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  1. I have been roaming instead of zerging that is literally all I've been doing these years unless I hop on another class to join a zerg. The point is that rangers and other classes should also have a spot in wvw zerg meta because zerging is the most rewarding speaking both personally, and objectively in terms of the rewards.
  2. Yeah unfortunately, the wvw zerging commanders prefer firebrand for support and if I even try to do some hybrid builds then they'd prefer I swap to scourge or scrapper. And I mean for competitive, high skill level zerging.
  3. I’ve been waiting years for ranger to get an elite spec that puts it into the WvW zerging meta. Druid was fun but they nerfed staff (evade) & nerfed ca & healing. The new glyph was supposed to help but to be quite honest, unless the glyph’s location moves with the player then It’s quite useless unless you get extremely lucky with placement. Even then, the healing component is quite underwhelming. Soulbeast stance share is cute but… it’s easily outdone by Firebrand. & If i try to join a zerg as a sniper then I get booted. The Untamed is… well. Useless.
  4. I quite hate it, and I was hoping that Anet would revisit making a elite spec that would help make ranger viable for wvw zerging. They nerfed druid's healing in the past updates that druid just can't work. And this new elite spec was my last hope...
  5. What team were you placed on? Seven Pines What team did you expect to be placed on? Titans Staircase Did you change/toggle your selected WvW guild after Thursday night, even briefly? Yes because it became unchecked so I re-selected the team I chose. Have you shard/world transferred recently? No What is your default world when World Restructuring is disabled? Blackgate
  6. If you make those changes to druids after having continuously nerfed us, I will simply delete my account. :)
  7. CA deserved condi to boon conversion, perferable in rejuvenating tides. If engi can be reworked to suit the new wvw and gain a spot in the meta- so can rangers. either boost range of stances and improve merged f1-f3 skills to give group benefits OR buff CA length and healing/condi convert.
  8. These ele nerfs... haha...ha.... I love it. You know you could've easily given us a stance range boost for soulbeast and update our f1-f3 skills to be more support oriented.the druid nerf tho... thanks? i guess? not like im a druid main or anything >_>AND... thieves.. portal? thanks i love it. thief/scourge/mesmer new meta. perma-stealth and portaling.
  9. Is spellbreaker no longer meta? (I havent been online in awhile)
  10. PvE is boring and the only game mode that keeps me entertained is WVW.
  11. A good wvw comm usually: is very communicative in voice comms and actually reads what people are typing in the squad chat. They have good map awareness and are good at communicating their thought process and how they are going to engage in fights - and will be willing to go through rotations for people. gives participation share to scouts is not scared of fights with larger groups has a good idea of what to call out in fights e.g. lines in front/ cc/ burn / stab / healsalso positioning is SUPER important. i've been in fights with comms who don't know how to position against the enemy blob and
  12. ...The current meta for WvW is Guardian/Necro/Spellbreaker and Druid was in a position where if you buffed celestial avatar to provide stab/resist/etc with celestial avatar skills (like guard does), it could actually be in the meta. But what do you do? Nerf it. This is total BS. I understand from a PVP perspective why this happened, but in WvW those changes just kicked Druid players in the nuts lmao. You want more diversity? Nerf Firebrand whilst simultaneously choosing a few healer classes like Druid/Tempest to buff.
  13. Going invis and then knocking enemies off a very high cliff. VERY amusing.
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