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  1. Just hopped on during my lunch break and got it from the actual event chain. Thanks for the info either way. Hope it helps someone that comes across this thread.
  2. Do you know where exactly it spawns so I can know? I remember someone on reddit mentioning this, but I completely forgot.
  3. This event needs to happen more often. I'm actually a bit lucky because I'm working towards Astralaria Collection IV, but I've been waiting with some really nice folks who are working on the new Zhaitan legendary skin collection and this event needs to fail in order to guarantee us both a drop for our collections. As it stands now, the event seems to happen every 1.5 - 2 hours, and since it's not on a timer, if you go anywhere else, you risk missing it. On top of that, convincing players that come along to let the event fail is like pulling teeth. It's impossible. Like I said, I'm lucky si
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