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  1. It's the bladesworn because Anet swore we'd use nothing but blades (I'm counting axes as having blades).
  2. @Lya Babies.9632 where's the article, I'm not seeing that in the one posted yesterday?
  3. Well that just breaks a bunch of warrior traits...
  4. Yes but if we're losing our F1 bursts we'll have fewer overall skills than we had before. I can't think of any other elite specs walking away with fewer skills than they had with core.
  5. Why would you make a suggestion like that? 😬 Impact savant only losses 180 vitality.
  6. I found where Anet got their inspiration for the gun-saber. https://www.reddit.com/r/H3VR/comments/af7veu/anton_pls_duct_tape/
  7. That's about how I'm feeling with everything EoD related that I've seen so far. A lot of it feels phoned in and watered down.
  8. As someone pointed out the quickness in wondering if Ele is going to be getting boon support with this.
  9. And that's why I and several others were hoping for minimum main hand pistol and a support spec. From the way they were talking about it the spec didn't sound support oriented. To me this just looks like another melee bruiser build.
  10. Which would be sad as berserker was first showed off as a condi class if I remember.
  11. I think the majority consensus is the gunblade is more of a mode than a weapon.
  12. I also find it funny that our GS is soo bad they have us another GS to replace it instead of fixing it.
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