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  1. I must have missed when it happened. I'm guessing when he was showing off skills for something?
  2. Better yet these stupid blinding guards than the guardian. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Veteran_Scout
  3. And I would add in a reasonable amount of time, which should be determined by the weapons purpose.
  4. Maybe I'm just bored this morning. But, going off of how I've heard Anet balances for large group events (players just auto attacking). I thought I'd share some AA numbers from the kitty golem, I know these are not rotations, but I think they should all be at least somewhat consistent. I took the same build for all things (builds towards the bottom of the post, didn't quite do the Snow Crows setup). I did not farm the top crits, it was a 1 and done per weapon. I'll be ordering these from slowest to fastest. DISCIPLINE LONGBOW (TTK 2:08:515) - https://dps.report/7igr-20240628-083232_golem STAFF (TTK 1:45:872) - https://dps.report/ahsr-20240628-083946_golem MACE/AXE (TTK 1:40:909) - https://dps.report/ZWjI-20240628-084626_golem SPEAR (TTK 1:39:197) - https://dps.report/mwal-20240628-082716_golem RIFLE (TTK 1:28:178) - https://dps.report/CkHQ-20240628-082929_golem HAMMER (TTK 1:20:677) - https://dps.report/9QhV-20240628-083704_golem GREATSWORD (TTK 1:18:313) - https://dps.report/hjqY-20240628-083508_golem AXE/AXE (TTK 1:17:806) - https://dps.report/9Yt3-20240628-084223_golem DAGGER/AXE (TTK 1:14:713) - https://dps.report/LdXg-20240628-084408_golem SWORD/AXE (TTK 1:08:750) - https://dps.report/XjrT-20240628-084817_golem TACTICS LONGBOW (TTK 1:52:556) - https://dps.report/8Z0x-20240628-094817_golem STAFF (TTK 1:33:641) - https://dps.report/MKeb-20240628-094156_golem MACE/AXE (TTK 1:31:315) - https://dps.report/jrlQ-20240628-093533_golem SPEAR (TTK 1:27:31) - https://dps.report/YmNF-20240628-093155_golem RIFLE (TTK 1:18:2) - https://dps.report/Zk63-20240628-095010_golem HAMMER (TTK 1:11:282) - https://dps.report/wh27-20240628-094350_golem AXE/AXE (TTK 1:09:910) - https://dps.report/0voZ-20240628-093720_golem GREATSWORD (TTK 1:08:233) - https://dps.report/hRUr-20240628-094537_golem DAGGER/AXE (TTK 1:07:560) - https://dps.report/ssf7-20240628-093923_golem SWORD/AXE (1:02:357) - https://dps.report/HaZT-20240628-093326_golem DISCIPLINE - [&DQIEHzMeEhVwAKcAswAAAKkAAACvAAAAnAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADWgAFAAkBAA==] TACTICS - [&DQIEHws1EhVwAKcAswAAAKkAAACvAAAAnAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACVQAJAQA=] No food (I'm lazy), running full berserkers with 3 assassin pieces (pants, boots, ring) to get me to 100.1% crit chance, dragon hunter runes, and force/accuracy sigils. Thief relic was a non factor since it was all auto attacks. These are all just auto attacks, we haven't even factored in rate of attack and how fast you gain adrenaline and can then use bursts, which is where most of our damage comes from.
  5. I agree with a lot of the the spear doesn't feel fun to play, it's slow, you have most skills that want you to be closer to hit more targets, you have a skill that moves you back away. It's very counter intuitive. A glaring bug I noticed is that harrier's toss fails to hit when the enemy is on a higher elevation than you are, it hits the ground before getting to the target.
  6. No, we're the QA team when they do their beta tests with us this week.
  7. Honestly I see this content being more pointless than fishing.
  8. I bet they gemstore it, let you buy the wintersday or halloween instances.
  9. But people can see them while I'm wearing them without me having to bring them to my home instance 2.0.
  10. Very understated, I wish Anet would take this to heart. And I thought from watching the twitch recording they both seemed bored while showing the warrior skills compared to the other classes. Almost like we were just a nuisance to them.
  11. I think my previous statement still stands, but I can add that it has less functionality than the wardrobe system. It didn't even look like you had a way to get your look back out of the armor stand.
  12. I would like Paragon wings on the burst though.
  13. Just do an open world bladesworn build. Quickness problem solved since it still takes you an hour to charge your shot. 😂
  14. One of the most understated things in this game. Yet Anet thinks it should do other things, but it's entire design won't let you because you're too busy putting all your eggs into the one basket that is dragon slash, and if it's not DS-force it kinda sucks with all the work you had to do for it.
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