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  1. thank you all the answers, i actually looking for smth like that link but instead show enemies skills.
  2. yeah i know it but its messy, since arcpds put that combat log into compact form, then i think it is also doable for recieved damage.
  3. I have some serious problems in wvw. I tried to play most of the classes to learn their big skills and combo chains in order to survive more in fights. But somehow i still struggle which enemy skills do most damage to me and why i am being dead so fast. Therefore im looking for some addons that show enemy skills damage on me. Like self skills in arc dps but opposite. I really try to find in arc dps but couldnt figure out either it has capable or not. Ty all.
  4. actually that will really hurt power eles, in order to keep fury uptime in competitive modes we are forced to take arcane traitline no matter the option.
  5. we need someone like vallun to balance classes who can play ever spec in their best, not like person can only play firebrand. then we can discuss more but not in this situation.
  6. why are they still nerfing fgs? they allready nerfed in previous patch one month ago. weaver hitting like we noodle in zergs now wo any giving boons not only zergs by also itself. do they want only dragonhunters, scourges and heralds in zergs?
  7. bring damage back to cc skills, half of the warrior weapons will be meaningful to use at least.
  8. best defense is offense, this is why all instanced content builds composed of offensive ones. you have to kill your opponent before they become really treat to you. warrior needs good damaging skills wo too much effort. gs 2 or 130 range clunky bursts or 10 damage cc skills are not trustable skills. one experienced player can really dodge or evade every warrior skills wo effort. you can sustain with protection, block, fc, stances but until when? if you cant kill your opponent your sustain skills will be worthless. i feel bladesworn has more sustain than spellbreaker most of the time bcs with b
  9. i think bs builds converge into axe/warhorn with strength 2-3-2 tactics 1-2-2 bs 1-1-2 using stats berserker amulet and fighter rune. most people use combat stimulamant and tactical realod others are well known shout utility skills. i have seen this combination in many twitch players. build rely on shout skills. until june balance i dont expect any change. and idk about matchups.
  10. i think there is only megabane roamer, guys can u link your builds in your posts, thx
  11. Hi guys, im trying spellbreaker in wvw while in roaming. Spellbreaker remove boons with disables. Metabattle suggests absorption sigil on dagger/shield which steal boons. I have few questions about. 1) Which has higher priority boon removal or boon steal when i disable and interrupt foe at same time? What is the boon uptimes stolen? 2) f2 counter skill if it hit, says it will interrupt foe. when i use i see i am evading its written on me but most of the time foe is not interrupted, or its noe show up on enemy. How this skill works i didnt understand. 3) does
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