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  1. Can we normalize not giving the time of day to players raging on alt accounts and being nonsensical? I don't need to know that this guy is "gonna stop playing" or "not gonna buy the next expansion", as the majority of his comments on this forum suggest. This thread is offering no value to this forum or to the GW2 community.
  2. The effects on these skills are amazing, but I think they could be more impactful sounding. I would go back and compare to the core ranger "spirit creature" attacks like greatsword 2 and 3, sword 3, etc. to match them sonically. It literally might just be a relative volume thing, because I do hear them, but it's so quiet. There could also be a little more definition in the spirit animals on the stealth attacks for spear 2 and 3. Genuinely such a great touch, but they're a bit too subtle compared to the absolutely massive spear 4 creature.
  3. For reference, this is what it used to sound like: Just Dagda's normal voice filter the whole time. And I think it works better this way thematically. This is a very vulnerable moment for Dagda, and so it still being her true voice is important for the scene.
  4. Here's the moment I mean from the Dagda fight. I recorded this just now. At some point in the back and forth with Zojja, the new voice alteration flips on. This hasn't been there any of the other times I've replayed the story instance over the past year, and you can probably find 20+ videos from launch SotO to compare to what it sounds like usually. It could just be a me thing, but it's been consistent on my end since I noticed it. I come into this instance frequently because I think this is probably the best golden path combat sequence for SotO and I think Dagda's VA delivered such a quality vocal performance that I'm just drawn back to it for testing builds etc. It's one of the few times where I'm forced to feel something for a character simply because of the emotion present in their vocal delivery, similar to when we met Zafirah in living world season 4. Voice acting so stellar you don't even need to know the character to be moved. And this filter gets in the way of that, imo.
  5. Eir, the original GW2 shipper. Wanted to reboot the Rytlock and Logan bromance by giving them matching swords. I see the vision. Too bad our girl was GIGA depressed in the GW2 personal story and got discouraged so easily.
  6. I was replaying this SotO story instance just for fun, but apparently a new filter was put over top of Dagda's vocal performance that I'm really not a fan of. I restarted the instance to make sure it wasn't a glitch, but it seems like someone messed with that vocal performance and now it's super muffled and not nearly as impactful or crisp as it was before. Is anyone else able to confirm this change?
  7. The reality is, hardcore endgame instanced content is not high on the priority list for a game like GW2, nor should it be, so there's no reason for them to waste dev resources to fix content less than 2k players will ever touch. It's played by almost no one and the success or failure of such content has very little impact on sales or general player opinion of the major releases. Arenanet is about to release an expansion with no endgame instanced content available on launch, and when they do release the raid wing in the first follow-up patch, it will have a zerg mode so that people don't even have to complete the normal mode version of the encounter to experience it. This is a good thing, too. I have all 3 sets of raid legendary armor, the raid legendary ring, and I still have about 200 LI extra beyond that, so I'm not saying this out of spite. I greatly enjoy the raids in GW2 and a lot of the strike missions, but they simply aren't the reason people play GW2. And lately, as this post alludes to, they've been designed in a way that favors extreme optimization in a game that just isn't made for that flavor of difficulty. What was the point of all the "bring the player, not the class" work they did over the last 2+ years (and did quite successfully, I might add) if they're going to design their encounters around the undisputed easiest and most busted ranged dps class in the game anyway? Things that need to happen sooner rather than later: Nerf Virtuoso. It should stay simple, it should stay ranged, and it should stay high-utility/survivable, it just shouldn't do competitive dmg while being all those things. Stop designing encounters for a race to first clear. This is where most of the trouble is coming from, imo. If a perfectly optimized group of highly skilled players is taking a week+ to complete one boss fight in GW2, the fight is designed poorly. End of story. It's that simple. Arenanet is not a studio with the means to properly test content at that level of difficulty, and it shows. GW2 is not that kind of game for so many reasons. Actually develop gameplay for the encounter specifically instead of repurposing old combat designs. SotO encounters feel like they were made by a GW2 modder instead of a developer. Is this a resource allocation issue and not actually the fault of the devs who were just doing their best with what they were allowed to do? Probably. But fix it. Make stuff for the encounters themselves. Stop designing around dmg checks and cheap positioning gimmicks. No more hp sponges. No more green circles. Make the fight interesting and be more clever about how you force people to move, stay alive, and defeat the boss. Focus on the easier modes first instead of last. I promise, the game will be more fun if you do this. I promise.
