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  1. I don't think this whole thread serves a purpose other than making certain encounters easier for yourself at the expense of viability of two other classes.
  2. ok, so waht should ele lose as a sacrifice to basically end their existence along side of guard and thief? Choose wisely, it basically needs to make them unplayable.
  3. these are super low effort "updates" that could add a little more activity in the game mode while you work on other things. balance is a dream, but adding content to pvp shouldnt be.
  4. Ele has never been weak, just stop gaslighting bro. like literally been at it for 11 years now, lmao.
  5. Well, now Anet needs to hire a Necromancer to revive that kitten then.
  6. Removing low floor classes would raise the floor of entry. "The Fraud" is a brain dead easy class with too many get outta jail free cards.
  7. I don't want the class known as Mesmer in Gw2 to be nerfed. Just renamed. This class is not a Mesmer, it is a fraud.
  8. One thing is for sure, on the GW3 box it better not say "WORLD CLASS PVP"
  9. you know, they have 1 v 1 competitive games available online?
  10. no to 2s and 3s all the time, at least, ranked versions....simply no
  11. The game started with Anet. All the OGS left. Then the game became anet...and all the vets left. Then the game became a net.
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