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  1. 10.4k Pry Bar, 8.5k Jump Shot, 5.5k Throw Wrench all in one combo. 12k Pry Bar 6.9k + 7.1k Throw Wrench (both ways) = 14,146k 9.1k Thwack (3rd hit in Tool Kit auto attack chain) Every class is capable of hitting 10k+ with multiple skills, sometimes in quick succession. The reason you don't see it very often is because the vast majority of players prefer to build defensively. Marauder is a lot more popular than Berserker in WvW because it's the smarter choice, but it's still a defensive stat. And I say the "smarter choice" because going fully offensive is rarely a good idea. Assuming eq
  2. And TC double teamed on Mag last week. What goes around.
  3. I didn't read everything, but at least on the subject of Cele, I think the stat itself is objectively too much. It isn't about whether or not a class/es does well with it. Reducing the numbers a bit would help to make it less bloated, and maybe the same could be done with Minstrel. But I don't think the complete removal of any stats is a good idea despite it having the fewest consequences. WvW isn't competitive enough for it to be necessary, and removing a stat that's generally unimpactful and another that's a hard meta for zerging wouldn't change that.
  4. No, lol. I play zerk core Engi more than I play anything else these days. Magnet -> Barrage (+EE and Hydro sigil) is like 16 - 18k most times. Although I'm not likely to hit anyone with that combo in a 1 v 1, it's like shooting fish in a barrel in small scale fights. I basically one shot people off cooldown, and I don't prestack any kind of Might. My record Barrage with said build is 21k btw. EDIT: I should probably be clear that when I say 21k I mean the combined damage of Barrage, EE, and Hydro sigil. And I specifically use Hydro to proc EE at point blank swap.
  5. I've thought for quite some time now that Mortar Kit should have a minimum range. Like you can't be inside the AOE when you fire it, so you can still fire it very close to you but can't just spam it at your feet. Only issue I have with that idea is that the projectiles are slow af and most times you won't hit anything at range, which is why people spam it at their feet in the first place. I also think Grenades should be more utility focused to give them more of an identity than dameg happenz. Like heavily reduce power coeff on auto attacks and Shrapnel, and instead make Flash Grenade and
  6. I don't have anything else to add to this other than that was how I felt when seeing the clip. It has happened to me before as well, being 1 shot from Stealth. I'm a very average player, but I'm at least confident that I have an extremely strong sense of awareness. It isn't easy to sneak up on me (let's pretend that matters, because even if you don't it doesn't mean I'm going to win, lmao), so if this happens, they definitely Stealthed somewhere out of sight like behind a wall or repeatedly stacked it out of rendering distance. It's never fun when that happens no matter what it is that h
  7. I'm sorry but yes, you can still spike very hard with Daredevil. I see people say this so often and yet every time I play Thief I'm hitting 10 - 15k nearly every fight. Mind you that's also because I don't use Shadow Arts or full Marauder but instead use a mix of Berserker and Valkyrie, and with Deadly Arts + Trickery or Crit Strikes + Trickery. And if using core, the damage is consistently higher but of course I lose some survivability. I won't get in to a discussion about the difficulty of playing Thief, I've stated my thoughts on the matter many times, so if you're interested you can see
  8. I'm not disagreeing with that. I'm saying Tactics were a bad addition and that people complaining of Tactics being trolled need to not think of them as a failsafe. EDIT gdi OP got me saying the wrong word. Tactivator is what I meant, in case "tactics" is confusing anyone.
  9. So they made broken mechanics in to features.
  10. There are a lot of times Tactics will save a group when they should have lost. I can understand being upset when someone takes that option away from you. It's better to think of them as lottery tickets than as savings. Servers managed just fine before Tactics were added, probably because they responded faster and tried harder knowing they didn't have button to push that could suddenly turn the fight (eg. EWP, DBanner, Invulnerable Structure).
  11. The problem with Thief is that the skill floor is so much higher than everything else, and the skill ceiling is next to infinite. It isn't an easy class to pick up and go, and even the easiest builds are bad gimmicks. It's hard to balance something that lets you be nearly god mode if you're good with it, and makes you want to uninstall if you're average because all you can do is run away. The class can fight perfectly fine. The issue is the skill needed to do so. That doesn't mean you need to put in more effort during a fight, but it does mean you'll need to put more effort in to impro
  12. I imagine this is yet another player that's fighting in the vicinity of Watch Tower and thinking they "can't use Stealth anywhere". Being Marked means you're visible on the map. Doesn't matter if you're Stealthed or if you even have access to it, that's dangerous for you because it means players are going to be coming for you. If it didn't Reveal, Thieves wouldn't care because they can be gone at a moments notice anyway. The Reveal just means they have to be cautious like everyone else. And for the record, I don't think it's the best design to limit a classes mechanics and not others,
  13. Chrono, Scrapper, Tempest, and Herald can all be extremely good tags. Realistically, you can command with anything assuming you have competent support. But if you want to tag for pugs or just be less of a chore for your squad, the specs above are your best choices. Why for each: Chrono Pulls (and other CCs), Boons, Invulns, Stealth, ports Scrapper Barrier, Boons, Cleanse, Superspeed, Stealth, healing Tempest Auras, Cleanse, high Invuln uptime, Immobilize, healing Herald Damage reduction, Boons (high access to Stability) Speaking from experience in GvG's, roaming, and snipi
  14. Engineer. Zerg/small scale: Support Scrapper, Grenade DPS Scrapper or Holosmith, Inventions Prot (cleanse support) Holo Roaming: Grenade Scrapper or Holosmith, Inventions Prot Holo, Hybrid Scrapper or Holo
  15. If OP could formulate a better discussion than I lost a fight I feel I deserved to win, this game sucks, people might take the topic more seriously. You can speak "the truth" all you want, if you sound like an idiot when doing so, you're going to get called out. Rant to friends if all you want to do is rage about something.
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