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  1. What? yes downstate is toggled, do you not understand my points?
  2. There's fight guilds around still? 😆
  3. You're arguing on two sides here. Regardless of mount stomp or no down state for the bigger side, either way if you go down on the smaller side you are dead, even more so with no down state than mount stomp. There are not changes to player skill in either case. No down state gives an advantage to smaller groups by completely taking away ability to res from bigger groups, sure, well mount stomp did the same thing but on a limited basis, yet people still complained about it. There were plenty of times I would wait for a zerg fight to happen and then get the first stomp in on tha
  4. And again, that was just a matter of adjusting cooldown, not reworking it into something else. Look at their history of nerfs and changes. They're fine with changing "numbers" between modes, not actually making a skill work completely different in the different modes. This is why we mostly see cooldown differences, count differences, damage differences, but not actual completely different functions in skills and traits in the modes. (Frankly I wouldn't want this anyways as it will get confusing keeping track of all the changes between modes, no thanks.) This is why some
  5. Heh, damage relies on your enemy actually standing around taking your damage long enough, it's not like in pve where everything is practically standing in your red rings most of the time. Worry more about timing and placement.
  6. Much like they did with retaliation they would have to of course revamp all the associated skills and traits for no down state. Which won't happen because it would require redesigning to do a complete split in function of skills for pvp/pve, not just numbers, if they keep it in pve, which they will, as they rely on it much more as part of the game than pvp.
  7. A 20 queue on sunday? So the event brought in an extra 20-30 out of a couple hundred thousand active players? 🤪 Also isn't it funny how much people complained about mount stomps, but instant death in down state is apparently more welcomed? 🤪
  8. You don't play wvw regularly huh. The only thing unusual about that is more people have queued for ebg than the borderlands, which happens as a joke sometimes. That lasts about 2 hours after reset of the entire week.
  9. Read the may patch notes maybe? Boons were capped to 30s, swiftness got raised back to 60s.....
  10. 🙄 I'm interested to know what falls under the 2% not trash for you on that list.
  11. Here you go just like the testimony of heroics, enjoy. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Superior_Siege_Blueprint_Case Also you really think they would let you buy gift of exploration for tickets when pve'ers don't even get to buy their gift of battle now? Tickets have one of the biggest list of items to buy, with the top gear of every single piece of ascended you could need. If you have everything you need then again congratulations, the rest is for a rainy day.
  12. I honestly don't get people spazzing over having too much currency. Currency for this game is there to buy specific items. If you have all the items then congratulations you don't need to worry about the currency anymore and can move on with your life. If anet is going to add anything to buy you can bet they will add new currency for them, just like they have time and time again with every single living story episode. Why? because they don't want people buying out stuff on day one with stock piled currency, this is why they moved away from karma and badges so fast after
  13. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Golem_Rush Sometimes you could be bugged out of the golems with the buff still on you which had 100% movement speed and 100% damage to players. Duping problems. It was a ktrain for about two days until players started really abusing the bug because anet said nothing and did nothing for it and rest of the week less people were on.
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