
  8. Watch out, this one's got a babysitter among forum mods, say anything offensive and you might get banned. Not an exaggeration. At this point that PERSON is just collecting "confused" (aka downvotes lmao) reactions for the sake of sick bragging right. As for the thread itself, they might adjust it in time. People already whine all over the place about how impossible it is to run away from WB's shadowsteps and ridiculous damage. However, I'll say this again: Some classes are allowed to be good at both +1 and 1vs1s and for some reason the others are not.
  9. Did anyone ever mention how borderline bs this condition is and how easily it is spammed by some specs, especially condi necros? I could get behind endurance regeneration penality but glancing aspect simply nulifies your damage if you are a power spec more often than not.
  10. It's a bunker that can break people's faces and while I agree that zerk/core/sb takes too much effort and skill to outplay every other class ingame, bladesworn is actually ridiculous and unfun to face against. I used to play core war a lot and unlike vindi I just eat harbringers (well most of them) alive on my bladesworn. Also love the salty confused faces, all I did is ask a question.
  11. Protection boon and dodges > your toughness. At least when it comes to SPvP.
  12. Hmm they told me it was thief+war actually 😕 True divergent class
  13. Oi it has no block, blind and aeigis spam so technically it's not a guardian lmao
  14. ye, talk about those that abuse teleport hacks on shadowstep heavy classes and get away with it unless people sit down and analize every step from a video.
  15. "Nice! Love me some DH action." They literally kitten under themselves and killed boss in 9 seconds. Very intense, much action.
  16. I guess it's just as intended as GS5 not hitting stealthed targets anymore. They probably want it to stay that way so necros could chain cc their targets forever
  17. Yeah I learnt how to deal with them by simple switching over core necro and farming them until they either switch to something else (de for example lmao) or ragequit. The same treatment they like to give people. And no, celeastial/hybrid Virtuoso is pain in the kitten to deal with comparing to literally any other old mesmer spec but at least it can't chase you for kitten. Git gut comments coming from a very likely inspiri mesmer main complaining about DH trapper traps on WVW is hilarious though.
  18. I actually like middle leap for aoe protection and chill in some match ups don't @ me. kekw But yeah, Vindi is pvp is kinda doo doo now, people curse at the others for running it so if I still play ranked games it's +1 herald stuff that bores me after a single match.
  19. Well one could say SOME cele roamer builds got weaker after the update that nerfed power damage spikes across the board. Thing is, if one benefits from from cele stats these days it's usually those specs that are condi heavy by default like core necro roamer. So it already had dev attention in a way xD It's just that condi that never got shaved. It's a bit offtopic but I believe that most annoyance of dealing with necro roamers comes from their high weakness uptime. Got damaging condis on you? Gotta cleanse. Got weakness on you? Either waste cleanse/resistance it or wait it out else you dea
  20. It's not like revenant had other good anti-condi options aside from mallyx tho and like I said there was a lot of counterplay against it. Especially for mesmers and necros which were and still are popular condition spam specs lmao
  21. Old resistance was just a boon that could be corrupted/stripped away. I had absolutely no problems fighting condi revs as condi necromancer whatsoever. But that's too much to ask from 90% condi spammers these days. You can easily reach high lvl of condi damage reduction by running Righteous Rebel already so I guess that'd have to be changed too.
  22. For WvW it's just turn away and spam /sleep while they try and chase you across the map. Because it's so fun to fight YET ANOTHER type of condi/hybrid inspiri mesmer. Funny because I saw enough virtuoso in platin, they can't do kitten if there is a dedicated support in team fight or similar bs-around-camp-far-for-1vX spec against them but otherwise there is a good amount of specs they just kitten on. Not to mention if it's a good mesmer you wont ever be able to shut it down.
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