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  1. Same. Big sad. I'm standing around staring at the spot where the second crystal should be.
  2. Soo Won meta froze right before the crystal event, sadge. Can't get back in.
  3. My DE map, my beautiful DE map! What a world! Just... please don't roll back the 500 imperial favor I just painstakingly ground out, pleeeaaase.
  4. Please may we have more plant-based armor? The devs have invested so much time and heart into the Sylvari and their story, but my ten year old salads are still in the same three cultural armor sets. They just look sad in stuffy, metal and cloth armor. My plant armor wish list; 1. Armor, not outfits. One of this game's strengths is the sky high level of character cosmetic customization. Mixing and matching is a plus point of this game's gear. 2. Wearable by all races. 3. Designed by someone who has seen productions of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Leaves, feathers, flowers, shoulders that look like wings; I am talking full Fairy Peaseblossom here. 4. But wearable. Look at the Nightmare light armor set. Beautiful, extravagant, wearable. Or the Orchid set. Or Caithe's iconic armor. All lovely and wearable and very Queen Titania. 5. Available through karma, crafting, etc. and fully tradeable. There is a whole playable race being shorted on armor type, don't cash shop gate it. Let it be part of our player experience, like the Elonian or Canthan or Krytan people armor. 6. The medium and heavy armor don't have to be ungraceful and lumpy. Pease and thank you. I have all this Sylvari glow I would like to show off. 😄 You made us these gorgeous plant people instead of going to Elves like every other game. Lean into it.
  5. Please let me turn off the Christawful virtuoso daggers. My ammo count is already on my bar, and there is enough visual noise going on.
  6. Really? And here I was, a WvWer, wanting more warclaw skins. Please let me know which of my requests as a customer you find allowable.
  7. I've been playing WvW for about a year with a good number of OCX players from across AUS & NZ, and none of them are known as 'the slow guy,' or useless in a fight. Also, I am in the Eastern US, and even I get cruddy ping occasionally. Will, on average, your ping be worse than my ping? Yep. Will it ruin all your fun or turn you into a useless noob? Nope. EDIT - SMC is known to be horrible, though. A three way in the lord's room will mean slow motion for me and a slideshow for some of the OCX players. That is a game limitation, sadly.
  8. Personal bank guilds, guilds made by people in same country/region to stay in touch while playing in their main guild etc. You're missing the point. The question isn't "when would it be a moot point to set the wvw flag" (e.g., personal bank guild), but when would it have costs or negative repercussions to set the flag to wvw. So far I haven't seen any dev supply any such reason. Why should it have costs? Not suggesting that it should. I'd be fine if every guild could mark itself as a wvw guild. And if there are no other ramifications to doing so, why wouldn't they?Honestly, the easiest reason that comes to mind is that a lot of the PVE people I know never ever even think of WVW and it simply wouldn't occur to them to do it. That's not really a reason NOT to, per se, but I bet it won't occur to plenty of people.
  9. Personal bank guilds, guilds made by people in same country/region to stay in touch while playing in their main guild etc. You're missing the point. The question isn't "when would it be a moot point to set the wvw flag" (e.g., personal bank guild), but when would it have costs or negative repercussions to set the flag to wvw. So far I haven't seen any dev supply any such reason.Why should it have costs?
  10. I have been using a neighborhood sports bar as an analogy for a 'server' as it is presently constituted; I think it is useful. I'm not hanging out at the bar 'alone,' I am hanging out with the other regulars.If the server is a bar, you are basically saying; 'What benefit do you gain from avoiding wearing your Yankees jersey to the bar that you do gain from going to the same regular bar?' Easy; I get to hang out with the regulars, and I don't care what team they root for. I can rep the Yankees when I go to the ballgame/raid. I think a community guild is actually a good solution for people who have grown attached to each other as regular militia. It would be like if our bar closed and we all just went to another bar up the street together. There would be a few new faces, but soon we would all be regulars together.I think 'solo' is not a good word for the concept you are trying to describe. I enjoy scouting, flipping camps, escorting yaks, tiering towers, placing and refreshing siege, defending objectives, etc., WITH the other regulars at the bar. The thing that binds us is the effort we put into maintaining the map, not the four letters next to our names. The only thing I can see right now that would help is the aforementioned casual community guild, so we can get sorted together. But even that is not perfect. A lot of us belong to guilds, and our guilds are going to get us automatically sorted away from each other. Right now I can choose to hang out with my regulars at the bar, OR I can go clubbing with my friends. I can do both in one day, in fact.
  11. That is pretty much what you need to do to remain associated. You will also need to create an alliance and have those guilds join it. The biggest issue depending on the amount of the players is going to be the 500-1000 cap. This is set to prevent stacking but has some drawbacks in certain circumstances and can change depending on responses. I was more imagining each server's freelancer guild getting resorted by itself every eight weeks, which would place them with different alliances of zerg guilds every time. Sort of like roving gangs of mercenaries who had all worked together before. They could join an alliance if they wanted to, of course, but part of the nice thing about being server militia is being able to do the gruntwork of wvw without interference from the guilds.
  12. I've only read 24 1/2 pages, so please forgive me if I missed where someone suggested this... I know that our current servers do have unaffiliated militia, unguilded server regulars, 'freelancers' if you will. I understand that they are irritated by the idea of having to be tied to a guild in order to avoid being shuffled into the empty spaces in random worlds. What if each server had a guild made exclusively to preserve server militia? Just a SoS Freelancer guild, a HoD freelancer guild, etc.? You could get sorted into the same world as your regular cast of characters because of the guild, but you wouldn't need to put up with a serious guild's requirements, or get stuck trailing along after a guild leader's plans. You could all just go on with your bad roaming selves. You would still get moved from place to place, but at least you would all move together.
  13. In FACT, now that match ups will be determined by player experience and participation, it should be easier to get in and do some Gift of Battle playing around, because you will be placed with other PVEers and new players, so you might be able to get something done without the roving murderous gank squads of the more experienced vaporizing you. It might make the mode MORE fun for new players.
  14. But they'll be sorted away from most of us, into Slytherin.
  15. I'm super excited about this. There will be issues, there always are, but people have been asking for a shake up. What on earth is war without chaos? This gives us all an opportunity to have our game be the Wild West again, at least until we settle in. As far as I am concerned, the less control players have, the better, with respect to manipulating populations. The one part I am a bit nervous about is the idea that we have to pick one WVW guild to be linked to. A lot of people run with multiple guilds ( a result of the MOST EXCELLENT idea to let us join five guilds ), and I am concerned about how that will shake out. Alliances are a good idea on the face of it, but in reality a lot of guilds don't get along as entities, per se, even though some of their players freely move between them. I am excited the tier system has been blown up. The fights and the defense are what matters, the small victories and losses, the valiant efforts on the micro scale. I am a little sad my server will be gone; I've been there the whole five years. But shrug at this point so many people and guilds have started, ended, transferred, split, reformed, gone away, come back, etc. etc. that honestly the mode is just a huge pool of people who already know each other. Reputations are tied more to guilds than they are to servers now, so a system that puts the Guild in Guild Wars 2 sounds great to me and I am looking forward to seeing what consequences, intended and unintended, this move creates.
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