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  1. Gold 3 Players finished in the Top 250 this season. Seems like lots of players are taking a break. The best of the best, lol, are still grinding out 118-2 w/l ratios though. So there may be hope....Hope..... 🤖
  2. The game should end as no contest, with niether team awarded rating or affecting w/l ratio.
  3. This seems like a cry for mesmer nerfs... I've personally designed a mesmer build specifically for dealing with Harbingers lol, so it makes me wonder if others have done the same and that the OP was playing Harb when he came across one of us.
  4. https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/speedrunning-culture-future-single-player-gaming/ Look up speedrunning if you don't know what it is, there are a gazillion videos on youtube. Anyways, using the elite pve instanced content as the spearhead for basically the entire game seems to be flawed. If all skills, traits, and tactics are quickly heading towards stacking, spamming, and pressing 1, the complexity of the game along with the satisfaction are going to dip. Which, even if the devs are speedrun culture fanatics, doesn't makes sense for them to purposly design everything t
  5. NA has a large population on the south side of the average line, and maybe that's coming from the "growth" they said they experienced in the last 2 years. I'm assuming it's newbies playing for the easy gear and loot, but they won't appear (often) in your games if you are on the north side of the average line. EU has a healthy population, and development is still across regions, so it seems that not enough players have actually quit, despite your perspective. Maybe many of the vets are more selective of their playtimes or don't spam any games anymore, or quit mid season be
  6. Stop playing ranked if you hate the meta, and if enough people hate the meta and stop, ANet will have no choice but to change it.
  7. Delusional top players, it wasn't trash. Most "TOP" players are incredibly inept at theory crafting, nothing wrong with their mechanical skill, but I've never seen them with insightful commentary. Their input is usually self serving. Willbender is about to get dumpstered hopefully, even more than it was before the buffs, and then you can actually see what useless is.
  8. If they don't create a convenient team based outlet with rank currencies and chests (shards, tickets, loot chests) and a guilds based reward system...it will fail because it has nothing unique to offer or justify its existence from other outlets , and they won't be able to justify removing duo q. It's not really a complicated problem. Create a guild league and remove duo q, and everyone will be happy. The other suggestions were tried and failed. A unique guild symbol next to the banner/acronym/label will draw in Many guilds because of the completionist disea
  9. I don't think any form of teams for ranked will ever work because of several problems mentioned by everyone. But, one of the issues that stuck out to me was the fact that many believed that people were being carried to titles in a team, and the fear that the teams would face against solo players. I always liked the idea of teams, and enjoy playing in full teams, but the current tourneys are too much of a committment, and unranked has no rewards, so there really isn't much motivation for the common players to form groups other than to get farmed for a free 5 gold. My idea,
  10. I never really had an issue with the one shot mes, I just hate the kittenery that was the condi mirage. One shot mes always had some clue, unless they were right on top of you and even then I was able to avoid 9/10 of their ganks simply by playing with action audio on and no music, when it mattered to me. Wouldn't mind if they came back if it meant reducing the rat....necro population a bit. Before they nerfed spellbreaker, it was the answer to holo, literally. Everyone just wants to nerf their paper if they are rock, and scissors if they are paper...ect. Would
  11. No one but me and you responded to my Guild League idea, so I guess teams really isn't as important as is farming rating lol.
  12. When the time runs out, whoever has the most points wins, even if it is not 500.
  13. The guy who confused you is one of the people that targets their teammates while actually being the dead weight themself.
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