  8. He wasn't there to guard the prison. He got stuck in Tyria in the Bastion and decided to torment Saul. In a way, he was also a prisoner; feeding off Saul's anguish out of necessity (although it's clear he was enjoying himself to some extent). There's a lore item from SotO that says he was using Saul as a host after he got trapped following a failed incursion.
  9. It's probably Human > Charr > Norn > Asura > Sylvari for story relevance. Norn is going to fit the aesthetic of the expansion the best, no question. Using a combat tonic for all of story can be challenging in the modern game since you can't mount or anything while it's active.
  10. This post will be talking both about current lore and Janthir Wilds stuff we know so far, so if you're avoiding all that info, be warned; go no further. Now, in the announcement video we hear the roar of a creature not shown in the video. I want to hazard a guess at what it might be. So, we all know that this expansion is revisiting much of season 3 and raids 1-4 lore/world-building, and this of course features heavily the influence of the Mursaat. SotO gave us insight into one of the major mysteries from that period of the game, Deimos (who ended up being a Kryptis Lord). I was thinking about it and did a bit of research, and there's another creature from that period of the game that we still know very little about: Samarog. While I didn't quite get the eureka moment I was looking for when I compared the roar from the J-Wilds video to his cutscene, it wasn't a complete sonic mismatch, imo. Additionally, he was a prisoner of the Mursaat for some reason we still have not discovered. Could it be that in Janthir Wilds we will encounter more creatures like Samarog, and could the creature whose roar we hear in the announcement trailer be one of those creatures? Are those horns in the shadow falling at our feet? Am I on to something or totally delusional? Let me know. Also, Samarog is the defacto spear god of GW2, so...he fits perfectly.
  11. So, with all the other expansions we had pretty obvious abbreviations that were snappy and usually just us saying a combination of letters aloud. For HoT, PoF, IBS, and EoD, we literally just read the letters out loud. For SotO, we decided to pronounce the name phonetically. With Janthir Wilds, it's less obvious what the true nickname and pronunciation should be. "JW" is simply a mouthful and not that compelling, so we probably need to come up with something better. Things I've seen so far include: Just reading the name in full, "Janthir Wilds" "J-Dubs", which is alright I guess, but a bit too zoomer, imo Calling it "Wilds" Some people are trying to start calling it "JaW" I think, but that seems silly and a bit forced to me The one I've come up with is "J-Wilds". Prevents us from being asked what Janthir is every time we say the name to newcomers. It sounds fresh/"hip", but not like something only someone still in grade school would be willing to say out loud (at least in my opinion). But this of course will end up being a community decision, so let's just get some ideas down. Anyone got something better or have a strong preference for anything that's been offered so far?
  12. Judging from the website page on the expansion, it seems Isgarren is choosing to reveal himself and the Ward to Tyria's leaders. Looks like they are holding a summit in the guild initiative headquarters in Lion's Arch. Also, Braham is back!
  13. I'm thinking she means the Charr false gods, which would be Titans. That was my first thought when I saw the rock creature things, anyway. Could just be some new creature though, too. Has the same glowy gold stuff as the dying trees behind them in some of the screenshots.
  14. She ran off with a fur merchant or something in Hoelbrak. The thought was that she was kidnapped along with the other homesteaders in Cragstead, but she had actually just run off to Hoelbrak. Then, Braham went and found her and that bold act convinced her to return, until she eventually got bored and went out to explore the world once again. The original season 1 "relationship" was a somewhat off-putting dynamic that painted Ottilia as Braham's ditzy and totally uninterested crush who didn't care about her family or about Braham's heroism. Not a flattering depiction of a female character for such a modern game, imo. They shored it up somewhat with the re-release, depicting her as someone Braham had a genuine emotional connection with who had helped him process some of his childhood trauma. Not a character I'm interested in seeing again, really. Braham and Myrun have much better chemistry.
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