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  1. I'd still be there, because it's simply the best karma farm out there.
  2. No, I just said I'm disabled. That's all that was relevant. The where's and why's don't matter.
  3. No. I was saying I play for 16 hours a day, the rest was just you assuming things. My gold-making practices are of nobody's concern.
  4. I never said I was planning to make profit, because I was never planning to make profit. It's about retaining value.
  5. I didn't spend a single gold on character slots. Or anything from the gem store, for that matter.
  6. Yes, Penny, it's called "sarcasm". The aggressive subtone people have been seeing for eleven years now is still as imaginary as it was back then.
  7. This was the most helpful comment so far. There have been similar comments, but yours is the most detailed. Why on Earth it had to come that far with people coming in and being nasty is beyond me. When I wrote my first post, I wasn't aware that there would have been infinite upgrade extractor potential and I pointed that out very quickly, yet people kept on attacking me for another two pages. *sigh* I noticed the "yo, I'm gonna destroy that rune of yours if you put me in there" popup when I tried to apply the rune for the first time and decided I don't want to lose those runes, so I didn't apply the legendary rune at all. Afterwards, I checked multiple wiki entries regarding legendary equipment and upgrade components and nowhere did I find a statement that was clear enough in telling me that legendary components work differently, because their wording was ridiculously unclear. Had I been aware of all of this before, I wouldn't have opened this post in the first place. And to any troublemakers still in this post: You can move on now. You could have two pages ago.
  8. Exactly. It opens with that, not with "yo mate, it's the gear that must be legendary, not the rune". "A upgrade component slotted in an item can be replaced with another one, but doing so will destroy the previous upgrade, except for the legendary equipment and upgrades." reads to me as "gets destroyed, unless it's legendary gear or legendary upgrades". Just stop.
  9. Common sense. If you're engaging with something for the very first time, you're just as clueless as everyone else. Edit: To the person throwing reactions like there's no tomorrow, don't you have anything better to do? I could be asking what's wrong with you, but I really don't care. If you have something to say, you're free to do so. 😉
  10. Yes, I did. Thank you. There might be other sources, but the game pretty much directed me towards the recipe container. I'm terribly sorry for the multiple posts, but the MultiQuote thing just isn't working for me. 😕
  11. I know. Pay attention to my wording. "the tab that contains Mistforged Triumphant Hero's armor". There are two sets of Triumphant Hero's armor and because they both share the same name, I specified the precursor tab this way to clear confusion.
  12. No, I didn't ignore it. I saw it once, then decided that I wouldn't use it. Those runes are still where they were before.
  13. Ah, yes, the magical full stops and correct grammar that keeps pissing people off. No, I won't change the way I've been writing basically my entire life. I take responsibility for the words I use, not the underlying tone people think they see, because there isn't one.
  14. I never said I bought WvW armor to gear up characters. Quite the contrary; I explicitly stated that I crafted my WvW character's ascended armor through tailoring. What little WvW armor I bought, I bought it to eventually get something legendary.
  15. I might misremember the warclaw part then. And no, I didn't buy the Guild Rider warclaw skin. I can't afford it. It costs 200 gold. The reward track for Triumphant armor is what unlocks Triumphant Hero's armor for purchase with skirmish claim tickets in the first place. Which then unlocks the tab with Mistforged Triumphant Hero's armor. I made no mistake, besides maybe misremembering what the mount cost. Edit: No, I didn't. The mount armor costs skirmish claim tickets. Edit 2: I also bought the blue catmander mini. I completely forgot about that. Edit 3: And crafting recipes that were also expensive as hell and a requirement for WvW legendary armor.
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