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  1. I did no such thing. I made an assumption based on the content in this threat. But as you in principle for easy mode(besides the rewards right now) let me put it another way. Yes higher dps makes even fights easier where its i all about mechanics, but still not free. There are enough instant death mechanics and continuous damage effect that would murder noobs who don't step up even with 5 times hp. Only because it is theoretical possible to wipe your way to victory it is highly improbable people actually gonna do it for halve a year, week after week. For example look at PvP armor while it
  2. It is a badly implemented easy mode. While you personally don't like the idea of an easy mode, it is necessary to let people getting familiar with Raids so new blood can get into the mode so Anet can justify making content for it. Right now getting into raids is miserable and almost requires a guild to be a human experience. Wing 7 is how old now? They have to do something or the game mode dies. I personally would be fine to not get LI or only 1 per wing. But i guess the devs don't want to take chances here. Strikes did blow raids out of the water while being cheap reused assets for one simple
  3. Did you now? Did you also play the real challenge mode? Play on a potato pc, with a normal mouse, 200 ping and halve death lfgs not stacking the most meta profession combination possible. What hard means is relative. Should we take legendary armor from people who did it with a guild on discord? Bonus title for people who did it purely per LFG and off meta picks? Ask yourself this: If you wanted the most smooth easy run possible Would you rather go with full easy mode buff, with a couple of Randoms in the halve death lfg or Run the normal mode with your guild in discord? Of course i
  4. So do I. Anet is sadly really cheap with dev hours if it doesn't contribute to new content. I for one would have liked an real easy mode + weekly achievement to funnel instead of the low effort buff we got. Or giving us an graphic option that makes clutter more bearable. But hey after 10 years Guild wars gets a contrast option for the courser. YAY!? Funny enough that is what I did. Between my 1 ascended weapon, the next precursor and my Legendary PVP stuff I had more legendary gear equipment then ascended ones on my main for the longest time. Absolutely true. I think I stated s
  5. Of course the wing who gonna be in easy mode is not difficult, that what an easy mode is supposed to be. But that doesn't make Challenge mode suddenly easier. To have an easy mode is the first step to harder content. Wing 1 4x 4 minutes =16 mins. And mukluk videos are as fast as they could be. But lfg is pretty barren so wing 1 may not be run anymore after that 16 mins. So if i want to join a random lfg the information i need beforehand 16 x 7 = almost 2 hours of dense information. Or I join a group and keep them waiting while i watch the 4 mins video + repeating the critical part.
  6. Same with thief fury. Why. Give allys short buff yourself long buff. That is no wizardry. This function is already in the game. Why do they have to nerf solo builds in favor of Boon deathball stack meta. Some idiot at Anet wants to make instanced content great again in the most stupid way possible.
  7. I wish. Guardian and necro got a slap on the wrist. WTF.
  8. I don't want to sour the mood, but i think it is to late for such a change. The same is the case for PvP league tickets and the various WvW and PvP emblems. Giving them any kind of meaningful value will disrupt the economy to much. At 50 silver and only looking at gw2 efficiency user base that would be an possible injection of over 18 Million gold into the economy. While it is annoying to have death loot , looking at you chilis, Raid rewards were designed with LI being worthless. Same for PvP League tickets, which reasonable would ask for the same treatment. Which would be another 9 Million in
  9. Its still is. It is just a cheaply implemented easy mode to learn the respective raid. WoW for example had easy mode for years. WoW raids on highest level sure are harder then GW2 ones. Reading 2+ hours of walkthroughs to use the lfg tool like a regular person seems like a barrier of entry to me. If I look into lfg there are more raid sellers then no requirement groups. I have read the walkthroughs, watched the videos for the relevant wing and joined training groups. Just to instantly get kittened over by a mechanic I barley noticed if at all. 7/10 would rather do Strikes. Between a
  10. It is anet decision makers being cheap with dev hours again. I bet the idea from the devs was to make an easy mode, but estimated DEV hours were to big. So some smart guy suggested to just use a buff to make an easy mode. Some promising idea again squashed by some manager being cheap.
  11. I do Strikes but stopped trying to get into raids. Doing strikes/fractals is helpful but general gameplay while necessary isn't all that impactful because Raids are challenging in all the wrong areas. Raids are convoluted and visually way to busy. Most Raid mechanics are not that hard on their own just numerous and hidden behind visual clutter. Having whisper on farm isn't helpful when wing 1 is 20 minute long homework to know the general mechanics. Walking out of the teleport isn't hard. Seeing the teleport is hard. A fact that is made worse thanks to the boon deathball meta which forces play
  12. Yes on release. Now there just not enough people. I am willing to wipe on a boss multiple times to learn the fight. Finding 9 more people in Lfg for that NOW is near impossible. Also many mechanics are near instant death mechanics so people will feel the mechanics even with a 100% buff. I would have liked a easy training mode more(without LI, dont scream at me), but i take it. True. I'm not a raider but I did kill vale guardian a couple of times as healer and dps. The hardest thing by far was seeing the teleport in all the visual clutter, not the fight itself. Right now there is no fea
  13. Yeah the whole set of sigils and runes is more costly then 1 legendary. Its uses gift of condensed magic and might. So that shouldn't be a surprise. It is a normal legendary recipe. The charms/symbols aren't the thing that make then overly pricey. They would actually be great value if they would have been better implemented. Edit: Gift of Craftmanship can be costly, but only if you speedrun it.
  14. Highest sits at 1g, lowest are sub 20s. It does feel like kitten if you look for them. But the game throws gear at you and you don't need much of them anyway. Crafting is build around the Trading post. If you don't go our your way and I mean really out of your way to farm something you will need to use the TP. The max amount you ever need is 300 each. That is 6 legendary runes and 4 Legendary Sigils. Only use rune crafter on greens. Lost profit or overspending on salvage kits could buy you instead more symbols and charms. You can. The cheap ones are so much cheaper than the expens
  15. Being present in the thing you do and git gud aren't the same buddy. If you have to take care of your kid don't play the part of the videogame which takes 2 hours. Daily thousands of Online matches in all kinds of games are lost because some RL stuff happens. People just move on. I didn't call anybody a loser. I called them apathetic and unwilling to try which should be a fact for everyone who did dragonstorm public. Do you count yourself to the people. Is that the reason you got so offended. Because you are actual agreeing with me. The idea of an epic final battle is impossible with the
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