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  1. I used about 70 stacks of 250, or about 18k in total. I also just opened them directly with no magic find boosters (a bit of mistake but w/e).Outcome was 3 exotic backpack, and 2 of the Golden Ox Figurine, and zero Ornamental Golden Trophy. It was 100% worth it over droobert!
  2. Thank you for justifying our hording all those years.
  3. Since no one else has suggested it, here is a legit guide to farming a Gift of Battle without having to do any real wvw. Step 1: Setup. set the reward track to Gift of Battle Item Reward Track. Pick a character you are familiar with and feel skilled enough to kill npc's without much problem. Pick skills and traits that give you survivability and aoe damage (aoe blinds helps). Click on WvW and enter any zone.Step 2: Look for camps that is next to one of the starting waypoints of the 3 maps marked as borderlands. You want to find a camp that is of an other color as the zone around the waypoint,
  4. I would assume the cost of building your own EOTN is about the same or higher than a perm pass, and you don't get the unique style that the more exotic passes has.
  5. "Ensolyss of the Endless Torment's defiance bar can no longer be broken twice in a row during phase transitions." The way anet implemented this is that if you break the second break bar still pops up but breaking it has no effect on the boss. While I understand the intention behind the nerf, having a second "fake" break bar will now be something which not just old players need to learn to ignore, but new players need to be told that it just a fake one and to avoid wasting skills on it.
  6. I got Ruin plant fiber from using orichalcum sickle on mushrooms in forgin steel.
  7. I have never seen that kind of behavior in a training raid, and I have join quite a few in order to help (and train rotation). That should be a very unlucky event for groups marked training in the party search. CM (non-training) Fractals it is a bit different story, especially when there are 100-200 KP requirements. A smooth run should only take about an hour or less depending on the daily rotation. Retrying multiple times, failing mechanics, all those make it feel like wasted time for what is essentially a farm when you done the fractal several hundred if not thousands of times. Carrying peop
  8. I am not too disappointed.1) For the 200g, ie around 500 gems, you get 10 scraps, a key, a mount skin, and a bunch of minor black lion stuff. Its not a great value but it is not a big deal.2) The balance change... let see what the new meta brings. It looks bad but you got to be optimistic that the community will find a interesting meta.3) the armor box is anets way to provide new wvw rewards every 6 months that takes about 6 months to fully complete. This one is trying to both encourage veterans to continue (those that are completionists will have to continue playing wvw for 18 more months), a
  9. I just realized, were there not talk/leaks earlier about new elite specializations? Before each expansion there were similar heavy handed nerfs in order to highlight the benefit of the new content, so is this just the same stuff as last time?
  10. I play on dead man's hours and going to continue to get in my dimond rank. Unless the map has more players then I will by definition be roaming.
  11. Decreasing power will indirectly buff siege.
  12. Then, mark people as unable to open the chest if they are in the area when a round starts but fail to get bronze or higher.
  13. There is a very simple fix. Remove all stacks of lucky aura if you do not participate in a round. No need for banning.
  14. High KP groups (100+ kp) expects so much more than just skills. A experienced player need to know hidden mechanics which new raiders perceive as random but in practice can be controlled.They need to know where the group is going to be before the group goes there. No follow tag.They need to know what roles and builds is effective for every boss, and have enough characters geared so they can swap between bosses.They need to know what mechanics can be skipped through dps, and know how to handle the mechanic if the dps check fails.They need to know how to do other roles mechanics when someone resp
  15. I would need to gain something in order to find it worth using the cumbersome template system, and one missing use case was clear when we lost the old build system which changed automatic when you entered/exited wvw. That was useful. Thus having a mechanism to tell a template to autoload when entering wvw, a raid wing, fractals or some other granularity of location would add some value to the system.
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