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  1. How is it self defeating when a lot of other MMO's have allowed gold to get them mounts through other ways, the idea is that the specific ways the mounts are earned make the price of getting say carried through a raid, or a pvp achievement are so much its not worth it. Ive earned plenty of mounts via gold, and even my own money since I genuinely don't mind giving anet my money on occasion. Also Im well aware of paid raids because they exist in other MMO's but! 1. You understand because a gold buying option exists currently doesn't mean a future implementation has to abide by it rig
  2. Ive already established that I can understand but not fully empathize with something if it can be considered by some of the player base (and a common criticism of most youtube content creators) a detriment to their playing experience. And also that even mentioning whether or not the inclusion of a few hard-to-earn earnable mount skins will hurt the store skin market so much. I find these people aggravating because you make the argument that "arenanet need to make their money" then tie it with the premise of "make it hard to earn" and the the complaint switches to "But I don't want
  3. I can voice an opinion as to why the game has something I consider an issue? I don't think you realize a game with an interactive community doesn't really change if people don't express it, especially if a few people in the thread act like shareholders and have to submit to what might be considered a poor decision for player engagement because "well they gotta earn money". (that or they're very weirdly content with the game not building on its initially established cosmetic reward incentive)
  4. Not a sound argument. Since one I never established a premise that I'm broke in gw2 to even afford a mount skin or that that's my issue, I have plenty of gold and don't care about farming, and two I HAD established (you just chose to ignore) why that isn't a satisfying alternative because it flatlines the outcome of how a mount is achieved in contrast to say earning it via a specified accomplishment. If you're gonna try and use terms like "self-defeating" but not actually establish a premise to why than maybe avoid using that term if you're unaware as to what it means as much as you're indica
  5. You literally altered my argument into saying its the main when I said its a vital component, imo a fundamental, but not a sole concept to be revolved around (arenanet agree btw because it literally funds itself off of selling this component instead of integrating it within gameplay so I don't really see how you can reject this absolutely undeniable truth to it being very important). I believe it intertwines, so don't wax lyrical about how I'm apparently dismissing arguments when you're not even engaging mine in good faith. Also your point makes no sense whatsoever because games evolved t
  6. I mean you have a shot of getting anything in any MMO. You just don't like the shot you'd potentially have to take so as a result everything has to be streamlined.
  7. Lol what a joke of a response. I have all the legendaries I want to own from both tier 1 and 2 and the masteries I find worth having. Also its actually some of the VERY few things I can do buddy lol, thats the point im making.
  8. You understand you're avoiding my question again right? What kind of MMO is guild wars 2, what is its positive feedback loop. Im not asking what it isn't. I will never take people seriously when their response of people having an issue with a game on its forum is "this game just isn't for you, why are you complaining?", especially when the request is just wanting a few mount skins to be earned in game. Again gold has intrinsically little value or form of pristiness when its intertwined with gems/real life money. If a "reward" like currency is indistinguishable from people r
  9. Because it model pretty heavily goes against a lot of the RPG aspects typically found in an RPG. progression, power climb and rewards? Dunno how thats confusing to you unless GW2 is the only MMO you've played. I mean has it worked or has it just kept it barely alive? One common complaint with the new expansion at the moment is it seems like corners are being cut. With the showcase of very miserable looking tier 3 legendaries and constant reuse of animation on abilities for new specs Actually no, if you're able to actually read, I say this because if it is to aband
  10. Then what business does it have calling itself an MMORPG? If the initial proposition of GW2 before it released, included the current formula you think is fair than the truth is GW2 initial release would have probably sold so poorly that it wouldn't see an expansion. Its literally happy being a game for the few whales who prop it up which is saddening to me. Its further saddening that its a point that people are happy with. Also if guild wars 2 doesn't have an armour chase for stats, and relies on cosmetics, but those cosmetics are mostly affiliated with the gem store. Then what actually
  11. I mean if the grand majority of the player base thinks like you and unreservedly backs every incentive of Arenanet earning quick money even if its comes to the detriment of game quality long term, which given the time past is plausible at this rate. Then unfortunately that probably won't be the case.
  12. Does it have to in order for the collection to warrant existing in the first place? What a stupid argument
  13. Again I'm not asking if you're an investor. At this rate I'm just going to ask, if you could magically Thanos snap your fingers and allowed this to be a change that wouldn't effect the income of the game would you want it. Since it feels like you're just playing devils advocate for a company you neither work for, nor are and investor in. Im finding it hard to distinguish your position from others in the thread that wants everything easily is all. I mean I already mentioned the flaw with it being bare bones. But nope its still perfectly valid and sound if you read the contingency
  14. I mean theres already multiple posts in this thread as to why that isn't a particularly effective mindset for some. Having indistinguishable rewards from a credit card purchase and gold purchase doesn't provoke a lot of pristine backing for a mount which is what makes them gameplay incentives in other MMO's. Like rare mount exclusively tied to PvP, dungeons or raids is an indication of skill in that subsection, or a rare drop mount is an indication of being very lucky or committed to farming an enemy. Theres a reason people stop and stare at certain players on say a gladiator moun
  15. If hypothetically the content to earn the mount had a challenge mode in order to obtain the mount in the first place, wouldn't that technically incentivize repeat play through of old content? Because this exact concept has been shown in other MMO's, even the simple premise of collections for the skyscale had the player (granted in a bare bones form) revisiting old maps. I don't know a lot of people that go through living world once they're done with it, but I know plenty of people that will literally organise a day outside of their raid schedule to go into a raid and do the achieve
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