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  1. That was going to be my next question, so thank you. I'll run a staff condi and give that a shot
  2. Yeah unless I'm doing an event, HP train, etc then I'm usually in a smaller group usually 3-4 max. I just like viability. Like I feel with necro I can swap between specs in open world and honestly be fine with any of the 3. Is mesmer the same way? Chrono in a smaller group feels less impactful. Just curious if Virtuoso is the only good option in a small group.
  3. How do you fare in open world groups? I hardly play solo even in open world. I'm always with at least one other person at a time. I'm loving Necro. I also like my ele but didn't take long to realize it's so much more work for less reward in the long run. I know GW2 in general is a pretty alt-friendly game, but I prefer to focus on 2 characters max at a time so just trying to make sure I exhaust all options. If it's based on the open world group comp whether I use mesmer or Necro that's fine too. Just curious how they compare
  4. Isn’t Virtuoso a dumbed down spec of Mesmer? No phantasms and such seems to kill the general premise of what made Mesmer a Mesmer unless I’m understanding it completely wrong
  5. I'm glad you said that with blink. With Ombras comment, I thought I had misunderstood how blink works somehow. Is there any particular case/reason where I'd want Mesmer over Necromancer? It seems they're not good in PvP and very situational/niche in WvW so just trying to understand. If there's a specific PvE role that needs filled okay fine but I'm sure I can just as easily fill a different role with one of the Necro elite specs. Just trying to understand why Mesmer would be a good choice.
  6. Thank you for that explanation. I don’t see anything other than like portal that the Mesmer gives me that the Necromancer wouldn’t in terms of PvE
  7. This kinda answers it for me. Basically viable in 1/3 types of content sucks. I'm just better off going Necro, I guess. If it outperformed Necro by miles in PvE it would be a bit different, but IMO it doesn't.
  8. So for the gear then, do you have to put it in shared slot? Like how does it know to pull that gear if you have it on another character? And lets say I use d/d on ele. Would crafting the legendary once allow me to use it for both slots?
  9. I’ll probably just stay necro then at least until I start WvW or they buff Mesmer in PvP. Or if I get super bored on necro. As far as the legendary piece goes, whenever I swap templates, it uses a transmute item per piece? If so that sucks. So let’s say I have a full legendary set and I have templates saved for reaper, scourge and harbinger and I want to swap specs. Does it cost me anything and/or does one click (the template button) swap it?
  10. I actually love this idea especially since I have an ele too. Would just have to do several weapons across the 3 characters. Have a few main questions: 1) with the gear presets, will it auto swap the stats on the legendaries? Like if I use berserker on necro, and I swap over to the Mesmer and the Mesmer build uses something else will it auto swap off the berserker stats to what the build for the Mesmer uses? 2) how do I go about making the legendaries? Whenever I try to find a straightforward guide it seems super convoluted and I get lost. 3) Currently I’m doing open world and
  11. PvE wise, how does Mesmer compare with the necro specs? I don’t mind necessarily swapping and using a specific class in PvP, but looking for a reason to PvE a Mesmer instead of just going full necro if there is a reason at all.
  12. So basically it’s only viable in PvE other than the Chrono in WvW?
  13. So I just returned and have an 80 Ele and 80 Necro. I’m curious how Mesmer fares currently in the various content. Im thinking about leveling one or boosting one to 80. I’m trying to figure out which I’m going to main going forward. I like the necro better than the ele. It feels like the ele requires much more work for less payoff. I want to do open world, fractals, raids, and sPvP. I will do WvW at some point. I’m on a lower server so going to wait until the alliance stuff is implemented. I don’t mind playing DPS or support, just want to be viable with at least 1 build in every type of conten
  14. Gotcha. I can afford the trailblazer gear but I don't see the amulet and such on the TP
  15. dumb question - have link to it? Haven't been playing long (played some in base but just returned)
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