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  1. As mentioned, gliders available for everyone with HoT expansion. If you're looking for demonhunter mobility then maybe thief. If you're looking for combat maybe double sword revenant like this https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Herald_-_Power_Herald New guard eod spec maybe? beta test for that coming next week.
  2. More like end of the dragon cycle, not end of the game. I highly doubt we'll see gw3 for a long time if ever, since they got rid of a chunk of staff and other projects and going through some management changes the last couple years. If this expansion sells well, then maybe. Plus players are way too attached to what they've accumulated in gw2, it would be a hard sell to them on gw3 unless you're going to transfers all their stuff over, and the game is different enough from gw2 as that was to gw1.
  3. I strongly mildly disagree. They made use of bullet points in only two of the five sections, while using dash points in the other three. Unless of course they intended to use the dash points on the sections that pertained to the guild, while the bullet points were pertaining to applicants, then this is a secret genius formatting move. Also optional had an extra n, and some sentences had a period to end, while others did not, which then just ruins the genius formatting move. But seriously, good luck on the recruitment OP, even though it technically should be here http
  4. Roamer spec, cause frankly no one is gonna want to replace their bunker firebrands in zergs unless they manage to introduce another bunk stability spamming spec. Also lmao, looks like they getting a lot of mobility, this spec is gonna be lit!
  5. The thread is about marketing. Streamers are a marketing tool. This isn't about how long a streamer bothers to play the game, (and I never mentioned he would stay there, he has a rotation of games he goes through, and gets the mmo itch every once in a while). This is about a big streamer even bothered to play the game, but it got buried with no interest from the company. What should I explain? that in order to get people to play the game they need to learn and see the game in the first place? That maybe we should show off the community to the streamer like they did for
  6. No it's true. Mag went to t1 and scared bg into eotm with their burn guards blobs, because they didn't know about group cleansing. Then bg reformed in eotm and went back to ebg and pushed mag back out of smc and then t1. The battle was so brutal even the ppters transferred of mag in a hurry. All that was left was the bitter veterans of the smc massacre in t1. The memory has been burned into their hearts and heads so deep with hatred, that they have this eternal burning desire to burn down ebg as much as possible, for as long as possible. They know their enemies wi
  7. Pistols are not good for wvw. /shakes head After the scourge treatment with it's nerfathon. /shakes head But I need to see more and play it before passing judgement. Unless of course this is based on broken scrapper with pistols and flasks, then bring it on.
  8. Ok so you meant for the website reporting? Cause your first post mentioned nothing of that, and made it sound like the in game map. You're better off asking about api in the api section of the forums https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/forum/28-api-development/
  9. Um... the game has been out for like 3 years over in korea, it's getting ported to NA later this year by amazon...
  10. Huh? pretty sure they were always only for the map you were on. Only waypoints showed contested or not from other maps.
  11. I made one thread, I did not spam the forums. He plays games on a rotation, he played like a month of ff, same he did for gw2, same for eso which he has game back to multiple times. New viewers could mean new players, he has a view base 10x more than the entire gw2 channel on twitch. But oh well, let anet carry on their current marketing strategy, it's worked wonders.
  12. Um... yeah.. sure... I'm sure they'll get back to you guys on these wonderful changes... just like cal did for the other suggested mesmer changes last year....
  13. To this day desert map manages to kitten me off every time I step into it for any period of time. Whether that be from running into stupid tree stomps you can't see half the time in battle which you should just be able to run over, or the stupid micro speed bumps at the end of going up ramps which don't let your mount just run over it, you have to jump.
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